How to Survive a Day Before Results

How to Survive a Day Before Results

The Moment Exams ends or terms end, students start enjoying their summer vacation and lives in blissful denial of what we all know is coming – Exam Result day. No matter how well students give their exams, but the pressure and stress of result day remain on the edge as the result day approaches. Exams aren’t the only time when the student faces the adrenaline rush, Results play a very vital role in every individual’s life, as per our education system result determines how successful a person could be, However, This is nothing but a myth.

The result plays an important role, but it’s the only way a person can get success, that’s nothing but a myth. Because there are many millionaires and billionaires who never completed their graduation, so the very first thing you must remember a day before results are that “IT’S NOT THE END.”

Our Greatest mentor says: Success is not only achieving good marks but it is giving your best efforts in doing every task and having an attitude to learn and rise. Don’t worry about how much you score, worry about how much you’ve learned.

The Night before results can be a hell lot of tensed and almost every individual goes through this situation, but we must try to avoid that stress because stress gives nothing BUT MORE STRESS. And because of stress, unnecessary assumption starts, and as I have told earlier, assumptions are most of the time aren’t true, assumptions are our own fears. Hence, Today I will share a few tips which will help you to survive a day before exam results.

1) Distract Yourself

A lot of things run in our mind before any important or crucial day, an exam is one of the important days because the result will help us to decide which course or career a student should take which college he/she should join. But taking stress on the basis of assumption will do nothing but affect your health and ruin your sleep. Hence try to distract yourself from such thoughts. Read positive things, read great books, inspiring biographies or watch some useful knowledgeable series videos, try to utilize your time instead of wasting it on unnecessary assumptions.

2) Learn to accept

No matter what results come, you must always know how to accept the fact and should always tell yourself that results aren’t the end of your life, there are many more things in life which are more important than Result and that is your self-believe, self-esteem your confidence and your attitude of never giving up. Learning acceptance is very important. When we learn to accept things as they are, we are able to fight with stress.

3) It’s you who makes the difference

It’s not the result but it’s you who makes the difference. It is not the result who decides how well you will do in your life; it’s you who will decide for yourself and for your life. For example, there are many toppers who work for undergraduates. You must always believe in yourself because it’s you and the right attitude what makes the difference.

4) Face the fear

Don’t run from your fear, no matter how good or bad grades you’ve got learn to face it. it’s great if you’ve achieved good results, but it’s not bad or worst if you haven’t got the result as you expected or if you have failed because it’s not the end, there’s a hell lot of things which you can do. You just need to know yourself properly.

Running away from fear is a sign of failure, a person who faces the fear are the ones who are actually strong, anyone can run from their fear, from a bad situation, courageous people face the problem and work on it and come up with solutions.

5) No one fails unless don’t accept the defeat

Failing an exam is not failing in life, Giving up and not trying is actually failing in life. The day you give up is the day you fail. Exams and results are temporary, but learning and improving are permanent.


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss in enthusiasm.”

This is the end of How to Survive a Day Before Results. Do share your view in the comment section.

Thank You.

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