3 mantras to achieve success in life

3 Mantras To Become Successful in Life 2023

There is a company in South Korea named Sooam Biotech! It makes clones of pets! For which they charge 80 lakhs rupees.

If you have a pet and want another same pet, you’ll have to give them 80 lakhs rupees. By modifying genetically, they will give you an exact copy of the pet.

Surprisingly, it isn’t a new technology.

South Koreans have been doing this for 10 years. I’m talking about that country, which was kind of this some decades earlier.

We can’t compare Korea with India; both are incredibly different countries with too many differences.

But if we talk about similarity, both got independence simultaneously. But if we see according to GDP per capita, according to World Bank’s National Account Data, we have that much difference.

You can agree that the economic growth of South Korea is exciting. There’s an interesting story behind this!

Do you know when North Korea and South Korea were divided, South Korea was connected to only one country? That land was North Korea.

Unfortunately, all the natural resources were in North Korea. The nearest country that South Korea had was Japan, which exploited them earlier.

After the war ended, South Korea had no industry and no money. And they were dependent on agriculture.

Their leader knew that if they wanted to save their country, they’d have to move towards industry instead of agriculture.

They didn’t have the funds to enter the industry. For this, they sent their soldiers to the US in the US-Vietnam war.

In return, the US provided them loans to develop industries.

Do you know what they did with that money? Instead of growing their small companies, they helped giant companies to grow more.

Forex, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and this thing gave good results. But there was a problem! They had an agricultural population!

But to develop industries in their country, they need intellectual people who can work in the industry.

And this was a big challenge for them. To convert the non-educated agricultural population into the industrial population.

To tackle this, they focused only on one solution: education! They put all their efforts into educating their country!

Wherever they found places like abounded factories, small tents, everywhere, young people and children were being educated!

They utilized their whole public fund to develop rural schools! Due to this, the education level of the rural and urban children was good.

You can say that country invested in their citizens invested in their education. Due to this, they started shifting to other sectors one by one.

Started developing giant businesses, started building manufacturing, and in the end, they developed their economy to a great extent.

They developed so much that they are now one of the developed countries. The thing to learn here is when they invested in their citizen’s knowledge, the whole country got successful.

So, if you also want to know the mantra to become successful in life, this blog is for you.

Invest in Knowledge

You should invest in the most crucial thing, knowledge. If you invest in your knowledge, it can give you the most returns.

Because there is a simple thing, the more you learn, the more you’ll see opportunities, the more opportunities will come to you, and you’ll get to know how this world works.

Chanakya always gave importance to education! He used to say he had achieved everything through education!

Education is the only thing which is with you for a lifetime. Your physical health, your appearance, keeps changing as your age changes.

You are not going to get back every minute you’ve spent. Your friends will leave you in hard times, and maybe your parents will also leave.

But once you gain the knowledge, it’ll be with you forever. According to a study by CNN, for those who read more than 7 books in a year, the chances of becoming a millionaire rise by 122% compared to ordinary people.

You can say books are like a nuclear bomb. They’re small in size but have a significant impact on life.

For example, those who gained knowledge early about cryptocurrency learned about it and understood the future; maximum people of them are now millionaires.

Those who learned about transportation, natural resources, and electric cars were more likely to invest in Tesla. It made them extremely rich.

Similarly, those who focused on content creation from starting, read books like me, gained a lot of knowledge and developed businesses also earn a lot of money.

They’re getting the best returns on their investment. Such returns can’t be found anywhere else!

Similarly, those who’re learning about AI, NFTs, and content creation, because this field has just started!

There are still plenty of platforms where things can be learned! Social media has just started!

Those who’re learning this, there is a chance that they’ll do something great!

Because trust me, the truth is, if you’ve 200rs, 500rs, or 1000rs, and you’re thinking that by investing such an amount, you’ll get tremendous returns; if we invest in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, we’ll get a lot!

This thing is nearly impossible! It’s better to buy a book with that money, or buy a course, or do something which will give you knowledge.

Learn A Valuable Skill

But yes, gaining knowledge isn’t the main thing! You’ve to do one more thing, learn a valuable skill.

If you’ve read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, you must remember its 7th law, which says that sharpen your saw!

