Awaken The Giant Within By Tony Robbins

Awaken the Giant Within Summary By Anthony Robbins – Book Summary

Name: Awaken the Giant within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life
Author: Anthony Robbins
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Book size: 544 pages


Awaken the giant within talks about How to take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and Financial Destiny. You all must be aware of this book Author Tony Robbins, let’s have some brief introduction about him. Tony Robbins is an American Motivational Speaker, Personal Finance Instructor and Self-Help Author. He is well Known for Self-help books such as Unlimited power, unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant within.

Awaken the giant within written by Tony Robbins with a sole purpose to help people to take control of their lives and to get success. Robbins states the reason people struggle with change is they are not aware of the behaviors and reasons behind bad habits. He then discusses numerous proven strategies for making one’s behaviors a conscious instead of an unconscious habit. Removing the limiting thought patterns which keeps one stuck in their current position allows one to unlock seemingly endless possibilities for achievement.

Robbins conveys this information through easy to understand prose, which makes Awaken the Giant Within A wonderful Read.

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Awaken the giant within contains many key concepts, such as Master system. Destiny, transformational vocabulary and metaphors, belief system and emotions. As long as you make use of right emotion in your daily life, you are on the path of accomplishing your dreams.

Awaken the Giant within
Awaken the Giant within

Tony Robins has included step by step plan that will help you identify which emotions are empowering. Let’s start with Awaken the Giant Within Summary:

Chapter 1 “Dream of Destiny”

Here Robbins reminds us that we all had a dream at some point of time, but due to numerous reasons, we have forgotten them. And in order to accomplish that dream, we need to change, and change is essential for everyone who wants to improve quality of their life. But for this what we must do.

For this Tony Robbins have provided some steps which you must look in order to improve your quality of life:

1. Raise your standards

It starts with turning your SHOULDS into Musts. When you raise your standards and turn your should into the must. You are making an inner shift to take control over the quality of your life, any area you are not getting what you want is because you haven’t Raised your standard.

2. Change your limiting belief

Are your beliefs holding you back? Are you challenged by the everyday struggle? Are you not where you want to be in your life and constantly wondering why? Like many people you are struggling with limiting beliefs, once you identify those limiting beliefs which is stopping you to improve your life quality, you will learn to change your state in an instant.

  • You can reshape and reform your beliefs to take action towards your dreams
  • You have the opportunity to create the extra ordinary in your life
  • You have thoughts, you are not your thoughts
  • You can over come to any obstacles today and create the life you desire if- and only if you take Massive Action


3. Change your strategy

To change your strategy, model the best. Work backwards from what works As Tony Robbins would say, “SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES” If you start from scratch, you are doing it wrong, Leverage the lessons from the school of hard knocks that others have already figured out for you, This saves you time, and it helps you find paths and approaches that actually work.

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Chapter 2 “DECISIONS” The pathway to power

Here Robbins says that decision plays a vital role in our lives, it is our decision which makes us, and also says we need to understand how important making a good decision matters in our lives, hence in order to make right and good decisions, here Robbins recommend us to make more and more decision, this way we will learn from them.


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Chapter 3  The Force that Shapes Your Life

In this chapter Tony Robbins Talk about the Emotions and Sensations which is linked with our thoughts, he asked us to identify which emotions empower us, is it the emotions which create pleasure or the emotions which creates pain in us?

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Chapter 4: Belief system

Here in this chapter Robbins talk about two types of belief system, 1 limiting belief system and 2) Empowering belief system

In order to remove Limiting belief system we need associate old belief with pain by telling ourselves and need to convince our mind, that we stuck to the old limiting belief, we will not grow in our life and will never improve, hence if I want to grow and want to move ahead in life it is necessary to cut and eliminate the old limiting belief.

And if we associate pleasure with a new belief, will feel good adopting that new belief.

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Chapter 5 Conditioning

Here Robbins explains, once we adopt change, it becomes difficult to maintain that change for a long time. Hence to maintain it for a long time, he suggests training our nervous system to success, and we need to train it over and over again,

For example, saying that I quit smoking and not smoking one day is easy but not to smoke forever is quite difficult hence we need to Control we need to train ourselves for this.

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Chapter 6 Contains major question which we must ask ourselves in order to achieve what we want

What do you Want? Why you want it? Got your answer?

Ones your Why is clear your how becomes easy

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Chapter 7 is about asking question and answers

It says if you ask a good question that good question will lead to good life, but even though asking the same question again you are not growing in your life, for this Robbins says simply change your habitual questions.

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Chapter 8 and 9 Talk About Vocabulary of ultimate success Thus including metaphors

Tony Robbin says Words. They have been used to make us laugh and cry, they can wound or heal, they offer us hope and devastation, with words we can make noblest intentions felt and our deepest desires known.

Hence Robbins says Words can injure our egos or inflames our hearts, we can instantly change any emotional experience simply by choosing new words to describe to ourselves what we are feeling.

Most of us don’t realize that the words you habitually choose also affect how you communicate with yourself and therefore what you experience

For example, if you develop a habit of saying you “hate” things – you “hate” your hair – you hate your job, do you think this raises the intensity of your negative emotional states more than of you were to use a phrase like I PREFER SOMETHING ELSE.

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Chapter 10 Talk about The ten Emotions of power

Here author says that he believes that there are 4 basic ways people deal with their emotions

1. Avoidance

We all want to avoid painful emotions, as a result most people try to avoid any situation that could lead to the emotions that they fear- or worse. Some people try not to feel any emotion at all.

For example, they fear rejection, so they will try to avoid any situation that could lead to rejection, they shy away from relationships, they don’t apply for challenging jobs.

Dealing with emotions in this way is the ultimate trap because while avoiding negative situation may protect you in short-term. A much more powerful approach is to learn to find out the hidden positive meaning in those things you once thought were negative emotions.

2. Denial

A SECOND APPROACH TO DEALING WITH Emotions is the Denial strategy. People often try to disassociate from their feelings by saying, “it doesn’t feel that bad.” Meanwhile, they keep stroking the fire within themselves by thinking how horrible things are. This isn’t good it will affect you and your life

3. Competition

Many people stop fighting their painful emotion and decide to fully indulge in them, rather than learn the positive message their emotion is trying to give them, they intensify it and make it, even more, worse than it is, it becomes “badge of courage” and they begin to compete with others.

Never compare yourself with others. You are unique and the only competition is you yourself, this mindset will move you ahead in life.

4. Learning and using

If you want to make your life really work. You must make your emotion work for you. you can’t run from them, you can’t tune them out, you can’t trivialize them or delude yourself about what they mean, nor you can just allow them to run your life. Emotion can be really painful for sometimes, but they help you to take action and helps you to move towards your goals.

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This book awakens giant contains much more such useful chapter which will for sure help you to make your life better and help you to improve quality of your life.

Download Audio Book For Free at: Audible
Book available in English at: Flipkart, Amazon

Hence if you want me to make another summary for this book as part 2 then do comment. Thank you.

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