Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary By Carol Dweck

Blog Title: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary By Carol Dweck
Name: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
Author: Carol Dweck
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Book size: 320 pages


Mindset The New Psychology of Success
Mindset The New Psychology of Success

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary: Today’s book is the result of years of research done by Stanford professor Carol Dweck on the theory of mindset, Authors’ theory is on the basis of our mindset towards our skills and behaviors which are the determining factor in achieving our goals.

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Lets first talk about Carol Dweck author of the Book Mindset: The new psychology of success, Carol  Dweck, PHD., is one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of motivation and is the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University.

After years of research Dweck breaks down her theory into fixed mindset and growth mindset,  through this research Dweck says, that people with fixed mindset often have a belief that their skills and behavior are inherited and which cannot be improved, whereas people with growth mindset believes that anything can be improved with hard word efforts and determination. And the main agenda of this book is to teach readers how they can get free from the prison of a fixed mindset and can fly high towards their goal by having a growth mindset.

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Let’s begin with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary:

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 1. The mindsets

In this chapter, Ms. Dweck has explained about two different types of mindset, that is fixed mindset and growth mindset,  she also said, That failing and continuing to attempt is an example of growth mindset, here Dweck has explained that a person with growth mindset always see growth in anything and in any situation, they believe that they can improve by doing hard work and with lot of determination and efforts, whereas a person with fixed mindset never grow because they have doubts related to their skills and behavior and they feel that it can never be improved.

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My thoughts

Suppose there is a situation of giving a presentation in front many people,  Here fixed mindset people will think about their ability, will have doubt about their skills, will say maybe it’s not my cup of tea, I am not good at it, what if I fail, what will others think of, whereas at this same situation the growth mindset people will for sure think differently, they say, I will do it, if I don’t perform well now, what’s the matter I will improve and again come and do much better than this, why to think about others, il give my best and I can do.

This example maybe isn’t the best example, but hope you are quite clear about the fixed mindset and growth mindset.

Fixed mindset people think Growth mindset people think
I am either good at it or I am not I can learn anything I want to
I am either good at it or I am not I can learn anything I want to
If I fail, I am not good I learn from my failure
I don’t like to be challenged I want to challenge my self
My ability determine everything My effort and attitude determine everything
If you succeed, I feel threatened I am inspired by the success of others.

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 2. Inside the Mindset

Small Belief…Big influence

When you are learning about different mindset, it is really difficult to remember that you have a choice, even if you have a fixed mindset, remember it’s a belief which can be changed and ones you change your mind you have the capability to change your mindset. Because mindset affects in various aspects of our lives, The way we see success and failure, people with fixed mindset says that a person is successful because he was smart since he was born, whereas people with growth mindset says, and believes the people can get smarter.

Our mindset also affects our working behavior, the efforts will put into it, fixed mindset people think that if this work doesn’t go well or we fail, it means that we are not good in it and we should take a side, whereas growth mindset people see the reason why it’s not working and work on that particular thing and able to finish it.

Our mindset also affects the way we see the challenge and how we approach towards any challenge, are we afraid of taking challenges of we love giving ourselves a challenge, and there are many more aspects of our lives which gets affected through our mindset.

Views of success, Interest, and Intelligence

As a child we all have that learning curiosity in us, here Dweck want us to know, that babies push themselves to do incredibly challenging task like learning, walk and talk but as we grow where this learning curiosity goes, why after growing we change, it’s because of the fear that what happens if we don’t become smart, and this fear develops into fixed mindset and this overshadows our feelings to learn to challenge ourselves.

As we grow, an adult feels that if we are struggling to do a particular thing it means we are not good enough and this struggles makes them worry and hence they stop challenging themselves.

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My thought

Struggle doesn’t mean you are not good enough it means you are trying something new something different, and your efforts and your hard work will make you achieve that thing, so instead of having fixed mindset and growth mindset and have that curiosity of learning new things,

There is also a difference of mindset in terms of looking failure,

People with fixed mindset believes that if they fail at anything, that means they are not good enough and they should stop doing that, people with fixed mindset believes that failure define them, but actually that’s’ not true, people with growth mindset knows this fact that failure doesn’t define us,but they improve us, they make us strong, they make us understand things differently, and they always learn from their failure.

Always learn from the mistake and never repeat the same mistake twice if you repeat means you are not learning.

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 3. Myths about Ability and Accomplishment

This chapter shows the truth and the real ingredient of achievements and what makes some people achieve less and some more, there are various myths related to ability and accomplishments. Many people think that achievements and success come effortlessly to those who are talented, but that’s not the reality. Fixed mindset limits achievements, fixed mindset fills people’s mind with interfering thoughts and turns other people into judges instead of allies.

