9 Laws Of Human Nature

You may have heared this story of A small family, consisting of a mother, father, and a 6-7 month old baby, had a dog that was sometimes aggressive but overall a good pet. The mother left the baby at home with the dog while she ran an errand, and upon returning home and finding blood throughout the house, she panicked and thought the dog had killed her child. In reality, the dog had saved the child by killing a snake in the room. The mother, overcome with emotion, hit the dog with a stick and killed it.

Fortunately, this story is fictional, it’s not real.

But the truth is that we human beings are emotional many times and based on emotions, we take many irrational decisions. You must have seen in many news that people become very passionate People do a lot of silly things, break things many times, and even take their life. Why does this happen?

It happens because we humans follow the law,

1. The Law Of Irrationality

It tells us that we humans are not rational creatures but emotional creatures. Whenever our emotions are too high, we may sometimes do wrong actions so you must have heard the proverb too you should never make any big decision in anger; if you are very happy then you should not make the promise, and if you are very sad, then also you should not take the big decision.

It’s because we sometimes get emotional and take very wrong decisions at that time. This is our human nature. It is very important to understand our nature. Whether it is about business-related things or it’s about relationship-related things or things that are related to impressing someone or whatever it is.

Once there was a millionaire businessman; he said that ‘if I have two people one has done MBA from one of the top university, and have very good marks but on the other hand there is a person who reads psychology-related books. And understood human nature, I’ll always prefer that person to handle business compare to an MBA one.’

He said this because to do good in business you not only need to have the best product only, you also need to understand psychology. If you understand the human psychology well, then you can do business. You can make a very good relationship with any person.

You must have seen that there are some people in college, who are very attractive and who are liked by everyone. And they can build a good reputation and they can do this because of their attractive nature.

Therefore, if you also want to move forward in your life you want to do business well, or want to make good relationships then you need to understand human nature.

2. The Law Of Role-Playing

There is a famous Chinese proverb that speaks every person has three faces. One face that shows to the world. And 2nd shows to his friends and family one face he keeps to himself and never shows to anyone.

The actors also live two lives one in reel life and one in real life. How do those people act in reel life?

Like usual, the director and the story, make their life accordingly and the same way they make their character and perform according to it.

But on the other hand, Sometimes their real life is very different from reel life.

In today’s time of social media and the internet, maximum people are trying to show their very fake life. These people always try to show their best.

You must have seen many times when celebrities are sitting like they usually aren’t so happy they are sad but as soon as the camera comes they start smiling and waving.

They are trying to show their fake selves to us. Maybe they are feeling very sad on the inside but still, they try to show that they are happy. This does not only happens with actors but everyone is trying to do it these days. You must have seen on social media that everyone is showing a fake perfect self.

They go here and there and do many different things. But the reality that happens is quite significantly different from this. And we should always understand it.

3. The Law Of Compulsive Behavior

You must have understood from the previous law that sometimes it is not what it seems and you should understand these things in your life. For example: Suppose that you have to work together with a person, for business because that person has made a good image by hard work but the truth is many times he is talking it isn’t the reality.

I have also experienced many times these things. I have also talked to many people who brag a lot I know this, I know that I can do this, I can do that, but in reality, if you go to work with him, then you will understand that all the things that he was talking about and all the things related to him were spread in the market, it is not true, So you also remember that don’t get impressed by the reputation and outside image rather you should be impressed by something then it is the characters.

It’s hard to find a person with solid character these things are like Gold, which is very rare but also invaluable which means that people do not understand the value of that.

If you have to work with someone, if you want to know the reality of someone then you should focus on their character.

You should see how he handles problems at the time of adversity, how he adapts himself, how he talks to people, his patience, and his ability to learn, all these things in actually show character.

Because, people can be fake for a short time but whenever the problem comes their fakeness easily breaks and they start showing their actual self.

Many times people have compulsive behavior which people fake for some time from outside but when you start knowing deeply you start understanding their character, then that fakeness disappears.

And then the reality is understood and to understand the character, you should stay away from such people.

You should stay away from Hyper perfectionists people who try to do everything with the most perfection.

One is Rebe, like people who have a lot of childishness in them. One is Personalizers, who take everything personally and they feel bad for every little thing, then some do drama, start doing theater on every small and big thing, and start carrying attention on themselves.

You should try to stay away from people with such types of characters. character is a very important thing, if you meet people having good character, then you should always keep them but your character must be strong. Now, How Can You Build Character exactly?

Well, there is a very good book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” In this author says that many times the personality is fake but the character is strong. Which gives you long-term success.

4. The Law Of Covetousness

The authors argue that the presence and absence of people or things has a significant impact on human beings. They give examples of how the constant presence of someone can be suffocating, while the absence of someone can be bothersome. They also mention how our constant need for desire can lead to a cycle of wanting and then losing interest once the desire is fulfilled. They suggest that understanding these two concepts is crucial in understanding human behavior.

For example, you may have seen child cyr for toys, but once they get them, with in two or three days they loose all the interest from them.

