Wise And Foolish People

5 Difference between Wise And Foolish People

What is the Difference between Wise and Foolish People?

If I ask you to differentiate between Wisdom and Ignorance what would be your answer? And according to you how much difference is there between wisdom and ignorance. So answer for this is, wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgment, Can say the quality of being wise, or can say a wise thinking. Whereas Ignorance is the opposite of it, means lack of knowledge, information and experience, Ignorance is like a poison which has the capability to ruin your love, friendship and all the good feelings.

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Let’s understand the Difference between a Wise and Foolish Man:

To understand the difference between a wise and foolish man, Do held up your thumb and forefinger, the gap which you see between the thumb and forefinger, that tiny gap is the difference between a wise and a foolish person, and that gap must be filled with all kind of knowledge learning and experiences, In order to get more wisdom we must fill ourselves with knowledge and learning, we must always educate ourselves and we must try to educate others as well, so that not only we improve but others to improve and this improvement can help our country to get develop and move towards betterment,  Not engaging ourselves with ignorance is known as wisdom.

As it says “There is No Darkness-But Ignorance.”

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Today I will share the difference between a Wise and foolish or Ignorant person:

1. Wise Think and Speak and Ignorant Speak and Think

As there is a saying wise man speak because they have something to say fools because they have to say something.

Wise And Foolish People Point 1:

Wise man always think before they speak, they understand the situation and think whether it’s the right time to speak or to stay quiet,  staying quiet and not saying a single word can the best thing a person can do in some situations, always saying something is not a nice idea and wise people understands it very well.

Whereas immature or ignorant people always want to put forward their opinion or always want to say something whether at that moment it is required or not, they don’t think before talking or speaking, they just want to talk without having a proper understanding and knowledge.

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2. Humble and Arrogant

Wise And Foolish People Point 2:

A person who is wise always think like a wise person but put forward his/her thoughts, opinion advice as the common people do, wise person understands how important down to earth nature is, they have knowledge intelligence but wisdom never allow person to become arrogant, Wise people are humble enough to know that they are not better than anybody and wise enough to know they are different from others, and Wise people never allow their knowledge success to get into their head.

But foolish people or ignorant people think they know everything, Ignorant people always mistake their arrogance with confidence, they feel their arrogant nature is confidence, they aren’t able to differentiate between arrogance and confidence and this ignorance of them is the biggest reason of them not being wise.

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3. Wise Makes Own Decision and Ignorant Follows Crowd

Wise And Foolish People Point 3:

A wise person always makes his/her own decision, they have the capability to take responsibility they never play safe or never blame others for their doings, they have that capability to stand for themselves and they know how to make decisions.

they first clear their thoughts like what exactly they want and according to their want they gather facts, info, gather knowledge understand everything properly, they set criteria and further develop options and then evaluates that options, assess risk and then makes the decision and follow through.

Whereas Ignorant or foolish person always follow the crowd, they like to play safe, they feel crowd is always right, and whatever others do even they should do it, they never try to get more facts and info about particular thing they just do it because others are doing it, this way they allow others to make decision for themselves, they easily get influenced by others and later when things go wrong they easily blame others and this ignorance is not at all good for getting success life.

For example, If there is a situation, like investment is going on is shares and maximum people are doing investment, looking to this wise man will not rush but first he understand it properly get in-depth knowledge and info about it, go through various investment books and also confirm with people who are into investment whereas ignorant people will rush, because they will feel others are doing it means everything is right and it must be giving profit that’s why so many people are doing it.

A wise person makes a decision for himself, whereas Ignorant people follow others and allow others to make a decision for him.

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4. Learn from Different Sources and Fool Learn from the Same Source

Wise And Foolish People Point 4:

Wise people understand the importance of gaining knowledge and learning different useful things, wise man not always go to Google or some sites to gain knowledge but try to learn from difference sources such as reading books, audio books, and also learn mentors, from various other groups, because they understand one particular site cannot give all info, and they also understand that “HALF KNOWLEDGE IS MORE DANGEROUS COMPARE TO IGNORANCE.” And one site can’t give full information.

Hence they always look out for various source, they also learn from people mentors, because they understand, every individual we meet in this world knows something which we don’t.” hence they never feel shy or embarrassed to learn from others,  they Love to read books because through books we can transform ourselves completely.

Whereas fools always believe in one source and through that particular source they get half information or knowledge and as I said half information and knowledge is very dangerous.

Example, I have seen on social media platforms people start fighting to each other on the basis of half-knowledge, they get forward messages and they get influence to that messages and make opinion on the bases of that half knowledge not knowing whether the information which they have got is really true or not, they just start fighting and this half knowledge destroys their Peace of mind and also ruins their day and waste their precious time.

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5. Take Calculated Risk and Risk for Fun

Wise And Foolish People Point 5:

There is a huge difference between taking a calculated risk and taking a risk for fun, Wise people know things they have the knowledge, they learn and understand things properly only then they take risk, they take risk because they know what they want from life and what they are seeking, hence they go for risk. But Ignorant people take a risk because they feel that things might go right, they don’t have any idea about their life what they want, still they go for risk on the bases of luck, they feel luck can help them and hence taking a risk can be beneficial.

If you risk without any knowledge and proper understanding just on the bases of luck then chances of getting a positive outcome is 1 percent. Hence before taking risk understand what exactly you want from life.

If you want to understand more about how Risk taking can be beneficial and at what terms you should become a risk taker kindly go through my blog related to risk taking.

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These are the 5 differences between a Wise and foolish or Ignorant person.

Thank you.

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