What is the Importance of Goals
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What is the Importance of Goals | Goal Setting

What is the Importance of Goals?

As it says on the importance of goals

Setting a goal is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.
-Tony Robbins

Deciding your goals clear your doubts and confusion about what you want from your life, clear motives clear intentions and clear thoughts, setting goals indirectly means making plans for your successful future or for your desire dream, Goals help you to stay on the line, If you set a goal without making a plan about how you’ll achieve your dream life then it’s just a wish, and as I have said many times there is a huge difference between a wish and a Decision.

When a person dares to dream, they dare to set goals as well, with goal setting they plan and decides to implement and takes actions accordingly to achieve their goals, and those accomplish goals helps a person to achieve desire outcome and dreams. Every small or big task which takes you closer to your desire dream life and successful life is known as goals and just planning about those goals and not taking action towards it will not get you to your dream life, But Action is must for every successful journey. In the journey of success, you need to complete or finish every goal which keeps you moving. And never allow obstacles block your way.

As it says “Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods.”

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Let’s discuss the importance of goals:

1. Gives you way

Suppose you sit in a train, and you have no idea where that train is going to take you, where exactly you want to go, which station you want to get down so as a result of this, what happens you get confused, similarly in life when you don’t have a goal there is a high chance of you getting confused, people who set goals they know about their life dreams, they know what exactly they want from life and where exactly they want to reach, Hence goals play a vital role in providing a way to their success journey.

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2. Keeps you focused

Suppose you are blindfolded and you are asked to shoot on the target will you be able to do that, no of course not, similarly people without goals are blindfolded they have no idea where they want to shoot means where they want to focus in which thing they have interest, but people who have goals know where to focus on what are the topmost priorities which requires a lot of focus and which needs to be finish on time so that they can move closer to their desire dream

Example, in every company, every employee is asked to set a goal, daily goal, weekly goal or monthly goals and accordingly they need to finish those work, these way not only their productivity level increases but also company gets a lot of benefits.

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3. Keeps you motivated

People who are aware about their goals and targets they always stay motivated and they always avoid procrastination.

For example, people who have goals, make a list where they write down all their goals, and they especially write down one big goal which moves them closer to their dream goals, through this they always stay motivated.

People with goals always set priorities they don’t waste their time efforts and energy on things which are less important or things which are not so necessary. They work on the topmost priorities they know where to work hard and where to work smart.

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4. Goals help you to get better life

Setting goals moves you closer to your dream life. If you already know the purpose of your life goals will help you to get closer to that purpose and when you achieve that dream and purpose your life automatically becomes best.

But always remember In order to achieve what you want always stick to your goals; you should change your plans if it doesn’t work but never change your goals.

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5. You can check your progress through your goals

Through goals, you can understand how much progress you are making, whether you are moving closer to your goals or whether you need improvement in plans and actions to make your dream life come true.

To measure your progress you need to set a benchmark so that you can compare your progress with that benchmark.

For example, if you want to score good marks you need to set timetable or need to set priorities list such as will complete 1 chapter daily and also do math practice side by side, and at the end of the day checking whether you are doing of following it or not, if not then you need to find out the reasons for your procrastination and then accordingly change plan and take action.

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6. Goals make you understand your wants

Sometimes we think that we want a lot of money but actually we are in need of care and love, sometimes we think we need to stay alone but actually, we want positive people around us, sometimes we think others can make us happy but actually it is you who can make yourself happy, etc.

What happens sometimes we think something and we want something else, hence if you never set a goal how you will understand what actually you want, if at first you set wrong goal at least that wrong goal gives you an experience and through that experience you come to know the actual goal which you were searching from a long time.

Hence never fear to dream and never fear to set goals, if it doesn’t work it will give you experience and make you understand your actual needs and wants and if it works then it will move you closer to your dream life.

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But for every dream and for every goal accomplishment Action Implementation is a must.

These are the Importance of goals.

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