Their desire is fulfilled then what do they do, they go on to the following toy and then keep going on to the next.

Similarly, it happens with every human, when one desire is completed, so the 2nd comes, and then the 3rd comes like this, some desire keeps on coming Combining these two things become a very important Law.

This law tells you if you want to increase the importance of anything, create mystery around yourself.

If you make yourself rare then it will make you very desirable. It will work for humans & products too, you may have seen there would be some rare product then there are so many people run after it a lot.

You must have seen on the auction that many times there is a unique piece of art which is probably nothing for an average person but for some people, it is so vital then they bid for it, they go from expensive to buy it.

Why do they buy that thing because it is remarkable, that thing is rare it does not have many copies and that thing makes that thing desirable? This is the same principle applied to business people who are making limited edition products, with limited-time offers.

These all things increase the product desirability, and it is very powerful.

5. The Law of Short-Sightedness

The author argues that people are often more interested in what is happening in the present, and that this is why news and current events are so popular.

However, successful people tend to have a broader, long-term vision and are able to think about the future and make plans accordingly.

The author advises to stay away from those who do not understand the consequences of their actions and those who are only thinking in the short-term, as these people are not powerful.

The author gives the example of a billionaire who can see potential opportunities in a barren land, whereas an average person would see only a barren land.

The author emphasizes that to move ahead in life, one should surround themselves with visionary people who see the future.

6. The Law Of Defensiveness

The author states that many people have a harsh and painful life, which makes them naturally competitive and self-centered.

They tend to become defensive and resistant when others try to persuade them. The author suggests a way of getting what you want from people is to not be aggressive, but to be gentle and make them feel that the idea is theirs.

He advises not to attack others on their beliefs, but to appeal to their sense of intelligence and goodness. For example, if you want someone to do charity, remind them of their past charitable actions and how they are a good person.

By making others feel noble and altruistic, their defenses will lower, and it will be easier to get them to comply. The author is suggesting that by using this method, you can “win friends and influence people”

7. The Law Of Self-Sabotage

Individuals perceive the world based on the “glasses” they wear, which can be negative or positive. A person with negative glasses will see negativity in others and focus on negative things out of fear, and will blame others for everything.

The author argues that this attitude can be contagious and can lead to others seeing the individual as negative. To avoid this, the author advises to maintain a positive attitude, be tolerant and respectful towards others, and avoid being defensive in conversations.

8. The Law Of Narcissism

See, there are two types of people; one is those one who are liked very much, and the other is the people who are hated very much. You can usually see that people who are liked by everyone are people who focus less on themselves and think more about others. For example, there was a boy in college Who always brags that I did this, I did that, I’m like this, I’m like that my family is like this and that, he always used to talk about himself and whatever the situation would be no matter what he always used to turn around and talk about himself again

The law of narcissism, tells us that we all humans are selfish we always think about ourselves, but if we do more of something in extreme then we will become narcissists a person who basically connects everything and thinks about themselves Now, remember such a person does not like anyone.

Always others like such a person, who care about others apart from himself and focus on what is there and talk about them in fact you know, the author says there are four types of the narcissist

* Complete Control Narcissist

These people want to control everything whether it is related to them or not they always try to keep things under their control like Hitler, or North Korea’s President Kim Jong.

* Theoretical Narcissist

These people always keep on doing drama to get the attention of others.

* Mutual Narcissist

This type of person is commonly seen in two friends or in a couple where they always try to win their point.

* Healthy Narcissists

These are people who understand everything, they value themselves, but they also understand that other people are as vital as they are; they give importance to other people as well, and sometimes, they give importance to others more than themselves which is what happens is that they value more than the person in front respects and likes them more and that’s how you should be a human being, healthy narcissists.

9. The Law Of Generational Myopia

Which generation we are born this thing matters a lot. It defines a lot how humans we are look you must have noticed that the former generation was so different from us their way of passing the time was how different they were from us and how different their thinking was, how different their opinions are.

But, the new generation that is coming, the opinions they have are very different This is because the world is constantly changing, you must know that there was a time when the Sati concept was very common. That means when a husband dies, then the woman used to burn herself and die there have been people and they are okay with that. But just after that as time gradually changed, and then generation changed the thinking kept changing and we humans kept on moving forward.

Why do you need to understand?

Look, the generation that you are this generation is very different from the previous generation; if you will understand that in your generation, What do you and others need? If you change your thinking, even if you should change, then this thing will help you a lot in moving forward in your life. Because you can understand the needs of the people of your generation and If you understand the needs, you can talk to them according to their thinking, connect with them, and sell them the products according to them.

Many times the people of the earlier generation will not be able to do it as you can, that’s why to understand the law of generation. Look, if you understand this law, then you can also understand that you can bring changes in this generation too. You can create new thinking too, you can introduce new types of products too you can influence people in a new way that has never happened before, and you should do this thing.

One thing I will say is that in the new generation, It is very important to be famous that keep reading books and keep learning things from the books of the old generation the good stuff only good things not bad things to understand and move forward by applying them in your life.

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