What is Real Happiness in Life? 10 Practical Ways to Live a Happy Life

Today, everyone wants to be happy and prosperous, but they don’t know how to be happy. Earning millions of money isn’t real happiness.

Reading this post will make you something fantastic. This post is profound and needs to be adequately understood.

Are you ready? Let’s start reading. I am with you.

How often have you said I want to be happy? How often have you told someone else I want you to be happy?

Have you ever stopped to consider what happiness means?

What exactly is this happiness you wish for?

Many believe happiness is having fun at a party, the excitement of new experiences, or a fine meal’s delights.

These are all beautiful experiences to be cherished and cultivated, but these are not happiness.

These experiences are the definition of pleasure. They are the experiences to have and let pass.

A meal to savor and then digests. A party to enjoy, then let wind down.

If we continue to please ourselves with these joyful experiences all the time, our brains adapt and turn pleasure into a routine.

Chasing pleasure is not happiness. So if happiness is not the same as pleasure, what is happiness?

Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. In other words, happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. 

Happiness is a feeling of contentment that life is just as it should be.

Happiness isn’t about getting what you want. It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are, not who people think you are. Happiness cannot be traveled, earned, or consumed.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.

Train your mind to see the good in everything. Positivity is always a choice. The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. 

Success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success.

The talent of being happy is appreciating and liking what you have instead of what you don’t have.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. 

Happiness starts with you, not with relationships, jobs, or money but with you.

The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose. What to accept and what to let go of, so choose wisely.

Happiness is a Choice

This happened – you’ve heard of Lao Tzu?

Lao Tzu is a celebrated Zen master today. Even then, he gathered a certain number of disciples around him.

It’s part of the Zen tradition that people gather for a final message when the master or the guru is dying.

So at eighty-three or eighty-four, he was passing, so people gathered around him and asked him, “Master, what is the secret of your joy?”

He faced lots of extreme situations in his life. He was accused of things he had never thought of and went through troubles.

So people asked, “You went through so many things, but you were always joyful. What is the secret of your joy?

Lao Tzu said, “Oh, that! It’s just that every morning when I woke up, I used to get a question. The question is, ‘today shall I be joyful or miserable?’ Until now, I just chose joy, that’s all.”

So have you made your choice, I am asking? Yes?

Every day in the morning, if a question comes to you, I will come and ask you a question every day in the morning “Today, you’re going to be joyful or miserable” what’s your choice?

“Joyful,” Right? You must make this choice every day, “Today, I am going to be joyful.” Joy is not a goal by itself.

It is just that when you’re joyful, you are pleasant to the world. When you are cheerful, you are sensible in your head. When you are optimistic, you will not do stupid things against yourself. There is nobody who’s not been happy, everybody’s been glad, but the problem is they cannot maintain it, that’s all. “

So you don’t have to enforce any resolutions upon yourself, just little tools to ensure you don’t sink.

10 Tips for Happy and Joyful Life

1.) Sit on your “Deathbed.”

Sit on your "Deathbed" happiness

Suppose, let’s say, your life is done. You are on your deathbed; tomorrow, you’re going to die.

If you look back and see, is it all worthwhile? Have you done things that you wanted to do?

Don’t look at it at the end of your life; you must look at it at the beginning. 

Suppose you are on your death bed, you’re going to die – maybe you lived a hundred years – but look back and see, has life been worthwhile? Have you done things that matter to you or not? Most people get truthful only if death is imminent.

Otherwise, they know how to lie to themselves and everybody. Most people will tell the truth when you put a gun to their head. Yes?

Don’t wait for somebody else to put the gun; you put it tonight and watch, “Suppose I am going to die now. Have I done things that I really… worthwhile in my life, things that I could be proud of, and worth spending my life upon – has my life been done this way?”

If you look at this, you will impact society, whatever you do. Whatever you do, you will make an impact. We do not know what you can and cannot do in your life.

2.) Identify 3 things that make a Wonderful Human Being

Whether you are going to become the wealthiest man in the world or the most beautiful woman on the planet, you’re going to climb Mt. Everest, or you’re going to beat Mr. Bolt in a hundred-meter race, I don’t know about these things, but every one of you can strive to become a wonderful human being, and nobody can deny that to you.

Nor people, nor the world’s situations, nor inclement weather can deny this to you that you want to be a wonderful human being – nobody to stop you.

