5 Benefits Of Taking Risks - Why Take Risks

5 Benefits Of Taking Risks – Why Take Risks

5 Benefits Of Taking Risks: When we talk about risk, you need to be sure about yourself, whether you want to become a risk taker or not, because becoming a risk taker, you need to be sure about your goals, to be sure about yourself about your dreams, when you know your goals and you know that this step is quite difficult or risky but you have to do it to move a step ahead towards your dreams and goals, then becoming a risk taker is beneficial, because for every accomplishment and for every goal risk is involved.

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But when you have no idea about your goals about your dreams about your passion and you don’t know where exactly you want to go, then you need to sit and need to be sure about yourself first before taking any risk. If you believe in yourself and in your dreams and you want to become a successful person in your life then becoming a risk taker can be beneficial for you.

In this world, everyone wants to become successful, wants to be successful in their career or business, but when it comes to taking a risk to move ahead towards that goal or dream, they start getting worried, afraid and fear uncertainty feeling start generating in them. And they prefer to play safe and stay where they are, but very few go with their instinct, and take a risk and become what they really want to be.

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As it says” Everybody wants to be a Diamond, But very few are willing to Get Cut.”

Today I will share few points about Benefits Of Taking Risks, which will show how taking risk can be beneficial for you.

Benefits Of Taking Risks 1. Can’t grow in Comfort Zone

As it says, Comfort zone is a nice place but nothing ever grows there, most of us spend many years of our lives playing small, we want to become successful, we want to live happy wealthy and healthy life, but we fail to take a risk, we fail to overcome our fear.

When the time comes to choose either to stay safe or stay where we are or to take a risk towards the life we always dream about.  Most of us play safe, we want to stay comfortable doing the same old things because it’s easy and it doesn’t involve any risk and fear.

But when we are ready to do hard things, when we are ready to take a risk for the things we always dream about, when we do things which are not easy, Is when we get or find the biggest blessings and success of our life.

Successful people take a big risk because they know that they might fall hard, but they might succeed more than they ever dreamed. –Robert Kiyosaki

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Benefits Of Taking Risks 2. Risk make you overcome your fear and grow you

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you face a choice which involves risk, whether its related to job, business, about your career about your relationships etc , but when the time comes when you have to make a choice whether to take risk or to play safe, whether to quit your job or start your own startup, and when you become risk taker, you eventually learn to overcome your fear, you learn to fight with that fear and move forward towards your dream life which you always wanted.

Risk-taking allows you to take action, and go behind the goals you always wanted to achieve,

For becoming a risk taker, again you need to be very much sure about yourself about the things which are not letting you take that risk, why you not taking a risk for the thing which is your great desire and you always wanted it?  Is the reason for not taking a risk for your goals, because you are worried or afraid about what people will say or think if you fail? Or are you worried about failure or anything like this? You need to be sure about yourself.

When you learn to take risk for yourself and for your dream life, you will grow, you will learn to have faith and believe in yourself,  example, I share my personal experience about huge risk which made me grow and made me confident about myself, when I completed my engineering everyone wanted me to do job, but it was only me who choose My own Seeken Youtube channel over Any engineering job, everyone thought that this risk which I am taking is not good for me and for my career, but after taking that risk of moving towards my dream made me realize how risk can be beneficial and how it helps you to grow, was taking that risk worth it? Then yes definitely it was and today I want to tell you to think where you are today and think where you want to be and then take necessary risks to get there.

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Benefits Of Taking Risks 3. Risk Satisfies you

Most people want to play safe, they are not willing to take a risk because they are comfortable of doing the same old things, they want to grow but they don’t want to risk because of fear and uncertainty, but the greatest risk is not taking the risk.

For example, suppose there are two friends Rahul and Raj both are working at the same company, and both want to start their own startup, ones they both got an opportunity to start their business in partnership, but due to fear of failure, Raj stay where he is right now at the company and Rahul take risk and after few years he becomes successful, no doubt Rahul has faced many ups and downs but with his courage to take risk he achieved which he always dream about.

Now you tell me who is more satisfying here Raj or Rahul? Of course, Rahul, because as raj saw Rahul has become successful, he started feeling, oops, I would have taken the risk along with Rahul, even I would have become successful.

When you know what you want, then do take necessary risk and actions to become what you always wanted to, whether you achieve it or not, but you will be satisfied that yes I actually tried for it.


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Benefits Of Taking Risks 4. You learn

No one in this world can say, that every risk which you take will bring positive outcome or will pay off, no matter how calculated risk it is, But risk gives you opportunity to know who you are and what all capabilities and how much strength you have, Risk allow you to discover the new you and also make yourself understand your skills and talent. Risk makes you learn new ways through which you can achieve what you always desire for.

Successful people know that every risk might not give them success or a positive outcome but still, they take, because they know that the risk which they will take can give them power, capability strength, and experience which is always required to become successful.

Learning and getting experience also helps you to move ahead in life.

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Benefits Of Taking Risks 5. Calculated risk

As I said, you need to know about yourself about your goals dreams about what you want, what you desire about before taking any risk, risk is calculated not random gamble, if you have no idea where you are going, what exactly you want in this life, then taking risk is like doing gamble, you don’t know what will be there in your hands at the end,

When you know what your end goal is what you truly want in your life, then taking a risk to take a step ahead towards your goals or dreams can be beneficial.

For example, you can’t take risk without knowing anything, entrepreneurs or business person don’t just gamble everything in to their ventures, they find out ways to reduce risk and after that they move forward with their business, businessman or entrepreneurs are calculated risk takers, you need to know what you want, how you want and why you want.

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Thank you. Please do comment and share your biggest risk in your life.

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  1. Sir mujhe Apne goal k bare pata hi nahi hai aur muje meri life kya karna hai wo pata nahi hai Lekin kuch bada aadmi Banna hai Aicha man aata Rahta hai harbar so please mere goal Janne k liye Mai kya kru??

  2. Its really nice & can u plz help us to give tips for buissnes startup. for example -: if they don’t have enough money to start buissnes and what are the ways to arrange money ….

  3. Taking risk is so important, this blog is oxygen for those who stuck with their same performance. I am one of those. My ambition are big but due to some calculated risk and don’t have enough knowledge regarding next business. I just stuck with old business. This blog very helpful to activate insider voice again. Thanks

  4. I am self employed
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      Apart from Trading ,you can start investing also. Yes, Investing is completely different than Trading :).
      there are many good resource available online for investing like safalniveshak, drvijaymalik. just have a look at them . your life will change completely.

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