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Importance Of Body Language | Tips To Improve Body Language

In one of my video how to impress anyone within 90 seconds, I have mentioned the importance of body language in our life. Facts and research say that 55 percent our growth depends on Body language.

Body language is communication without words, many people say that your body speaks much more loudly than your words, and somehow this is true As it says;” YOU CAN TELL A LOT BY SOMEONE’S BODY LANGUAGE.”-Harvey Wolter

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Hence today I will share some tips to improve your body language while talking or while dealing with people:

1. Open space

You must have seen people who are depressed or feeling low or lack of confidence they usually take small place to sit or to stand, but people who are confident about themselves and who are happy and in the joyful mood they usually take more place to sit to stand. Hence open body language will show how much confident you are.

Generally, close body language is related to nervousness, sadness and loneliness. Whereas open body language is related to relaxed, confident, peaceful, joyful and calm. Hence whenever you go for an interview or you are talking to someone, try to look confident stand straight, have some space between your feet and legs.

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2. Hand gestures

Do not put your hands in your pocket, do not cross your hands, do not have your one hand holding the arm of the other hand. These are all signs of close body language. Hence what you must do, Is to keep your hands at your side. This shows you are relaxed, or while talking to someone use to hands to emphasize certain points.

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3. Stand straight

This is the most important point, and the most important part of your body, you must stand straight, the ideal way to stand is to have your chest outwards and your shoulders backward. It simply means to stand straight, Standing straight will show you are confident and intelligent, whereas if you do not stand straight it shows you are shy and less confident about yourself.

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4. Eye contact

Whenever you talk to someone, try your best to maintain eye contact. I am not saying to continuously look into their eyes, but be focused on them. Because this body language of yours will show the other person that you are listening to them and you are willing to know them more. But if someone is talking to you and you look somewhere else, even though you are listening to them, but due to your gesture they find you disinterested and will misunderstand you.

Hence try to maintain eye contact this gesture of yours will make you more likable and people will be more comfortable with you.

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5. Smile – Body Language

In order to form a rapport, smile and it must be a genuine smile, which shows your sincerity and humble behavior. And do understand in which conversation you must smile, simply understand when to smile and when not to.

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6. Be a good listener and ask question about them

In this busy world people have no time to listen to others. Hence if you can become that good listener this gesture of yours will make many to like. And while listening doesn’t interfere after a person is finished talking; ask question to them about themselves, people love talking about themselves, about their hobbies etc.

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7. Head gesture

Try to keep your head forward, not too down it indicates to submissive not too down it indicates arrogance. Hence the best way to show your confidence and to keep your body language proper keep your head forward means facing forward.


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Body language is really very important in all aspects of our life. Whether at work at home or in social life. Hence try your best to improve your body language. It will help you to boost your confidence and also help you deal with people more effectively.

I have made several videos related to body language, communication and about 80/20 principle, all these videos will help you to improve yourself and to grow in your life, hence do watch it.

Do comment your views, Read, learn and improve…and grow/move ahead in life.

Thank you.

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  1. Its very impotent part of our life but generally in India most of the people ignore it but we have to understand and develop this for our betterment of our life.

    thanks to given such an important information.

  2. maximum people in India are not good listeners..they always talk for their benefit..otherwise they remain quite and also don’t listen to anybody seriously…we should improve our perspective by improving our body language and behaviour….
    Thanks for the blog……

  3. Dear Zeeshaan, you are doing great work helping society to live life better..
    May Allah grant you with more success and proserity.

  4. Thank you so much sir. This article is very nice and very helpful for all of us to improve our body language. I will definitely keep reading this blog. thanks again…

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