Growth mindset people always praise somebody’s hard work so that the person gets ready for future challenges, growth mindset encourages people to develop their minds fully so that they embrace challenges and they avoid limiting others thought which holds them back and stop them in order to take challenges.

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 4. Mindset of a champion

In this chapter author talks about various successful sport people and athletes and the reason and the story behind their success and what made them successful, here author also says, that maybe physical attributes or their natural ability helps them to become successful, but it’s their growth mindset which make them successful and which make them maintain that position and maintain that success.

In this chapter author also discuss the sports research who had come up with three important findings, which has helped many successful athletes and sports, people

  1. People who have a growth mindset found their success in doing their best learning and improving.
  2. Successful Champions and athletes, find their setbacks and failure motivating, they understand their weaknesses and overcome them and stand up more confidently.
  3. And lastly, athletes with growth mindset take responsibility or charge of their process which comes to them and maintained success.

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My thought

Champions don’t become champions under gym or just by luck or just because they have natural ability, they become champion because of their growth mindset because of having the courage to grow to improve to have focused on self-development and desire of doing something big in life.

Fixed mindset people don’t grow because they have fear of failure and challenges, but growth mindset people know that challenges will make them grow in life and taking the risk for something which they desire for is the actual happiness and that will make them fly.

A task for you

Think of any of your favorite athlete sports person or anyone, and find out the story of their success, doing this task you will understand that your favorite athlete becomes successful because of growth mindset because of courage strength and of burning desire.

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 5. Business and Leadership

In this chapter author has explained about business leaders who have growth mindset and leaders who has fixed mindset, usually successful business leaders have growth mindset, they don’t try to prove that they are better than others, instead they only focus on their growth and on their improvement, they focus on their work and how they can improve and learn various things to make their business work.

Whereas A leader with a fixed mindset thinks as if he is the superior one and others who are working with him are inferior and his business is working only because of him. This kind of leaders doesn’t focus on building a strong and collaborative team because they feel they are the actual genius and they don’t need anybody’s advice or opinion. And hence this kind of leaders are very dangerous for their business, because it limits people creativity, and will never allow others to give them advice or opinion,

Whereas leaders with growth mindset always encourage team members to speak, to give advice and to raise his/her opinion and point of view about a certain thing. And this growth mindset makes a business successful, makes a business grow and also make others do hard work and put more efforts in their work.

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 6. mindset in relationships, love

In this chapter, the author discusses the impact of mindset in our personal relationships.

My thought

Suppose you are rejected by someone, here if you are a fixed mindset person, you will feel hatred for that person, you feel like taking revenge or you never ever talk to that person again or even say bad about that person to others,  but if you are growth mindset people, you will not feel bad about it , instead you’ll say that life goes on, and its ok if I get rejected maybe something better is on my way and you’ll be good with that person also never say anything bad about that person.

Another situation, you stop talking to some people just because they are not perfect, to be very frank and to talk about reality no one in this world is perfect, hence to stop talking to some just because they are not perfect is fixed mindset example, nobody is perfect but still having a good relationship with someone by accepting their flaws is growth mindset, knowing that the opposite person is not good at some things, even I am not good in everything,will complete each other that’s what the growth mindset it.

There is a difference between imperfection and bad things so do remember it when someone is bad always do bad things still to be with them and not telling them about their wrongdoings is not right, so understand this topic more nicely and properly.

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Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary Chapter 7. Mindset of Parents, Teachers, and Coaches

In this chapter, author talks about the messages which are given to students and children by their parents, coaches, and teachers, hence here author want us to distinguish the difference between the fixed mindset messages and growth mindset messages.

Fixed mindset

message by your teacher, you are too smart, you learned it so quickly

For this, a student can do interpretation, that if I don’t learn things quickly means I am not smart.

Growth mindset message by a teacher.

It’s really great that you tried and you got the result that’s really great, you can do it when you keep trying unless you don’t achieve your target.

Through this child will do interpretation, that its ok if I make a mistake the main thing which matters is that I can do it no matter how slow I am.

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My thought

This kind of mindset messages goes for every individual; they should have a growth mindset, even for parents, teachers, and friends for every individual.

This mindset will help you to believe in yourself and also help you to achieve the desired result and outcome and make you successful in your life.

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This is the end of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Summary. This book will help you to understand that your skills talent can be improved with your efforts and determination.

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