The 10X Rule Summary By Grant Cardone

The 10X Rule Summary By Grant Cardone

Blog Title: The 10X Rule Summary By Grant Cardone
Name: The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
Author: Grant Cardone
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The 10X Rule- The Only Difference Between Success and Failure
The 10X Rule Summary- The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

Suppose you are a sales person who goes door to door to sell his product while doing this tough job you will be facing three types of people.  In selling world First type of people are known as Hard Customers because they are the ones who remain happy and satisfied with their current product and services, these are the ones who are not at all interested in buying your product and services, when you approach them for your product they directly say no and closes the door, now selling product to such customer is really very difficult for any salesman no matter how good or best the sales person is,  and the most important there and maximum customers who are like this. Then the other type comes (second type) known as middle-level customers,  these customers are like they are not very much satisfied with their current product but they don’t even have any kind of problem also with their current product, usually these kind of customers are less, but a good sales person can sell his product to them with the use of awesome techniques and skills because this kind of customer gets ready to listen to you for ones at least,  and the last third type of customers are like they are not at all satisfied with their current product, and they are by themselves search for better alternatives so that they can switch, but with lack of time or for any other reason they fail to do so, these kind of customers are very rare and very difficult to find, but the best part is no matter how bad sales person skill and approach way is, and whether he is very new to this field he will for sure can sell his product to them.

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Many people think that to become a successful sale person or businessman there is need of an awesome selling skill, and if you don’t have awesome skill then you won’t be able to achieve anything, this thing is true to some extent, yes there is a need of selling skill but the most important thing which matters more than a selling skill is known as a The law of average principle,  this principle says the more your action frequency increases the more your results will increase and improve, example, there is a possibility of getting all hard level customers when you meet 5 people, who directly say no without listening to you for ones,  but if you approach 10 people then there are chances amongst them you can get at least 1 medium level customer, and if you approach 100 people then chances will improve more for sure you will get easy customers who will for sure buy a product from you,  hence understanding law of average and take actions accordingly will give you more success compare to learning selling skill.

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Example, Richard first job was a salesperson job, and it was commission based, means he can earn only when he is able to sell product to someone, but the best part is, he was well trained through his company, he has received a powerful training from his company where he was taught about the law of average principle very nicely and properly. So after finishing his training, first day came where he actually needed to work hence he decided to approach from a huge building where almost 250 flats were there, so he went to the top floor and started door to door approach, after starting he every time got hard level customers,  who were not even listening to him and in between he was getting some medium level customers as well, but still he wasn’t able to sell his product to them, almost few hours passed but still he wasn’t able to sell any product, and by facing all this he was losing his strength and hope and was so frustrated that he started thinking that there is nothing like law of average, everything is just a myth and fake, and the only thing which matters is the area and the money people earn there,  after thinking all this he decided to approach remaining flats not to sell anything but just to proof that law of average is fake and a myth, after deciding he went to remaining flats but as he reached to last three flats of that building guess what happened, in those last three flats he got all easy customers who were not satisfied with their present product and wanted to switch, facing those three customers richard felt really very happy and he came to know that yes law of average is real and it actually works.

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Now if you are thinking why I am sharing knowledge related to salesman and about all this, because we are not sales person so the reason for this is Law of average principle is not only beneficial for selling but it is useful for every aspect of our life, and it is really very Important to get success,  trust me in life many times you will receive hard rejections just like those hard level customers, and sometimes in between you will receive medium opportunities, in these situation maybe with the use of your skill you’ll able to do something good and able to achieve something great, but only for few rare times you will receive an amazing and a huge opportunities which you will get easily and can also make you successful just by one go,  but to face this big opportunity the very first and important thing you must do is to take  continuous massive actions, only then you will be able to see that one big opportunity in your life, example, if you want a great life partner, then you must meet different people, the more you meet different people the more you communicate the more chances will improve and increase,  if you want any job then do search different jobs, try to apply as many places you want, you will for sure get a success, and the best part the more you take actions the more your skills will improve and will also increase your probability of getting success.

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Jim Ron is a famous author, he says if there is a person who can sell his product to 9 people out of 10, and if I sell my product to 1 person out of 10 then still i will beat that super salesman,  now if you are thinking how, then the answer is very simple,  that super salesman will talk to 10 people and will sell to 9 in that same situation I will talk to 100 people and sell my product to 10 customers and will win, even you must have such action oriented attitude

The 10X Rule Summary: 4 Degree of action

Author says you can spend your life by 4 ways:

First by doing nothing means destroying your precious time by doing nothing.

Second by retreating means to avoid the actual thing by doing exact opposite thing by cribbing and regretting.

Third by taking normal actions taken by most of the people under comfort zone

Fourth, by taking massive actions to complete your goals which eventually will give massive success by completing your goals.

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Example, if Richard after completing his training wouldn’t have done anything or would have retreated by saying that in that building there are no potential customers or all are misers, or just like normal people if he would have tried to approach only a few flats then he wouldn’t have got success, because at that time he wouldn’t have taken massive actions,  he got success because he faced many rejections, he took massive actions  by facing all this. Similarly no matter how good best things you learn through my videos if you don’t reply this learning I real by taking actions then you won’t be able to get success, hence make sure do learn and implement it by taking actions in real life, because it’s the main and most important thing.

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Now to end this knowledge I have shared from the book 10x rule by grant cordon, if you want to buy this book then can get it through the below link:

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