How To Build Morning Routine

How To Build Morning Routine

How To Build Morning Routine: A Great Morning can lead to productivity. Yes, it is a science fact, that an amazing kick start of the day can become the biggest reason for your motivation and productivity. A great morning routine can make your entire day productive, happy, motivated and enthusiastic. Now how to build morning Routine; The first thing you should keep in mind is that Stop labeling yourself. I have heard many people saying “THAT I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON OR A NIGHT PERSON.”

Look you can have different patterns and ways to start your day, but that pattern and ways don鈥檛 mean that you are not a morning person. You just need to follow the routine every day. Because anything which you do regularly becomes your habit and habit decides your future. A Good habit, A good Morning Routine can make you a successful healthy person.

Do you want to be a person who jumps out of their bed with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation? Then the very first thing you need to cut out is “EXCUSES.” Stop Giving excuses. There are many who want to create a productive early morning routine, many people want it but very few people actually are able to do it, if you don’t want to come under those many people who just want and when the time comes for an actual execution they back off. Hence if you truly want to make your morning happy & productive then Stop giving excuses like:

  • I went to bed late last night. Therefore fail to get up on time
  • I had full intentions to get up early in the morning, but god knows what happen
  • No matter how much I try but I always fail to get up, maybe I am not the morning person
  • I am not that good with discipline and I don’t have that much will power etc.

At first, stop giving excuses and yes getting up early in the morning and following routine daily requires a lot of will power and discipline, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. You need to believe yourself and you need to be committed.

Few Ways to build a Morning Routine:

1) Get up early

In order to wake up early; you need to sleep early and to sleep early you need to switch off your phone and shouldn’t use your phone when you are in bed. Instead of browsing, you should read some relaxing books and after reading you should immediately go off to sleep. There’s some night routine too which you must follow. Because that routine will help you a lot in following your morning rituals

2) Follow your basic routine

After jumping out of your bed “thank God” for giving another day, this attitude will motivate you, that you have another day to do a lot of things after counting your blessing, follow your basic routine like:

  • Brush Your Teeth for 2 or 3 minutes
    -Drink two glass of water (don’t drink cold water)
  • Then go to the Washroom etc Once you complete all your basic routine. Then start doing meditation at least for a few minutes. Now every person can operate differently, every individual can have different-rhythm, different preferences, and different productivity styles. Hence decide for yourself, what you would like to do for example I go out for an exercise and then come home and meditate. So choose your productive style.

3) Do read

Here I am not saying to pick up your cell phone and start reading some useless information which many pages provide, fill your mind with positivity, read positive thoughts, gain some knowledge or simple read any self-help book. Most importantly even in your cell phones connect with those pages who motivate you and encourage you to start your day with something good. Don’t browse stuff which only spreads negativity. Avoid all negative kinds of stuff because that thing can ruin your good mood.

4) Execute

Execute your planning example: last night you must have planned that you are supposed to complete your assignment, start execution. Don’t waste your time on thinking because thinking part you’ve already done last night before sleeping. Early morning it’s all about execution so start doing your work as per your priority.

5) Follow it again

Your day was productive and it鈥檚 time to get in the bed again. Now plan your next day and read some relaxing stuff, set an alarm and go off to sleep so that can kick start your next morning with the same enthusiasm and energy.

Thank You. Do share your morning routine, so that it helps others too.

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