Soichiro Honda’s inspiring Story – Founder of Honda Motors

Soichiro Honda's inspiring Story - Founder of Honda Motors

Soichiro Honda is one of the biggest automobile manufacturing company in the world, and the story of Honda founder Soichiro Honda Is really very inspiring, so today I will share a story of him which I have read through a book.

Soichiro Honda born in a small village in Japan, his father was a blacksmith, and his mother used to do weaving work. Since childhood he was a very curious person, he was very much attracted towards making new things, towards tools and machines and was very much curious related to cars, vehicles, like how does cars, vehicles work, how they are made, he used to find all these things and questions very interesting. Because of which what happened at the age of 16 his knowledge and skill towards machine has increased a lot, on the other side he was not at all good in studies, he wasn’t interested in doing school, and he was behind gaining practical knowledge not theoretical, hence he left his studies and started working with his father at cycle shop.

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One day he saw an ad where it was written In Tokyo there is a need for some mechanic for Art Shokai company. Soichiro finds it an interesting opportunity to know more about vehicles and to improve his knowledge about it, because Art Shokai company was into repairing and maintaining vehicles, with this trust he took the biggest decision of his life and left his village and went to Tokyo for doing that mechanic work.

Soichiro Honda reach Tokyo safely, but nothing was the way he expected, however, he was very young, so he did not get the job, what he got was the only option to work as an intern, this offer wasn’t great, but he didn’t give up and accept that offer and didn’t go to his village, because he knew that he will learn as an intern as well, that’s why he didn’t go back to his village and started working.

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Working as an intern was a difficult task because as an intern he was not paid for his work, and he was asked to do various small work as well, but despite all these bad and small things, Soichiro Honda only concentrated towards learning and improving his knowledge and skills towards motor machines.

And this attitude paid him well, his knowledge improved so much, that he started helping other senior mechanics and started helping big employees in their work. He started explaining new and easy ways to others for their work and started creating creative and easy tools, through which other people work has become quite easy. And people started respecting him.

Everybody started understanding the talent and capability of Soichiro Honda,  even owner of that company understood the ability and capability of Soichiro, so he started teaching Soichiro business related stuff as well,  Soichiro learned it very well and slowly he became good even in business, looking for this growth company owner made Soichiro branch manager , at the age of 22 Soichiro Honda became manager and a very successful person.

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After all this, Soichiro Honda started thinking big, however, he was very much interested in making things, hence he decided to do piston ring manufacturing which is used in vehicles, But Company didn’t like this idea, so to fulfill his dream, he took again took the biggest decision of his life, he left that position of branch manager from that company in order to achieve his vision.

Now to manufacture piston ring, there was a need of knowing many things, so again he started learning about those things, at night he used to learn about piston rings and in the morning he used to make piston rings with different materials, he used to do it regularly, he kept on doing it until and unless he didn’t make a best quality piston ring, and fulfil his vision. After making the desired rings he started supplying those rings to big companies such as Toyota.

Everything was going perfectly, he became successful, but again he got a big shock, when war started in China, most of the employees from his company has to go to fight a war, because of which maximum women employee was left In his company because of which what happened women employee wasn’t aware of the manufacturing process, so at that time what Honda did was, he changed himself as per the situation and atmosphere and with all his efforts he made all procedure very simple so that even women can do it easily.

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Again his solutions started working and He started thinking like now everything is going well, then again he got a big shock, at the time of war when other country’s warplanes were throwing bomb in China, that bomb not only destroyed places in China but also destroyed his company, his company, as well as his investment, got destroyed, everything vanished, that bomb destroyed everything but it wasn’t able to destroy or even touched Honda’s Believe and strength.

With all his strength and believe Honda again gave a new start to his life, he started working again and form his company to which he gave name Honda motors, this time he started working towards the desire and dream which he had seen long back, he started his motorcycling manufacture company, he was very much interested towards racing and bikes, hence he started making motorcycles, at start he wasn’t having a lot of money, at start when he made a motorcycle it was nothing but a cycle attached to an engine, he started selling that motorcycle, which was liked by many and he started gaining profit.

With that profit he made many advance motorcycles, and time comes when Soichiro motorcycles started winning motorcycle races, his motorcycles became very successful all over the world, and he became the biggest motorbike manufacturer,  his success doesn’t stop here, he thought of start making 4 wheelers as well,  and thought of manufacturing and miking cars as well.

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At that time, Department of trade did not like this idea, because as per department, the market was full of car making and manufacturing businesses and they all were successful, so they thought there will be no place for Soichiro Honda startup. But Honda didn’t listen to them and as always listened to his heart and brain, and start working toward it, so he started working on its prototype. He made such an efficient and strong model as per the time, which was liked by everyone and even department liked it a lot and similarly, he proved everyone wrong and made his place even to the car market.

Honda has some unique quality in him which usually people don’t have, and that quality was the reason behind his and his company success. His motorbike company is the biggest company In the world from 1959 till now. which is made by the world’s most combustion engines, his company’s motorbikes still wins many motorbikes races which were his dream too, not only this apart from cars and bikes Honda also manufactures marine engines, watercraft, generators, garden equipment and even aerospace parts. The success of Honda company goes to Soichiro directly or indirectly and to his some qualities.

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So now you tell, which are those three qualities which you have learned from Honda Soichiro story, and with those qualities,  Honda able to become so successful, and even you should have such qualities in you to become successful.

Now to end I have shared this knowledge and story from the Kevin Johnson book where he has shared story of successful people so that we get inspired so if you want to buy this book then do go to the below link:

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faizan ul haq
faizan ul haq
2 years ago

really great zeeshan bhai ………thank u so much to share with us such a wonderful story or wisdom that inspire & motivate us . language you are using is very helpful to easily understand….thank you so much zeeshan bhai.

Sushil Bari
Sushil Bari
2 years ago

1. Passion.
2. Eager to learn
3. Hard work
Thanks for sharing.

2 years ago

Really inspiring..!!
1st – We should never stop learning and experimenting.
2nd – Positive attitude.
3rd – Always listen to our heart.

2 years ago

The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a 40 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

majid fazil
1 year ago
Reply to  Jamel

1) persistence
2) passion
3) will power
such a great story .. really amazed and inspired

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