How to Keep Your Commitments

How to Keep Your Commitments

What is Commitment?

How to Keep Your Commitments? Making a commitment isn’t any kind of joke. Making a commitment is really very serious matter in business and hence it should never be taken lightly. People often don’t understand the importance of commitment, they feel it’s easy to make commitment and they easily and even quickly abandon the commitment they make to themselves or to others, Commitment is like giving a serious promise which you will fulfill anyhow, commitment is a promise or word which you do not give with an erasable pencil, commitment is your promise and your word which you give to yourself or to others and you stand on that word unless and until you don’t fulfill it, hence you need to be very much sure about your commitments, you need to commit only when you are 100 percent sure about your words.


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Giving commitment to someone and not fulfilling it will not only breaks the trust but it also affects feelings, because when you give someone commitment regarding something, then you indirectly give that other person a hope, that yes their work will be done or you will help them while tackling some kind of situation, but if you don’t fulfill that commitment, it means you also break their hope and hope has many feeling attached to it, hence we people should be very careful while making commitments, because it’s not just a word but many people’s feelings, hope and trust is attached to that single word.

Giving commitment and keeping that commitment is also about you, Because when person gives commitment, then that person’s self-respect and honors hang in the balance, means if person fails to keep his/her commitment, then his self-respect and honor will also get affected,  hence if you want your good will and if you want your self-respect to always stay at high level then you need to make commitments only when you are 1000 percent sure, because making commitment is not a joke it’s a serious matter hence need to be very sensitive and careful about it, because not keeping commitment is not only about abandoning words but it’s about disrespecting someone’s emotions feelings and trust which indirectly affect your own self-respect and honor.

Today will share few points which you should do before and after making commitment

How to Keep Your Commitments: Think 100 times

When someone ask your help or someone ask you to be with them forever, then think twice thrice before making commitment to them, and when you feel 100 percent sure then only go and commit them, because commitment indirectly attaches human emotions and feelings hence need to be careful before making commitments, and ones you make commitment you need to be very serious about that and need to put your genuine efforts should not put half-hearted efforts.

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How to Keep Your Commitments: Act for your honor

When you make a commitment, you give your word and your word should match your actions, hence after giving commitment take responsibility, because not keeping commitment will spoil your honor and self-respect, hence you need to act properly in order to match your words and honor.

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How to Keep Your Commitments: Be focused

Ones you make a commitment, then trust your own words and have faith in your commitment, because your focus will help you to gain long-term potential and will help you to fulfill that commitment easily, keeping commitment may take time, but going for shortcuts so that you can immediately get rid of commitments will only put your honor and self-respect at stake, hence stay calm and focused towards your commitment.

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How to Keep Your Commitments: Be open and honest

You need to be honest with yourself as well as to others when something isn’t going right then accept the fact because this thing will help you build a trusting and healthy relationship.

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How to Keep Your Commitments: Stand on loyalty

When someone asks your help in their bad times, try to give your best, don’t make a false commitment because false commitments only bring destruction and negativity hence face the fact and give a true commitment, because true commitment can bring a smile on someone’s face.

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How to Keep Your Commitments: Commitment is about all

You make commitment to yourself as well as to others, no matter to whom you give commitment, you need to be very sure about it, because commitments are indirectly attached to your emotions and emotions feelings and hope, and keeping commitment gives positive hope, emotions and feelings which is beneficial for our growth as an individual as well as in group. Hence always stand on your commitments, Think before making commitment and ones you make a commitment,  take responsibility and stand on it and keep your words by supporting it with consistent actions.

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Do share your view, that how commitment brings happiness and how it can affect individual lives.

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