Conversation Confidence Book Summary Review by Leil Lowndes

Conversation Confidence Book Summary / Review by Leil Lowndes

Blog Title: Conversation Confidence Book Summary / Review by Leil Lowndes
Book Name: Conversation ConfidenceBucks
Author: Leil Lowndes
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About Author:

Before talking about the book “Conversation Confidence Book Summary” let’s first discuss the book’s author Liel Lowndes. She is an internationally recognized communication expert who specializes in the subconscious interactions that take place in all interpersonal communications. She has spoken and conducted hundreds of seminars for major corporations, associations and the public in every city in the US And some Internationally. Lowndes is also an author of 10 best-selling books on communication skills for business, love and social relationships and some books are even translated in 26 languages, many huge publications have applauded her work and many leaders and celebrities have given testimonials about her work.


Conversation Confidence Book Summary
Conversation Confidence Book Summary

Conversation Confidence Book Summary is a collection of tips to improve your social interactions. In this book author will discuss the conversation confidence, listening to win and memory advantage, through this book you can learn communication skills mastered by politicians, public figures, and celebrities, through this book you will learn magic words which have the capability to soften up the toughest talkers.

Through this you will learn how to play conversation hardball and win, In listening to win you will learn how to overcome common listening blocks and biases, it will help you to discover the right way to approach problem solving and decision making, it will make you an all-round effective and well-balanced communicator, this book will help you to listen effectively to reach your goals and make you understand what you were not hearing properly and make you a better listener at work at home and in personal settings, Through this book you can also improve your memory advantage, your memory will become more sharp compare to before.

Let’s begin with Conversation Confidence Book Summary:

A) How to make an Unforgettable First Impression

In this part author says that there are two techniques to create a dynamic first impression in the first minute or less, the first technique is Non-verbal technique which makes you come across as a confident, friendly and outgoing person and the other technique is Verbal device, which creates a feeling of instant rapport with your conversational partner.

In this part author also share that the first impression you make on a new acquaintance based 20 percent on  “WHAT YOU SAY” 30 percent on “THE SOUND OF YOUR VOICE” And 50 percent on “YOUR BODY LANGUAGE, YOUR EXPRESSION AND HOW YOU MOVE.”

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B) How to captivate anyone, anytime, anyplace

In this chapter, the author presents 3 techniques which you can use on new acquaintance and friends alike to impress them with your friendliness and sincerity, through these techniques you can make them feel the special person in your life so let’s understand the techniques.

Technique 1) Your personality softener

Author says in order to look attracted by your conversational partner, use the 8 point checklist which transforms your body into that of a warm and friendly person, that checklist is a softener.

Technique 2) The flooding smile

Always have a genuine smile on your face, don’t smile too quickly, at first look at the opposite person for few seconds, drink them in through your eyes and then let a sweet simple warm smile of appreciation flood over your face and always remember that sincere genuine smile involves your whole face even your eyes.

Technique 3) The Sticky eyes

Author says that we all have a habit or can say a behavior, we quickly move our eyes from the things or from the people we don’t like or people we want to avoid and we see only things we like, hence if you want to send a message to someone that you like them then keep your gaze longer on them.

This book contains very useful chapters if you want this free audio book then can take it from the given links.

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