The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary and Review

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary

Blog Title: The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary
Name: The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem
Author: Nathaniel Branden
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How better you can perform in your life and how much capable you are In order to earn money in your life and how nicely and smoothly you can run your relationship in fact how much capability you have to grow in any aspect of your life depends majorly on one thing and that is your self-esteem. Meaning how much confidence and believe you have for yourself and what exactly you feel and think about yourself is really very important for your achievements and accomplishments in fact author says Self-esteem plays a biggest role directly or indirectly behind Depression and underachievement violence such as suicide and other big things,  hence it’s really very important for us to understand this topic nicely and properly, example, During takeoff Airhostess gives saving instructions to all the passengers which specifically says to wear your oxygen mask first before helping anyone means and it doesn’t matter how much fit muscular man you are, if anything bad happens passenger will have only 3 seconds to act hence you must first help yourself first,  if you try to help others first then you will not only lose your life but also decrease chances of helping others and this instruction is also valid when your loved ones or your child is sitting beside you, you need to first help yourself and then to your loved ones, because this would be the wise decision and action, in short, if you don’t help yourself then you will notable to help yourself and won’t become capable of helping others, similarly if we people don’t feel good about ourselves if we don’t feel confident then we will not be able to do anything big and huge in our lives and we will not become capable of helping others.

Do remember the person who doesn’t trust and believes on himself then no one in this world will trust him or believe him, others will be scared of trusting you, hence always keep your self-esteem high, today I will share 3 pillars after practicing those you can form a great level of self-esteem.

Let’s begin with The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary:

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary Point 1. Living Consciously

I have noticed many times, usually normal days means days when we work or days when we stay at home goes quickly means we don’t even realize where exactly time passed, but if I go out of town for 2 to three days or only for one day at some new place different from normal days, then I find those days very long not boring but I find that I have done so much in that day like I have gone there did this that and so many things and everything I did just in that one day whereas that same day at home goes quickly and I don’t even understand when and where time passé so quickly,  then the biggest reason for this is we spend our most of the time unconsciously, meaning instead of utilizing time for present moments, like instead of staying and enjoying present moment, we think unnecessary different things in our mind and utilize our entire time thinking about other stuffs,  small example, most of time what happens while thinking we reach somewhere else means instead of going to a place we reach to b place, because at that moment of thinking our mind stays somewhere else instead of that route or way,  now one big example,  some people live their life as a robot, means while doing same regular thing daily, they never stay in the moment, they become someone whose mind always stays somewhere else, means when they are at  home they think about their office, and when they stay at office they think about home,  instead of utilizing their time with their family, they think of something else and because of this their personal professional life gets affected.

Usually you must have noticed that people who don’t spend their life consciously they live like a robot, they spend their time unconsciously, and these people usually have low self-esteem and lack of confidence, whereas people who love doing new things means people who live at the moment who live consciously they usually have high self-esteem and high confidence and this behavior and attitude of them helps them to form great relationships and they able to perform well in their personal as well as professional life and live their life at fullest potential.

Hence do follow the first pillar by living consciously means by staying at the moment.

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary Point 2. Self-acceptance

I still remember the time when I was a teenager at that time I used to face acne problem and I used to feel really very bad,  I used to feel embarrassed, I used to ignore face to face conversation, I never wanted someone to look at my face,  because at some corner of my heart I wasn’t accepting the fact that all these changes are natural and it will go after certain time and age, many people advised me but I wasn’t accepting it and was living under the denial, and because of this denial I used to try different products on my face, so that that acne disappear as soon as possible, but nothing used to happen because of such products,  the only thing which happened because of that denial was I lost my confidence, my self-esteem became very low,  I became socially uncomfortable awkward person and also very under confident person because of which I missed many opportunities,

The reason I am saying this so that you don’t behave so stupid,  accept the way you are, the way nature has created you, be natural and accept your natural self. Do remember the thing which attracts most of the people is not anybody’s height, color, weight but person’s confidence, hence accept yourself the way you are, do accept yourself and your life and be confident.

One important thing, here I am not saying you to accept yourself without thinking and understanding about anything, here I am saying that two types of situation can come to your life, the first situation about which you can do something , you can take action and can change that situation and the second situation no matter how much you think and try you can’t do anything about it, example,  if you are overweight then by taking action means by doing exercise you can control your weight, in this situation don’t tell yourself that I am happy the way I am, or I don’t care, don’t do that, at such situation which can be changed do take actions for that,  but if situation is like you have short height which is genetic then  you can’t do anything about it, at such situation tell yourself its ok and accept yourself the way you are, don’t get upset or depressed for such situation just get motivated and show the world that confidence, thinking and actions matter more than your height, and this thing actually makes person bigger and smaller.

The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem Summary Point 3. Self-assertiveness

There are mostly two types of people in this world first either passive or aggressive example, suppose if a man is standing in a ticket queue from long and suddenly another person(boy) tries to come in between  the line that at such situation if that person is passive then he will not say anything and will get keep anger within him but if that person is aggressive then that man will for sure shouts and even abuse and ask that boy to move out of that line immediately, I know this isn’t the best example, but  hope you understand that passive type of people are those who don’t react immediately , they are ones even if they are getting late then too they will start helping others because they can’t say No, they are the ones even if they are getting bad food or half burnt food in the restaurant they won’t complaint, and eat it without saying anything, because they hesitate to say anything,  in short, passive kind of people, are the ones who behave and do thing as per others means, what others want they do that, whereas aggressive people are the ones who do what they want to do,  they are the ones who directly say no, without listening to other person reason they say no in anger, and if they get bad food they will shout and compliant without hesitation.

So now the question comes what type of kind you should be, whether you should be aggressive or passive,  so I would say you should behave both the ways, like if you stay passive then people will take advantage of you and if you stay aggressive  then you will look rude to others, hence try to stay assertive means assertive person is someone if he gets bad food instead of eating it he would call for waiter but instead of shouting he will say things politely like a gentleman,  in short assertive is a kind of person who does things the way he wanted but without being rude,  hence even you should be assertive in order to improve and increase your confidence and self-esteem hence do practice 3rd pillar.

This summary I have shared from the book The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem. Get this book from the given links:

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