Causes Of Superstitions

Causes Of Superstitions

Have you ever wondered why superstitions work?  Have you ever wonder what are the causes of superstitions, what beliefs, what actions, what thoughts, what are the actual things which cause superstition? Have you ever wondered why people become uncomfortable when they see a black cat crossing their way, have you ever wondered why Forwarded chain messages ” Send this message to 24 people to avoid bad luck” scares most of the people have you ever thought what are the actual reasons which cause such superstitions belief in us?

The reason the causes of superstition is “People’s beliefs”. People believe in the inherent power and charm of superstition, Most of the people think that people who are religious are mostly superstitious, But I personally feel that being Religious and being superstitious is completely two different things, You can be religious but you can avoid being superstitious, You can Be Logical Religious, Who believes in Humanity and wisdom, let’s talk about superstitions, How we indulge in superstitious behaviour, what causes such Superstitious behaviour, Actually superstitious behaviour can include rituals in which you get engage to produce a specific outcome, we must understand that we indulge in superstitions because we believe in it, we believe that certain beliefs or certain rituals will benefit us, and that believe makes us superstitious,

Now let’s understand what causes of superstitions? What action and thoughts gave rise to such superstitious beliefs?

1) False bias

False bias is the backbone of superstitions, False bias thinking is the major cause of superstition false bias means we link two situations or events to each other for example Suppose you were walking and suddenly black cat crosses your way, and when you reach your school to collect your results you see you failed your exam, After collecting your result you feel that the reason you failed your exams is that black cat, You link your result with black cat and such false bias, such negative linking will make you and your brain superstitious.

You failed because you didn’t study well, not because the black cat crossed your way, similarly, I have heard people saying that if crow shits on your head or on your left or right shoulder something good will happen, suppose if you are going to your friend’s birthday party and if crow shits on your shoulder or on your new dress, will it be a good luck? It’s all in our minds, hence don’t be superstitious be logical.

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2) To put blame

Many people behave superstitiously because they love to play a blame game, another very important cause of Superstition belief is blame game. so that they can blame other things for their unsuccessful life, for example, I am not successful because I am not lucky or I wasn’t able to do it because my luck wasn’t with me, or god doesn’t want to help. This kind of superstitions is also there in the modern world and these superstitions allow other evil and cold-hearted people to fool us, Most people superstitions belief allow others to fool them.

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3) Superstitions in Sports

Another reason which arises Superstitious belief or can say which causes or give rise to superstition belief is Cause and Affect, for example, suppose a man wears a blue t-shirt while watching football, and that day if his favorite team wins, then he will associate that blue color t-shirt with luck, and from next time onwards he will wear a blue color t-shirt on every important day. This superstitions happens in India. But color has nothing to do with winning, it was just a coincidence, and coincidence can happen sometimes, but not every time, hence believing that after wearing blue t-shirt you can pass your exams or presentations without working hard, to have such belief is not only a myth or foolishness but it will also be harmful to your mind and heart, hence always have a logical believe.

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Causes of superstitions are Believes, we believe that it has some inherent power and charm, and such belief is what makes us illogical and lazy, stop believing that some rituals can give you everything, Actions, plans, self-believe, hard work and smart work gives you everything, Superstitions only makes us illogical and bias, To overcome superstitious belief start gaining knowledge, read useful books which gives you wisdom, stop believing in things which has nothing to do with reality.

These are the major Causes Of Superstitions. You can know more between Science And Superstition, Hope you will like it.

Thank You

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  1. Over all it is a good analysis, but I do not agree with you on that religion and superstitions are two completely differnt things . Both religion and superstition have the same thing at their core and that is faith.

  2. Yes, I am completely agree with you. Sometimes, I see people following superstition and I try to convince them by similar examples as you have mentioned. I don’t know why but, they never listen to us even though they know that example makes sense.So, its like mind and belief game. If anyone wants to come out this then the person has change his thoughts over this and tell his mind that what makes sense.

    1. Well said
      Because of supertioun we waste so much time
      Once I was crossing a road and sudden black cat come I just passed ignoring that and the man was coming with his bike as he saw the black cat he just get the break but he couldn’t balance and fell…
      I just smile ☺☺

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