Moonwalking with Einstein Summary By Joshua Foer

Blog Title: Moonwalking with Einstein Summary
Name: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything
Author: Joshua Foer
Download Audio Book For Free at: Audible
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Moonwalking with Einstein Summary
Moonwalking with Einstein Summary

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary: For ones Keep your logic aside and imagine that you have a friend, who is very intelligent and always top in his class, he is so smart that everyone calls him an Einstein, One day you both come to know about an interesting and a beautiful place, which is really far from the city where no one lives and the most interesting thing, that place is somewhat like moon, means The land of that place is like moon and gravity over there is so less that you don’t feel tired  at all while walking.

You both find it very interesting, So both of you decides to visit that place in a weekend, you both reach there through an Einstein car, as you reach there, you both couldn’t believe your eyes, because that place actually looks like a moon, now to test gravity, you both start walking, and shockingly you both realize that yes even this thing is true, you both just couldn’t feel tired while walking and don’t have to put any efforts while walking and you feel as if you are walking on a moon, looking and taking experience of that interesting place, you both walk very far from the car, and reach deep inside that maze, now you both were enjoying, that suddenly your friend realizes, that there is no network in mobile and even GPS isn’t working, he gets worried and nervous.

Because he knew, that it is nearly impossible to walk out of that place without GPS, but You do not panic, and tell your friend not to worry, and says that I know the way, listening to you, your friend doesn’t belive your words and says hows that possible, we are walking from so long and this place and the way or routes are so weird, even I couldn’t remember it then how its possible for you, you ask your friend to relax and tells him to just follow you, you avoid your friends panic behavior and his fear  whil walking and finally reaches near your car, where again gps starts working, now Einstein find all these things shocking, so he asked you how did you do it, how you able to remember the way so easily, so looking at his interest and curiosity and by taking his promise that he will help you to complete your assignment, you start telling him that you able to do it with the help of different memory techniques, which you start explaining him from starts, the first technique you use to explain him is Mind mapping.

Let’s begin with Moonwalking with Einstein Summary:

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary 1. Mind Mapping

You explain your friend with an example, you say suppose Einstein you have a mobile that mobile memory contains lack of songs, some are hindi songs some are English and various other songs, now the problem is that mobile search function isn’t working, and situation is like you have to send some songs by doing search daily to someone, so at such situation the best thing is you create a folder for songs and organize it properly, like hindi songs one folder for English different folder etc. and if you create sub folders for that specific folder then that will be greater and your search work will become very easy, similarly if we organize information and knowledge in our brain properly, remembering things would become really easy for us.

In simple words mind mapping is nothing but a visual organization technique, in which to remember a particular topic you create branch diagram, colorful pictures, you use keywords, the way I am using this technique while explaining you, keep watching this video you will understand more clearly.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary 2. Memory Palace

The second technique which I used is known as memory palace, when we were getting inside this area, for safety purpose I started remembering ways with the help of this technique, Memory palace is a very old technique, using this technique romans used to remember entire books, and to explain this in short, In order to use this technique the very first thing you need to do is to select a particular place, to which we will call our memory palace, this place could be any place about which you know every single detail, example it could be your house your colony or your school, college and anything you want to remember associate that thing with the places you know or try to remember it by mixing it.

Example, when we moved out of car, I imagine, that I am coming out of my bedroom, just little far I saw two rectangle square stones at right-hand side, so I associate that stone with my house tv, which is kept in my drawing room, and just opposite of that stone was a big pit, which I associated with my house bed,  because wasting my time watching movie lying to that bed, is like falling to that pit only. And made that place a checkpoint. And further, I associate things with my colony buildings and its ways, through which I able to remember ways easily. If you want to learn this technique more in detail then you can watch SeeKen video how to remember anything you will understand this technique more clearly.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary 3. Chunking

I remember that way, with the use of other techniques as well, and one of that technique is chunking example, after walking for around 15 min we came inside, at that time we saw beautiful scene at our left-hand side, where there were three mountains and was also a dry river, so what I did there, I chunk that scene means join that river and mountains and assume it as a beautiful painting and then associate that painting with my nearby paint shop which is 15 min far away from our home and created another check point. Now your friend doesn’t understand this, so you again explain him by giving an example, And ask your friend to see those alphabets, TSIVIDEYRAHR/EVNEKESELWOE, And says Einstein if I ask you to remember these alphabets at ones, you will not be able to remember it easily, but If I rearrange this word chunk this word and tell you that this word forms a sentence which is it is very hard, then remembering this sentence will become very easy for you, another example, you’ll find difficult to remember three page answer but if you form that answer is small paragraphs and if you chunk that answer remembering that answer would become easy for you. Similarly, by joining things or by splitting things and then to chunk, it would make easy for you to remember things, and also helps to increase your brain power.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary 4. Visualization

