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The 5 Essential People Skills Summary

Blog Title: The 5 Essential People Skills Summary
Book Name: The 5 Essential People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts
Author: Dale Carnegie
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Size: 256 Pages

About Author:

Before talking about the “The 5 Essential People Skills Summary” let’s first discuss the book’s author Dale Carnegie. He is one of the best authors. Carnegie has written the best-selling book How to win friends and influence people in 1936, he also wrote How to stop worrying and start living book in 1948, he founded Dale Carnegie training company on 1912, he continues to offer training and publish books on improving employee performance. Carnegie was an American Writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement,  salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking and interpersonal skills.


The 5 Essential People Skills Summary
The 5 Essential People Skills Summary

Carnegie book 5 essential people skills are rapport building, curiosity, communication, ambition and conflict resolution book, author of 5 essential people skills book says that assertiveness is the core skill which fuels all positive interpersonal relationships, The Carnegie book 5 essential people skills present a step-by-step guide to applying assertiveness and mastering the five essential skills of building rapport, communication, harnessing ambition, demonstrating curiosity and resolving conflict, Carnegie 5 essential people skills shows readers how to:

  • Focus on the work and factors that will move them and their organization forwarding
  • This book will help you to know how you can live up your life at your fullest potential while achieving success
  • Also help you to resolve conflict or misunderstanding by applying a handful of proven principles.
  • Improves your confidence while learning how to convey their message with greater esteem, power and clarity.

Let’s begin with The 5 Essential People Skills Summary:

The 5 Essential People Skills Summary: 1. Assertiveness

Author says that Assertiveness is the ability to speak and act in such a way that people naturally replies attentively and positively to you, Author says that Assertiveness is at the core of the five essential people skills, it consists of being able to:

  1. Stand up for one’s belief
  2. Maintain control in important situations
  3. To resist the pressure and dominance of aggressive people

Author has shared the effective use of assertiveness in the workplace through a great example of an employee who worked on a large team that achieved its goals, every individual member of that team worked hard, they equally contributed their time and efforts, however after achieving the group goal, the team’s supervisor singled out just one member of the team for special praise, leaving the rest of the team people feeling betrayed and unappreciated.

Author says that at such situation aggressive people may feel and express hostility, anger towards both the supervisor and the person who gave appraisal whereas passive people will take no action, and they even deny the fact that anything unfair has happened, whereas Assertive people may take the appointment with the supervisor to air or show their reaction, assertive people will meet the supervisor and air their reaction, they never try to look unprofessional by being rude” they will never say that I did just as much work as George but he is getting appraisal and I am not.”  instead they talk in a very polite way and air their reaction such as they will say “I understand that you are happy or pleased with George’s work on the project and I am really glad to hear that, because he truly made some important contribution, but there is one thing that concerns me, that it was a group effort and every individual in that team contributed and given their equal time and efforts including me, so when the time comes for my performance review I want to be sure that I receive the same recognition that George does, and it would be really gratifying if each of us, who worked really hard for the project can get a personal thank you mail,  this kind of response will for sure will not sound childish and aggressive.

Author says that every individual can master assertiveness just by taking 4 steps:

  • First, Prepare with self-reflection: here you realize and analyze the way you behave.
  • Second, conduct an honest self-assessment: here people should list their positive and negative traits as well as their desired traits and then send it to friends author says that such doing can provide unexpected feedbacks, because often people see the traits that the individual does not.
  • Third, assess the outer world, here author says to choose a specific circumstance and create an accurate view of it.
  • Fourth, Take the Road test; here author says to pick a manageable set of circumstances that demands assertiveness on which to test the learned skills.

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The 5 Essential People Skills Summary: 2. Curiosity

Author says that curiosity can be of tremendous benefits to any manager who knows how to ignite the inborn curiosity of his or her team.

Here author has shared 10-point list which helps to maximize the role of curiosity in a person’s people-skills.

  1. Make assertive curiosity an emotional experience:  author says that people who make assertive curiosity an emotional experience such people demonstrate passion, they are the ones who feel real excitement about what they are doing and they convey excitement to others too
  2. See yourself as a student and purveyor of knowledge: here author say that people who are assertive curious they always want to understand things deeply, they are always full of questions and they are simultaneously very knowledgeable about their field.
  3. Engage in interactive listening: author says that this involves listening, responding, questioning and remembering that all human beings are different.
  4. Be interactive without an agenda: here author says to be interactive, ask questions to your group members like where they live, what they enjoy doing with their families etc., keep in mind, that you must not cross your limits in asking any question, until and unless opposite person is too comfortable with you.
  5. Share personal stories with flair: author says those managers who express a desire to learn are much more inspiring than those who claim that they know all.
  6. Use humor: author says that people who assertive curious they are usually very honest about how much they do not know, they usually have a self-deprecating sense of humor, they are the ones who are known for creating a relaxed atmosphere, they make an environment where everyone enjoy and listen and learn.
  7. Recognize what others need to learn: Author says that good leaders know how to encourage rather than require their employees to increase their knowledge on a particular topic.
  8. Reinforce curiosity with institutional support: author says that no single manager can sustain assertive curiosity in a vacuum.
  9. Mentor by senior management: author says that senior manager can make curiosity a factor in employee evaluation and promotion.
  10. Create a fun environment: here Google is the best example, at Google employees are encouraged to explore ideas and have fun doing so, work is done more productively when people enjoy doing it, hence make a fun environment avoid giving pressure.

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The 5 Essential People Skills Summary: 3. Communication

Dale Carnegie Wrote Decades ago that “When dealing with people you are not dealing with creatures of logic but with creatures of Emotion, creatures bristling with projective and motivated with pride and vanity.”

Author says that knowing how to deal with people is critical for people in a position of leadership, author says in fact communication or communicating is no less important than technical or administrative knowledge, and mastering it requires lot of practice and efforts it’s not as simple as you think.

Here author shares some simple tips which improve your communication skill at workplace.

  • Call people by name
  • Admit making mistake
  • Hold people too high standards
  • Show sincere interest in colleagues
  • Offer specific rather than general praise
  • Avoid making promises that cannot be fulfilled
  • Show gratitude
  • Be considerate
  • Help others
  • Be humble
  • Help others save face

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This is the end of The 5 Essential People Skills Summary. To understand this book and other essential people skill in more detail, then do buy this book from the given links.

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