There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

There Is No Substitute For Hard Work: Thomas Edison (Why?)

Once, Thomas Edison said, “There Is No Substitute For Hard Work.” But why? We’ll discuss it in this blog.

Hard work not only pays you, but it also builds your character. Your hard work contributes to your success and also increases your happiness. If you get a reward without much hard work and effort, then this reward will for sure not improve you. Personally, it will make you over-confident and promote you towards dependency. There is no substitute for hard work. Getting something with hard work and effort makes your soul happy about your potential and makes you believe that anything is possible with hard work. People feel great when they realize that the success which they have is earned by them. This realization enables them to have control over their lives.

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Hard work is paid back with interest. Hard work is not only good for your pocket or wallet but also for your soul because our soul feels peaceful and satisfied only when we earn something on our own. We can sleep peacefully at night because we people know that the success we have right now is because of our hard work and efforts. And this feeling makes us confident and happy and gives us the purpose of our lives. People can achieve anything if they are willing to do hard and intelligent work toward their purpose.

Why There Is No Substitute For Hard Work?

Getting something without hard work will help you temporarily. For example, getting good marks or grades in your exams by cheating will not help you for long because this thing will be temporary and reality needs hard work and effort.  Putting effort into hard work makes you confident about your potential, and this confidence will develop winning qualities and attitudes in you. With hard work, you will not only become curious but creative too. By putting in the effort, you not only improve your physical strength but your mental strength. There is no substitute for hard work. Hard work not only pays you, but it improves your life at every level.

Many people think that doing hard work is a kind of punishment, but unfortunately, this is the wrong belief because hard work is a gift, and the person who knows the importance of hard work also knows the reward of hard work. Hard work builds character. People trust those who are always ready to work hard in their lives. Hard work gives satisfaction, happiness, and peace. When talent fails to work, hard work for sure works. Hence don’t expect anything without hard work because expecting things without hard work is like dreaming without plans and implementation. Hence always believe in your potential and work hard toward your purpose.

Hard work teaches you several lessons:

1. Hard work gives courage

By doing hard work, you build courage and put your fear aside. Hard work helps you to move out of your comfort zone and takes you to a world of possibilities.

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2. Hard work gives discipline

Hard work makes a person focused and helps you to remain strong no matter how challenging the time is; hard work makes you disciplined toward your purpose and goals.

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3. Hard work builds integrity

Hard work makes people trust you. Hard work gives honor and helps you keep your words and promises.

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4. Hard work put more efforts

Hard work makes you confident and helps you to put in 110%. It pushes you above your limit and makes you strong physically and mentally.

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5. Hard work gives humility

Hard work keeps you humble and polite and makes you cheerful. Hard work never allows you to lose hope. Hard work helps you to learn from your mistake and helps you to work hard again with the same enthusiasm.

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6. Hard work gives you control

Hard work makes you responsible, hard work gives control of your life in your hands,  hard work makes you understand whether you get a positive outcome or not, it’s your responsibility, and you should take it into your hand. If I get a positive outcome, I should move to the next stage. If not, then again, work hard and achieve the desired outcome.

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7. Hard work gives flexibility

Hard work keeps you focused on your goal and makes you flexible about your methods. A person who does hard work never loses focus. They stay flexible in their methods.

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8. Hard work gives satisfaction

Hard work gives peace, satisfaction, and happiness. Hard work makes your soul happy; hard work makes you feel satisfied.

Never expect results without hard work. Work hard and smart towards your goals and purpose; never demotivate your potential.

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This ends “There Is No Substitute For Hard Work”. Do comment and share.

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  1. Hard work is important to become successful, but smart work will make it easier and faster. We are seeing labours how much hard they work, but they are not successful as well. Doing smart work makes you and your ideas stronger, bigger and your life will be successful easily.

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