So I want you to do a simple process – write down three things, whatever you think makes a human being into a beautiful human being, just three things, and make it a reality in your life, what you think is the highest.

Don’t do what your parents, friends, relatives, or society want; please do what you want.

Your life if you do not do what you want, it’ll become a wasted life.

You don’t have to do what somebody else wants, but three things you think will make a human being into a genuinely wonderful human being – these three things make it a reality.

3.) Utter Half The Words You Usually Do

As it is said, “A man is ill only because he does not know how to be still” because, in stillness, you are in touch with a dimension way beyond creation.

So if one has to attain that grace, at least a certain amount of stillness has to enter your life. For this to happen, a certain level of silence has to enter your life.

If it is not coming right now, at least practice a bit of moun (Silentness). In an hour, if you’re speaking 1573 words right now.

How many words do you spit out in a minute? Yes, how many? Think about it.

Whatever number you’re doing, see if you can articulate the same things you are saying with half the number of words. Suddenly you will become highly conscious of everything.

If you have to hold back half the words and still say the same things, now you must be very conscious. Otherwise, you cannot say it.

Just try this and see, tomorrow, one day, hmm? The number of words you utter in an hour usually makes it half. Don’t curtail your activity. Still say the same things, but with half the words.

How wonderful will the whole world feel, you know? The world will be a wonderful place; I am telling you tomorrow if everybody does this.

4.) Look Back Your Whole Day

Look back your whole day

This is a simple exercise everybody must do –at the end of the day, you sit in your bed and look back on the whole day from the morning you got up, how you’ve been going around.

You will see ninety percent of the time; you’re pretty stupid. I am generous with percentages, believe me.

If you’re given little work or just given little responsibility, you suddenly become so important.

You become more significant than the universe suddenly. How many times did you expand beyond the universe’s size? If you look at it, you will see most of the time, it’s bloated.

How many times you became immortal, that is, you’re not conscious of your mortality, and how many times did you walk around looking at people and things around you without any sense of involvement, just three things you watch out for, you will see you will have to laugh through the night.

Don’t start crying. Just learn to laugh at your stupidity, you will see all the rubbish you carry will turn into manure very fast, and waste is good for growth, you know.

5.) Break At Least One Limitation Each Month

In the next twelve months, you make yourself in such a way that you are not the issue in your life, not at all. Hmm?

Can you do this to yourself? You deserve this. I am telling you that you’re not the trouble only if somebody is causing a problem for you, some trouble in your life.

If you sit alone, you’re never the trouble –make yourself like that. For this, you do one thing, all of you, start today, okay?

One thing that you don’t want yourself to be, one small aspect, okay?

Drop it today! Every full moon day, drop one more thing. However small it is, but a concrete step, not a big thing. “No, I will give up my anger.” I don’t believe such nonsense.

You can say, “From now on, if I get angry, I will just shut my mouth; I won’t say anything.” This is doable. Yes? “I will not get angry” is not… right now, not possible.

So like this one concrete step every month, you take about yourself, something that you do not like, something that you feel is not necessary for your life, one little thing, drop every month.

In 12 months, you will be a wonderful human being you are not an issue. Do that to yourself. You deserve this, and it’s worth it, isn’t it?

6.) Keep Accounts Of Your Joyfulness

Outside challenges are many. There are many things in the world. Some things will happen, some things won’t happen, some things will act for us, and something will work against us; these things are happening.

But are you functioning for yourself, or are you performing against yourself? Within this, is your life a little more exuberant, a little better, joyful, and peaceful?

You measure this every day. So, you must maintain an account book. Yes.

If you’re doing business, how do you know whether you’re progressing? The only one who keeps accounts knows whether he is making money or going down, isn’t it so?

Similarly, you must maintain an account. You see, let’s say yesterday, you were joyful five times in the day, today if you’re six– you’re better, tomorrow if you’re seven – you’re better.

But the day after tomorrow, if you’re three – you’re worse. How many moments of joy do you have?

Why I’m talking about joy is, we’re not using joy as a goal. Joy is a measure. Joy means you’re at ease.

Joy means you become more of life than a mental mess. Happiness does not mean that you attained something.

Joy means life has come to ease; you’re not messing yourself up.

Spend five minutes. Have you been better today than yesterday? Has your day been better?

Every day if you keep accounts, you will see no matter what happens in life situations, you will not go down.

7.) Eating With Gratitude

Here I am not trying to tell you what to eat and what not to eat, you eat whatever you want, but being a human being, the most important thing is that you do it consciously.

