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5 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

Whether we agree or not communication skill is really very important, Our 75 percent of success depends on effective communication, Whether you are from technical field, even for that communication is important, because at some point of time you are required to talk and connect with other people whether verbally or non-verbally. The need of communication is vital for almost every aspect of our life, we don’t usually put a lot of effort to improve it, whether you want to have better conversations in your social life or want to put across your ideas nicely and properly at work, communication is a must.

Here effective communication also means how you handle people, how you talk and how to make them feel comfortable, Communication skills open many opportunities and you can grab them by improving your skill, Hence today I will share some essential tips for learning to communicate with others more effectively.

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1. Listen

The basic step to improve your communication skill or to have an effective communication is to listen to people, be a listener, Be a good listener, allow other person to speak without any interruption, Now a days people don’t have time for others, they don’t have time to listen to others, and if you can be that one person who can listen to others, they would love to be with you, They will admire you , they would want to be with you because you have a quality of listening what others want to say and share, this quality will help you to create a positive impact on others and also helps you to learn Effective communication.

2. Read, speak and Think

One of my professor told me, the very best way to improve our communication skill and to make it effective is to Read in English, talk in English and Also Think in English, Here reading means to read books which helps you to grow and helps you to improve your life in a better way, And when you read Try to talk with your friends and other people around you in English so that not only your reading improves but you can improve verbally as well,

And the most important thing about improving communication skill is to think in English, What happens many a time we know to speak in English but when situation arises, we fail to talk, the reason for this is our brain is not use to frame statement in English.

Example, when we go for an interview, when an Interviewer ask us a simple question we know answer for that question, still we take more than a minute to answer the interviewer’s question, reason for this is, We first think for that answer in Hindi, and then try to frame it in English, this procedure takes a lot of time, Hence try to think in English.

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3. Come out of shell; Be confident

I know Comfort zone is the best place and everyone loves to stay there, but that’s not the way life works and we must accept this fact, that if you want to live life, you have to come out of your comfort zone, You can’t stay there and expect to move ahead in life, that will never  happen, Hence to improve communication, you have to connect with others at some point of time, You must be scared that if you talk or speak, maybe you can create a mess or people will laugh at you, if you speak anything wrong.

Remove this fear from inside and come out of shell, until and unless you stay in that comfort zone, you will never improve,

Be confident about yourself, don’t be insecure, be happy what you are and be happy what you are going to be. And have the courage to say what you think, you might be wrong but you will improve and learn.

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4. Learn from mistake

This point is somewhat related to The earlier point, still I am explaining this again, because many fail to understand the importance of mistake, If you make mistake it means you are trying, In life if you never make mistake means you haven’t tried anything yet, Mistakes help you to understand where you were wrong and what you can do to make it right.

It’s a good way of experience so always learn from it, don’t get upset or demotivated because of it, But Doing same mistake again and again is not right, because if you had learned from your past mistake that means you will not repeat it again, but still you are repeating old mistakes again and again then you are not serious about your work. So understanding this point carefully is really important.

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5. Improve Knowledge/ Fillers

Your conversation with anyone becomes very exciting and energetic when you both are in same page, For example; suppose your friend is very much into sports but you have no idea about it, then there might be chances that your conversation will be one sided and this will not keep that conversation active for a long time, Hence having knowledge is very important.

I can understand that your interest might be different, but having some amount of knowledge about most of the field and things will help you to do communicate effectively.

And having knowledge is the best thing which isn’t bad for any reason, so try to gain knowledge as much as possible; Books can be very helpful.

Avoid meaningless fillers while speaking to anyone such as “ummm” “basically” “you know” “na” etc., Here I am saying to avoid with everyone, is generally we see people using fillers while general conversation either with friends or family, This becomes our habit, and when we go for any professional work, and at that time when it occurs, it can ruin your work.

Using fillers unfortunately can annoy people, hence try not to use fillers at any point of time, this can help for effective communication.

Do share your story; did you face such situation at any point in your life, when you had realized that “yes communication skill is really important if you want to connect with others.”???

Do share and comment your views. Thank you

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