The Five Side Effects of Kindness Summary

The Five Side Effects of Kindness Summary

Blog Title: The Five Side Effects of Kindness Summary By David R. Hamilton Ph.D.
Name: The Five Side Effects of Kindness: This Book Will Make You Feel Better, Be Happier & Live Longer
Author: David R. Hamilton Ph.D.
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The Five Side Effects of Kindness
The Five Side Effects of Kindness

Before Talking about the Book The Five Effect of Kindness let’s first Discuss the Book author David R. Hamilton.  David has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and also spent 4 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, there he used to developed drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer, but he soon left that industry to write book after getting inspired by Placebo effect,  he wanted to educate people that people can harness their mind and emotions to improve their healthy, He has written 9 books every single book written by him is published by hay house, including some of his best and amazing bestseller books such as “HOW YOUR MIND CAN HEAL YOUR BODY.”, “ I HEART ME” AND “THE FIVE SIDE EFFECTS OF KINDNESS.”

Today we will be discussing about one of his bestselling book The Five side effects of Kindness,  in this book author has shared 5 side effects of kindness and want us to understand that kindness makes us feel happier, makes us feel good from heart and also slows our ageing and improves relationships and it is contagious, in this book the leading expert of wellness focuses on benefits by mixing each chapter with scientific research and with his own experiences as a practitioner.

Here side effects are taken as positive side effects of kindness.

So let’s discuss each effect of kindness in detail.

1. Kindness makes us Happier

Here author says that whenever we do something good for others we feel good, and on spiritual level many people think that the reason for feeling good is because it is the right thing to do, and hence we people tap into something deep and intense feeling and emotions which says to us that this is who I am, author has also shared this feeling on the basis of biochemical level.

The author says as per biochemical level, it is believed that this good feeling which occurs within us is due to an uplifted level of the brain’s natural versions of morphine and heroin, and this is also known as endogenous opioids, because of this our brain automatically feels natural high also referred as Helper high.

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2. Kindness is good for the Heart

The author says an act of kindness often occur by emotional warmth, Emotional warmth produces hormones and oxytocin throughout our body and brain, oxytocin releases a chemical which helps to reduce blood pressure and this oxytocin is also known as a cardioprotective hormone because it protects our heart and lowers blood pressure.

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3. Kindness slows Ageing

Here author says there are many biochemical reasons for ageing but two most culprits which are the most important reason for ageing and which speeds up the process are Free radical and inflammation and both of it results from making unhealthy lifestyles choices. But research shows oxytocin which releases from emotional warmth also reduces free radicals and inflammation and results in as slow ageing, and these free radical and inflammation also play a very important role in heart disease hence kindness is also very healthy and important and beneficial for the heart.

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4. Kindness improves Relationships

Author says kindness improves relationships is one of the most important and obvious point, we people like someone who shows kindness and kindness becomes the most important reason of reducing distance between two people and also makes people feel connected and bonded, we humans have to feel of kindness within us, it is something genetic and we are created and wired with kindness.

We humans are already thought to cooperate with others, the stronger the bond we have with others the stronger the chances we have to survive,  and kindness is there in our genes.

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5. Kindness is contagious

Kindness is contagious, when we are kind we inspire others who are around us, it is like a domino effect, the more kind you behave the more you inspire others to become kind.

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To understand each topic in detail, do read this book can buy this book from given links:

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Buy The Five Side Effects of Kindness at: Amazon
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This book ends with 7 kindness challenges, for more detail understanding do read the book.

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