Communication Barriers

Communication Barriers

What are Communication Barriers? What is the effect & how to do proper communication?

Communication plays vital and major role in everyone’s life, communication is not only important for professional life but also very important in our personal life, Because of communication barriers and lack of communication skill many things can be very problematic,  usually in many communication the message means what we say may not be received exactly the way sender intended. Sometimes people say something and the opposite person understands something else, hence we need to be very careful with our words sentences, every individual choice of words must be very careful and proper, People understand things as per their perception and understanding, hence the very first thing we must keep in mind that communication is a two way process, it’s not one way process, You should think from both the side, while communicating you need to think about other perspectives as well.

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A person should have active listening, reflection and clarification skills in order to have effective communication but one of the major things about which they must be aware of is Barriers which can affect effective communication. There are various barriers in communication skill which can distort your message, means because of those barriers your message can be taken wrongly and people can easily misunderstand you, Hence you need to be aware of such barriers and also should understand the fact that communication is two-sided, hence you need to be careful with words. Hence if you want to overcome these barriers then you need to be clear and must have a concise message and should understand other person properly, should understand how other person will take your message, will other person understand your words or you need to be more precise with your statements.

Not only normal people but also advertisement industry fails many times because of Communication barriers, usually advertisement industries create advertisement which wrongly understood by viewers, for example, jack and jones, when jack n jones came up with unnecessary sexiest hoardings, many advertisements failed due to not understanding customers point of view and perspective, hence now advertising companies take public feedback so that they can understand public views and perception and can do changes in their product and services accordingly, hence everyone should be clear and precise with their words and communication, because thoughtless communication can create a huge mess in personal as well as in professional life

Communication Barriers affect:

1. Cultural barriers

Every person has different set of beliefs and attitude, every person beliefs and attitude generates from their personal environment and experiences, hence we can’t communicate with everyone at same level, hence we need to understand person attitude and belief and accordingly we should choose our words, suppose you like to crack jokes, some of your friends are like you they too love to crack jokes but there can be some who don’t like lot of jokes, they may be like limits in everything, hence you need to  act like them, means you need to communicate as per their preference and perception. Suppose you are communicating with two people, and you are saying the same thing to both of them, but it’s not necessary that both of them will be receiving the same message because their frames of language and reference can differ.

Example, there are many ads which failed due to cultural barriers such in order to appeal to first class customers, Braniff international airlines created a campaign to promote their finely upholstered seats, but it backfired after their slogan FLY IN LEATHER When translated into Spanish became Fly Naked.

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2. Linguistic barriers

Language and linguistic can act as a barrier to communication,  even if two people use the same language can create a barrier if words and term not used properly or if another person isn’t aware of the word or terms, hence it is said think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people, For example the expression used by American isn’t used in India, hence if not fully understood then it can create a huge barrier and things can go wrong. Many pan India advertisements lost due to translation; hence language can be a great barrier.

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3. Psychological barriers

When someone is stressed or in anger can create psychological barriers, for example when someone is angry then they might say things which they later regret, but people who listen to them will take it in real and will create problem between their relationship, or people who have low self-esteem can be assertive and can also not feel comfortable in communicating. And hence at such mood they can share negative message to the receiver, because at such negative mood people body language and tone changes and even if they try to say something good it can be taken wrongly by the opposite person due to high tone and pitch, hence person must understand at what moment high tone is required and when its not required.

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4. Chat barriers

Many fights happen argument happens on chat, messages, on social media, because people don’t understand the expression, people can’t see each other hence often misunderstanding can happen, hence people need to be more careful over chats and messages because it can create a huge mess if not properly written. Hence be careful with the choice of words.

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5. Generation barrier

As we all know generation gap plays major role in ruing relationships, because every age has their own perception and thinking and everyone has their own way to say and understand, hence generation gap can be a huge barrier for effective communication, because parents usually say something and child doesn’t take the message the way it has being said or children say something which is not understandable by parents, for example now adays every child knows how to use cell phones smart phones but earlier generation is not that good with smart phones, hence changes are constant, so both generations need to understand each other and should support each other, generation gap has one major problem and that is emotional barrier, because earlier people were not that much frank and open minded but today’s generation most of the people are quite frank and open minded.

These are the 5 Communication Barriers affect.

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How to do Proper Communication:
  1. Don’t use jargon, means don’t use complicated words or unfamiliar sentences or technical terms, because every word is not understood by everyone, talk simple, concise and be crystal clear. 
  2. Avoid emotional barriers, for some people sharing some kind of emotions, is not comfortable, for some people some topics are off limits or taboo. 
  3. The viewpoint can be a barrier, everyone has their own viewpoints, an unfamiliar accent can be a problem, lack of attention, interest, and distraction of receiver can be the reasons for communication barrier, hence try to be more attentive alert and be clear with words and have thoughtful communication.

Thank you do share your views related to communication barriers, what is according to you can affect effective communication.

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