Whatever you do must happen consciously. Your selection of food and consumption of food also must happen consciously.

More than what you eat, how you eat it is also equally important. When I say how you eat it, foods are all live substances.

Every one of them had a life of their own, whether it was a plant, animal, or vegetable, every one of them had a life of their own.

If you approach it with a certain sense of gratitude and reverence towards the food that you eat, when I say reverence, it may feel like too much for you, but I’m asking you, let’s say we put you in a room, and you had nothing to eat for five days.

If God appears in front of you, what will you ask? 

Food! So that’s how important it is. You must understand the food on your plate is not just a substance; it is not a material, it is not a commodity, it is life.

It is the life-making material for you. So, it would help if you treated it as such. Right now, when it’s on the plate when it’s out there, it has no value, but the moment you consume it, and it becomes your flesh and blood, now suddenly it’s of immense value.

Why do we live like this? It’s essential when it comes to your plate itself; you must treat it as a part of yourself.

With great reverence, you must consume. If you change that, food will behave very differently within you, how you consume it.

8.)Connecting With The Earth

Connecting With The Earth The soil you walk upon has a certain sense of intelligence and memory, so even if you happen to live in a concrete jungle, it is essential to keep in touch with the earth upon which you live.

Create ways for yourself to somehow remain in touch with the soil of the earth upon which you live, that part of the planet.

With your bare hands and bare feet, see particularly the palms and the soles if they come in touch with the earth daily at least for a few minutes.

A certain harmonizing of the physiological process will happen, just being in contact with the earth, if you spend at least a few minutes in your garden, barefooted, touching plants or trees because this is the basis of your life.

All life, including you and other creatures, has come out of this earth – stay in touch with it and harmonize your system.

9.) Wake Up With A Smile

One thing is before you go to bed, sit in your bed just for two minutes, now suppose you’re going to die right now in two minutes, how it will be, and then sleep.

You will see tomorrow when you wake up; you will wake up like you are just born.

If you sleep with this awareness, you will wake up with a completely new dimension of energy within you.

Suppose you wake up tomorrow. Every day, nearly 300,000 people don’t wake up tomorrow. So in case you wake up tomorrow, check and see if you’re still alive.

If you are, do this much for your sake, not my sake; with one big smile, you’re still alive. Is your life worth this much?

See, do not think every day you will wake up. One day you will not wake up. Yes or no?

Tomorrow morning you woke up; check if you’re still alive; if you’re dead, I will pardon you.

If you’re alive, one big smile. Tch, then if 300,000 people die on the planet, maybe three to five million people would have lost somebody dear to them.

So check those four or five people who matter to you in your life, all of them still alive. One more smile. Hello? Yes?

And you looked at the watch, it’s seven o’clock, and you’re still alive one more smile. Hello?

From now on, you must do this every time you look at the time. If you’re alive, you must smile because this is the greatest thing happening to you.

Not your money, not your profession, not your family; you’re alive right now; this is the thing. Very brief, let’s make it happen.

10.) Make The Best New Year Resolution

Your ability to live well on this planet is essentially how well you can harness your body and mind. Yes or no?

So if you have to harness life the way you want it, there must be a little space between you and the body; there is a little space between you and the mind.

Any suffering you have known in your life has entered you either through the body or through the mind. Do you know any other kind of torture?

Do you know any other kind of suffering? Physical suffering, and mental suffering are the only two things you know.

If a bit of distance arises between you and the body, you and the mind are the ends of suffering.

Once there is no fear of suffering, you will only explore the full depth and dimension of this life.

Suppose people experience a distance between you and your thought, between you and your body. For two minutes a day, their lives will change. I’m telling you.

Once they know the freedom of it, you will not like anything.

You will not want any drink or drug or whatever because it is a much bigger high than that, much bigger than anything you have seen.

So one of the resolutions that you take for the New Year is, ‘I meditate’.

Let’s Summarise the Tips for Happiness

#1 Sit on your “Deathbed”

#2 Identify 3 things that make a Wonderful Human Being

#3 Utter Half The Words You Usually Do

#4 Look Back Your Whole Day

#5 Break At Least One Limitation Each Month

#6. Keep Accounts Of Your Joyfulness

#7. Eating With Gratitude

#8. Wake Up With A Smile

#9. Wake Up With A Smile

#10. Make The Best New Year Resolution


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