Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary

Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary

Blog Title: Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary
Name: Barking Up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong
Author: Eric Barker
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Book size: 320 pages


Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary
Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary

Before talking about Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary, Let’s discuss the book’s author Eric Barker. Eric is a creator of the blog barking up the wrong tree, it presents science-based answers and experts insights and views on how to be awesome at life. Eric work has also mentioned in New York Times, The wall street journal, the Atlantic Monthly, Time magazine, the week and in business insiders. Eric is also a Former Hollywood screenwriter. He has also worked on projects for Walt Disney pictures, revolution studios and also to twentieth-century fox. Eric completed his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania and also holds an MBA from the Boston College and also has masters of fine arts from UCLA.

In book Barking up the wrong tree which is an outgrowth of his popular blog by the same name as mentioned above in his personal info, Eric has highlighted tons on ways with the help of which people can become successful at work and even at home, barking up the wrong tree book is about the surprising science behind why everything you know about success is mostly wrong, in this book author has covered six chapters the thing which makes Eric book unique is that it shows both sides of the same coin, means both sides present their cases, much like trial, then Eric has settled on the answer that gives the best upside with the least downside, This book focuses on four key components : happiness, achievements, significance and legacy, and author asked you to evaluate your success by taking a look at all four metrics and you need to see in which metrics you are lagging.

Let’s discuss Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary in detail

Chapter 1 of Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary

Should we play it safe and do what we are told?

Here in this chapter author said that is it better to be an outlier with handicaps and superpower or live in the middle of the bell curve?

In this chapter author says that college degrees aren’t any more predictive of life success, for your life success college degree doesn’t matter, here author says that college grades only predicts one of your abilities but your college degree or grades are not the ones which actually matters in the real world, for example, most of us envy the guy or girl at high school graduation, who gets the commencement speech, who top that year in that college and most of us feel  that person who topped in college will for sure do something huge and great in his/her life, but author says that rarely happens,

In this chapter Eric talked about one of his research by Boston College, in this study they tracked 81 students who topped in their college year, they tracked them after their graduation In 1981, after 15 years those 81 students worked hard learned a lot but not a single changed anything in the world, not a single person became something huge not a single person from those 81 students did anything huge. But surprisingly students who were average and who were dropout  had seen doing something huge not only with their own lives but they did something huge for their country for world and their names were under the Forbes 400 list, hence through this study an idea starts to emerge that maybe being good ins school or college doesn’t matter so much.

With this study Eric agree that performing well on any kind of standardized test whether it’s in school college or in an interview or in any job or elsewhere, performing well in any particular thing will only proof that you are good at following rules because our education system turns us to be an excellent sheep author says our education system doesn’t make us an Excellent thinker.

Hence author says that if you want to become a success in the Real world, Then you must have mix qualities you must have creativity, passion, obsession, vision and commitment. The author says that life can be messy sometimes hence we people should have perseverance so that we people can see our goal and vision clearly.

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Chapter 2 of Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary

It’s not what you know, It’s who you know

Author says huge debate comes when we talk about extrovert and introvert and it’s not an easy or simple topic, some say being introvert is good some say being extrovert is good, but author says answers always can’t be black and white, author says person who is Extrovert are likely to earn more and people who are introverts are usually expert in their fields.

Author says that something goes in both favor, whether you are introvert or extrovert you will get something for sure,  Author says that people who are extrovert earn more money compare to introvert, for example, people who are extrovert will for sure find easy to make friends hence with this their network grows and as we all know networking is really important to earn more especially in any business.

Whereas people who are introvert, they find easy to become expert in their field, how? Introverts usually spend more time in private, hence they can easily put hours in order to develop deep domain expertise, Author says, what matter isn’t what’s better, but the thing which matters is to know who you are and if you know who you are you can act accordingly.

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Chapter 3 of Barking Up the Wrong Tree Summary

Do nice guys finish last?

Here author says that flatter works even when the other person or your boss knows its insincere, author says that when you feel powerless then this feeling can make you unhealthier and dumber, hence author says don’t act selfishly because when you act selfishly you encourage others to act selfishly as well,  author says usually there are two type of people one givers and the other one takers, people who are takes look bad and selfish whereas givers reach the top, author says people who are ethical they are happier as well, author says that if you work hard then you must make sure that it gets noticed, author says that its ok to trust but it’s not ok to be a wimp.

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