To be successful, you should focus on developing your skills.

For example, if you have to cut 100 trees, and if you’re given a saw to cut trees, which has a lot of rust, what do you think, will you be able to cut 100 trees well? Will you be able to cut fast?

Not! Similarly, without any skill, if you try to be successful and will try to do anything, the chances of success are meagre.

In the success story of South Korea, That country can never escape poverty if it does not focus on skills along with its education!

If we take my example, If I just kept reading books, never applied those things, and kept them in mind, then that knowledge would be like the knowledge I get in school and college, which never works for me!

But I didn’t keep that knowledge in my mind, but I also started applying it practically! Started focusing on my skills by reading books and started concisely writing them.

I needed content writing skills, and to tell my things to people, I needed storytelling. I learned that and worked on it. Worked on Voice-over recording skills. Worked on animation skills. Worked on content management.

I worked on these skills; that’s why you can see me.

This channel is so famous today! If I only focused on knowledge and didn’t focus on skills at all, this channel would hardly have become this big!

Author Cal Newport says in his book, ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you.

He says that people are of two types. They think about their work in two ways.

The people with the first mindset are Craftsman. They focus on providing value in their job! They focus on offering something to the world!

On which skill they can work, so that they can make processes, to benefit people because of them.

On the other hand, people with a passion mindset focus on the value they get for their job.

They focus on ‘How much money will I get for my work? What will be my status?

What will be my post? What will be my benefit?

The author says that you must develop a craftsman mindset to be successful. You can be happy and earn money with a passionate mindset.

But in the long term, you won’t be able to achieve great things! To develop a craftsman mindset, you should focus on those skills that people need, not just you!

You can make people’s life easy through your skills.

And learning skills isn’t enough; you have to practice these skills as much as possible! So that you can be an expert in them.

Time is Money

People say, ‘Time is Money. It’s not true. Money can be earned back, but time can’t be earned back!

Once your time is gone, it’s gone! Sometimes, when you invest money in the stock market, you lose, and then if you wait, that money grows again, and you get your investment returns back by growing in the long term.

Time is such a thing; once it’s gone, there are almost nil chances of returning it! So, you must be careful where you’ve to invest your time!

You shouldn’t invest time with such a person with whom you don’t see your future! Because it’s not going to benefit you!

Similarly, if you’re choosing a field that will be irrelevant in the coming time or will not give you any income, it’s essential to search for better options!

It shouldn’t happen that you invest a lot of your time and enter a field that was not meant for you!

Investment is a thing which is called opportunity cost! That means if you’re investing your money somewhere, you could invest that money somewhere else, which you didn’t.

This means you’re paying an opportunity cost by selecting that thing. So, invest it in a better way!

Because we all have 24 hours, for the millionaire and the poor too, how a millionaire uses those 24 hours and a poor person uses those 24 hours creates a difference.

Every person has 24 hours. A millionaire and a poor person also. But a millionaire respects these 24 hours; he knows what to do and what not!

But average people don’t do anything! So, respect your time! You get around 730 hours a month, 8760 hours a year. These are the same for you and for a millionaire too!

He is using that time wisely, and you aren’t. Someone is focusing on gaining knowledge and developing skills, and you are not doing it.

And if you don’t do this, you’ll lose! The best thing you can do is read books. It’s boring sometimes, but if you invest in it, if you do this, listen to audiobooks or our videobooks; if you invest your time in such a way, it’ll help you to grow in the long term.

So, understand this thing. And start seeing this based on return and investment! Not always, but you can do it sometimes!

If I invest my 1 hour here, what return will I get? Most people are living their life unconsciously and are wasting time.

They use social media unconsciously, so it’s better to do it consciously! The author tells it from the ‘Indistractale’ book.

If you think first that ‘I’ve to use social media for an hour, it’ll give me happiness, and the return on an investment will be your happiness, then go for it! Go and use social media.

But if you are not thinking from this perspective and are doing the same thing the whole day without thinking about its long-term effects, it can ruin you!

I’ve mentioned these things from the reference to many books, like ‘Indistractable’, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and ‘And be so good that they can’t ignore you.

So, if you liked this blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends, as sit can change their life too.

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