How To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers

How To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers

How To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers?

1) Have a belief
2) How parents can help
3) Fine motor skills
4) Don’t allow your child to rush
5) Strengthen your upper body

Do You Have a Terrible Handwriting? Then the first thing you suppose to do is to identify the reason why you have bad handwriting. There can be few reasons for Your Terrible Handwriting, and the very first is that you may have never ever have been taught very well in the first place. what happens when you go to school and when you taught your letters and you learn to draw circles and little lines and you go against the neck to them and You Go ABC And your teacher appreciates you, then you have to start joining those letters, ones you start joining letters then your teacher tells you that you are of your own now, Basically from about age of 6 or 7 once you learned to joined your letters up you are on your own, unless you are lucky to have a teacher who likes handwriting, who particularly likes encouraging, who encourages you to write and practice then you really are of your own and its no wonder your handwriting has deteriorated of the years. Your teacher will not teach you how to write beautiful letters they will just teach you how to join letters and after that it’s you who has to focus on your handwriting.

another reason for your terrible handwriting Can Be Your Laziness, You are too lazy hence for the solution of this is to buck up your ideas and understand the importance of good handwriting. the third reason for your terrible handwriting can be you might be holding your pen incorrectly, the fifth reason for your bad handwriting is that you hardly write, you hardly hold a pen in your hand, you hardly practice. after a certain age, you must have given up writing and therefore you must be having terrible handwriting.

The sixth reason is that you never practice if you want good handwriting then you have to write, you have to practice. the seventh reason for bad handwriting maybe you are suffering from dysgraphia, and if you are then there’s nothing to fear about, it’s not a problem. You can do a lot about it, there are many ways to improve your handwriting. Dysgraphia mainly affects handwriting, people who aren’t aware of what dysgraphia is Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects writing abilities. It can manifest itself as difficulties with spelling, poor handwriting and trouble putting thoughts on paper. Because writing requires a complex set of motor and information processing skills, saying a student has dysgraphia is not sufficient.

Many parents lose hope for improving their child’s handwriting after elementary school. They feel that improving handwriting after elementary school is something impossible. They find impossible to change the habit which they have developed so many years ago, children feel that after elementary school there is not much need for writing. Hence no matter how good or bad handwriting is, there’s no need of improving it and with such thinking, they spend their life without improving their handwriting, they have a belief that kids need to write, teenage or adults just need to type.

Buy a book to Improve Handwriting

Believing that handwriting doesn’t matter in middle school is not a realistic belief, because everyone needs to be able to write legibly, even if it’s a shopping list or a quick note, writing is must and you must always have a practice of writing. Your written words should be very clear, it should be neat and clean, so that it can be easily understandable by others, because bad handwriting can give a wrong impression, your handwriting can be the reason for your good or bad impression, having a good handwriting easily understandable handwriting can give an impression of responsible person, can give an impression of neat and tidy person, can give an impression of perfection, can give an impression of hard work, whereas having a bad handwriting can give an impression of irresponsibility, lack of confidence, procrastination and carelessness. hence never underestimate the importance of good handwriting, your handwriting has the capability to impress others and has the capability to make a good impression of yours on others without knowing you.

For example, have you ever noticed why your school teachers professors ask you to write in a good handwriting during board exams, why they ask you to write neatly because that clean handwriting of yours will leave a good impression on examiners and that will help you to score well, hence always focus on your handwriting, your words should be written so neatly so that it can be easily understandable by others, so that others don’t need to struggle to understand your words, hence never ever think that writing and handwriting is for kids, typing is for adults, because writing is really a very best exercise for your brain and hand, handwriting not only strengthens your brain power but it also strengthens your hand power.

Tips To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers
How To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers

Now the question comes, How To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers? How can teenagers improve their handwriting in mid-school? How can they overcome their bad handwriting habit which they have developed years ago? Overcoming years ago habit can be difficult but it’s not impossible. The very first step you must take to overcome the habit of bad handwriting is making a strong commitment, to have a strong motivation and inspiration, have a desire to improve, without commitment and strong desire you can never take a step towards improvement hence have a strong mental focus and take your goal seriously.

Handwriting Therapy for adults:

It’s not only kids or teenagers who face Bad Handwriting problem. Even Adults Face it. Hence in this section, I will share some Handwriting Therapy for adults which can be practiced by teenagers too. So let’s begin:

Therapy 1: Warming Up

When you write, you use muscles in your hand, wrist, and shoulder. But if you don’t write often then your hands might cramp or get tired easily. hence spending doing some warm-up exercises will help the muscles in your hand get stronger and more flexible.


Warming-up also includes asking yourself ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY?

And when you have a project or anything where you have to write for a longer time, then you have to give your hand a rest from time to time.

Therapy 2: Choose the right pen

Always choose the best tool for your job. Think of your pen as your handwriting tool. The right pen can help avoid smudging and make your writing look smarter. It can also prevent hand strain. Picking the right one for you can be tricky because there are so many different types. Here are some tips to help you.

