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The 33 Strategies Of War Summary / Review

Blog Title: The 33 Strategies Of War Summary
Book Name: The 33 Strategies Of War (The Robert Greene Collection)
Author: Robert Greene
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Size: 496 Pages

About Author:

Before talking about the “The 33 Strategies Of War Summary” let’s first discuss the book’s author Robert Greene. Greene Is an American Author known for his books on strategy, power, and seduction. Robert has written 5 international best-Seller Books and they are The 48 laws of power, The Art of Seduction, The 50th law, and Mastery.


The 33 Strategies Of War Summary - Review
The 33 Strategies Of War Summary – Review

The 33 Strategies Of War Summary, the most important thing we all need to do is to Conquer our own minds. This book helps you to gain mastery in the modern world. The 33 strategies of war is a 2006 book written by American author Robert Greene. This book is described as a Guide to the subtle social game of everyday life informed by the military principles in war. This book is composed of discussions and wide examples of offensive and defensive strategies from a wide variety of people and conditions can apply them to social conflicts such as family quarrels and business negotiation.

Let’s begin with The 33 Strategies Of War Summary:

The 33 Strategies Of War Summary Part 1: Self-Directed Warfare

In this part author says war or any kind of conflict is waged and won through strategy, author says to think of strategy as a series of lines and arrows aimed at a goal, author says to reach at certain position in the world, in order to attack a problems in your path and in order to figure out how you can destroy your enemies, author says that before directing your arrow at you enemies, however, you must first direct them at yourself.

Author says that your mind is the starting point of all war and strategy, author says that a mind which easily gets influenced by the emotions and mind which is rooted in the past instead of the present, then such brain or mind can never see the world clarity and urgency, and such mind will only create strategies that will always miss the mark.


Author says that in order to become a strategist you must take three steps: first, you must become aware of the weakness and illness that can hold of the mind and can decrease you mind strategic power.  Second, you should declare a kind of war on yourself to make yourself move forward. Third, have ruthless and continual battle on the enemies within you by applying certain strategies.

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A) Declare War on Your enemies – The Polarity Strategy

Here author says that life is endless battle and conflict, and we can never fight with such battles effectively unless and until we don’t find out or identify our enemies, author says that people in this world are subtle and evasive, they hide their actual intentions and pretend to be on your sides hence you need clarity, you need to know the actual intention, you should learn to know your enemies, you should smoke out your enemies, you must spot them by the signs and patterns that reveal hostility.

My thoughts:

Your enemies (criticizers) gives you your life purpose motive and direction, don’t always see enemies everywhere, always see enemies within you which is holding you back, if you see criticizers your enemies, ignore them and prove the by your success, massive success is the biggest revenge, don’t always make enemies don’t pick up fights at any time, don’t make everyone your enemy.

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B) Interpretation

Author says that life is battle and struggle and you will constantly find yourself facing bad situations, destructive relationships and dangerous engagements. Author says that how you confront or face such difficult situations will determine your fate and your success, Author says that your obstacles are not rivers, mountains or other people, your obstacles , your life problem is yourself, author says that it’s you and your life, if you fail to understand situation properly, if you feel lost and confused if you lose your sense of direction and if you fail to differentiate between friends and foe then it’s your problem you need to be blamed, because your life is your responsibility.

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The 33 Strategies Of War Summary Part 2: Do Not Fight The Last War

A) The Guerrilla War Of The Mind Strategy

Author says that the thing which brings you down and hold you back is your misery past, your past comes with an unnecessary attachments, repetition of tired formulas and the memory of old victories and defeats, you must always have wars against the past and force yourself to react to the present moments, you must force yourself to strike out in the new direction, even if it involves risk, because what you lose with that force of moving towards the new direction is comfort and security, you will move out of your comfort zone and move towards the direction of responsible and new you, Author says that you should have Guerilla war in your mind that allows no static lines of defense, allows no exposed citadels and makes everything fluid and mobile.

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This is the end of “The 33 Strategies Of War Summary”. This book contains many more such useful chapters, to know and understand each chapter in detail do buy this book from the given links.

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