Base of third technique is visualization, you must have noticed, that I haven’t put much attention to the facts since starting,  like how much I have walked, hom many times I have taken left or right, I have not put much attention towards data etc, but my attention was much towards visual things , like what all things I have seen and where I have seen those things, and by using viaualization technique I formed images in my brain and associate it with the places I am used to, I associated all those images with my house my colony areas etc and able to remember it nicely. Because our visual memory is very strong, earlier when we did not use language, since that time we use painting and picture to communicate with one another, this how our visual memory has become so powerful, and we must make use of this visualization technique, example if you are asked to remember a name, suppose mark Cuban, so by forming its visual image you can remember it nicely, like mark become cube so its mark Cuban, mark ban gaya cube so hogaya mark Cuban, now after visualizing this way, you’ll able to remember it very nicely, and for a long time. You can use this technique for no. as well, like you can replace the no. in an image, this way remembering it would become easy.

Author Joshua in one of his youtube video has remembered the 100th number of PI and also teaches us how to do it with the help of this technique. So if you want to learn it step by step then do watch that video.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary 5. Mastery

Now obviously this is a skill like any other, so to become master in this skill just like Joshua you have to do a lot practice, at first it will take time to become a habit, but ones you’ll able to practice all these techniques properly, then for you remembering thousands of no, thousands of name and various information and data will become really very easy for you. And do remember one thing while practicing do measure your performance, so that you’ll able to understand your progress,  And knowing that you are progressing or not is really important, lastly while practicing your awareness must be at top with the use of your all 5 senses, you need to be focused and should avoid any kind of distraction.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary 6. Repetition

Now listening to all you, Einstein, says wait, let me revise or else I forget everything,  listening to your friend you say, yes Einstein you are right, this is one of the technique, after understanding and learning certain things you must revise it and it is really very important otherwise we will forget easily, because our brain finds only those things important which our mind able to remember again or we make our brain remember it again and again.

Now Einstein starts repeating everything

At first, you told me about mind mapping,  here things which we learn, make it as a branch diagram so that information gets organize and we able to remember it, here we also use colorful visual, images and keywords so that remembering stuffs become easy for us.

The second technique is memory palace,  here we need to create our memory palace, here we need to think about the place about which we know everything it can be anything our home, colony college area school, this place will become our memory palace.

After that, we need to associate this memory palace with the thing we want to remember.

So that associating those things with memory palace makes easy for us to remember it properly and nicely.

Then you said about chunking, here we need to remember things by splitting or by joining it so that remembering it becomes easy for us.

And then you said how remembering, no, and facts by using visualization technique.

And then you said to become a master of these techniques or skills you must practice, which you must do always and you need to measure your progress along with keeping an awareness.

And lastly, you said how much repetition is important otherwise you’ll forget things which you have learned.

Listening to Einstein you say, exactly my friend Einstein you are right, and now you both come to your home to watch SeeKen video, now I will share one bonus and a very important technique.

Moonwalking with Einstein Summary Story:

You must have noticed, the techniques which I have explained you today, is in story format, because by making story remembering things becomes easy,  and this is one the most powerful technique to increase our memory power, Because of three important reasons our brain loves to hear stories.

First, because stories are episodic,  means, what first happened then what happened next and finally what happened at last., episodic format helps a lot to remember things.

Second stories have a timeline, like at what time what happened.

And at last, stories are location based. Like they became friends when they went for a coffee then they were in love and later they had a huge fight etc.

All three reasons and points are really important because it helps for an association. Brain always search for connection in every different thing, and a story is all about connection, hence you can count this as a very important technique.

This is the end of Moonwalking with Einstein Summary.

If you want to learn these and many such techniques in detail, then I have made a video before in which I have shared other memory techniques. I have made a playlist of three videos if you watch that you’ll understand this concept more clearly. 

I have shared this knowledge from the book Moonwalking with Einstein by world memory champion Joshua Foer, in this book author his personal life story, how he able to become world memory champion, he is sharing those techniques much more nicely then this video, so if you want to buy this book then do go to the below links, and if you want its free audiobook then you can take it through audible again I have shared its link in the below.

Download Moonwalking with Einstein Audio Book For Free at: Audible
Moonwalking with Einstein Book available in English at: Flipkart, Amazon

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