There are three things to think about when choosing the right pen:

1. The type of ink it uses;
2. The size and shape of the pen; and
3. The type of point it has.

How to Hold your pen:
Hold your pen firmly, without squeezing, between fingers and thumb.

Therapy 3: How to Practice Penmanship

If you have no idea what exactly penmanship is, Penmanship is the art or practice of writing with the pen and the quality or style of handwriting.

Here are the 5 steps to Improve Handwriting For Teenagers?

1) Have a belief

The reason I am starting with have a belief is that most of the children feel that it is not possible to improve handwriting after elementary school because they have indulged a habit of poor handwriting, but the reality is totally opposite of such belief, because a motivated person with regular practice can improve  at any given moment no matter what the age is, hence always have a self-believe that yes you can, and parents, teachers or guardians should always see how their children/teens are writing and how they can help them to improve, there are some fine motor skills which teens can practice to improve their handwriting.

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2) How parents can help

When parents or teens by themselves decide to improve their handwriting there are certain things they need to avoid or should keep in mind, first: never use handwriting manual designed for manual, because such manuals just waste time and don’t help much, when writers already know how to write letters hence these manuals are not much useful.

Second, don’t copy the script which you find online

Third, don’t try to practice cursive script by writing letters in order and by attempting to make them join, it doesn’t work well.

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3) Fine motor skills

Increase your hand strength and finger dexterity can help your teen or older child to get more control over the pencil or pen, Fine motor skill helps you to improve writing endurance of writing task, always ask or encourage your child to get involved in a general household task that can use your child hand and finger muscles, so that it strengthens your hand and finger muscles for example task like cutting paper with scissors, or using screwdrivers, or cutting your dad or mothers nails etc.

The reason I am talking about strengthening muscles of your hand and finger because usually, children hold their pencil or pen in a wrong way, their pencil or pen grip is usually wrong, hence it’s really important to have a right grip.

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4) Don’t allow your child to rush

When your child or teen has a poor handwriting then there’s a very important question you need to ask is your child rush? Like, do they rush? It is worth to see that if your child rushes for most of the task without completing it satisfactorily and if yes then it needs to be addressed carefully and attentively because when child rush in writing, their handwriting will for sure become poor hence they need to be taught calm and composed attitude.

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5) Strengthen your upper body

Encourage your child or teen to strengthen their upper body through sports such as climbing, swimming, and targeted exercises. these exercises and sports will strengthen your child’s upper body and stabilizes your upper muscles to free up the hand muscles for handwriting because most of the time your child or teen gets tired while writing, their hands start getting tired, because they have weak upper hand muscles, hence encourage them to do upper muscles exercises, because when they get tired their handwriting becomes poor hence for good handwriting  strong upper body muscles is required, hence exercise and get into sports which strengthens your upper body muscles.

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This is the end of “How To Improve Handwriting For Teenagers”. Thank You.

6) Make sure you are using the right grip

Use the grip that’s most comfortable for your hand, there are several ways you can hold your pen or pencil- Dynamic Tripod,  Dynamic Quadruped, lateral Tripod, lateral QUADRUPOD.

6) Make sure you are using the right grip

There are many books written and there are many videos too from where you can learn and improve, every book and videos shares some great techniques and ways by practicing it you can improve your handwriting. example:  Spencerian Theory Book, a penmanship book taught in American classrooms in the 19th century. or the Write now book.

Handwriting practice and activities for older students:

first: take it as a challenge
Analyze why you want to improve your handwriting. because reasons motivate us and thing which motivates us makes us better, hence know the reason for improvement.

second: starts with what you’ve already got
handwriting improvement starts with what you’ve already got, which is how you currently write cursive. Pick a topic, any topic, or write stream-of-consciousness thoughts on a piece of lined paper.

third: know What to Look for
Examine the paragraph you just wrote to see where you are exactly with your handwriting skills.

fourth: identify your imperfection
where’s your work actually lacking, and you have to be very honest about it, only then you can work on it.

fifth: Here your preparation phase will start
should pick the right tool or material for your work. (have a pen which actually helps).

sixth: get inspired by the handwriting which inspires you
see someone’s handwriting and get inspired, earlier it was hard to search your inspiration, but today the web is the perfect place for your dose of inspiration, do google search, search for different font styles and sites which helps you to improve your work etc.

seventh: learn to hold your pen properly
I have already shared about it you can learn more about it through many videos and books.

eight: learn posture
you must know the actual posture. whether you agree or not but it’s our body posture which matters a lot when it comes to good handwriting. Sit up straight, and then utilize your non-writing hand for balance; this will provide you with more control during handwriting.

ninth:  understand it’s not about fingers
many people feel that writing has a lot to do with fingers. but, that is not true writing is more about using forearms and shoulders.

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