Communication Gap Reasons

4 Major Communication Gap Reasons

Communication Gap Reasons?

There are many reasons because of which relationship fails, here I am not only talking about couples relationship but also every relationship that has love, either we talk about parents relationship with their children, sibling relationships, friends relationship, mother-daughter relationship, father-son relationships etc. one of the major reason why most of the relationships fail or become sour is because of some communication gap reasons. You all must be aware of Love languages, just like any other languages, even love has its own language, and to make someone know about your love and care you must communicate to them on the basis of their love language.

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Communication is not a one-way street, but it is a two-way street. Communication is not only about talking but also about understanding, connecting feelings and emotions. Communication can make a relationship and lack of communication can break the relationship, Research says people who communicate less, they are the ones who suffer from mental problems, such as they find lack of peace, they feel anxiety, they feel frustrated and get irritated quickly whereas people who communicate who share their feelings and emotions those who listen to other problems and worries are much better health wise, they’ll be more satisfied and happy. Communication is not only about talking, but it’s also about listening understanding and sharing emotions feelings etc.

Usually, communication gap occurs when things are not understood the way it was actually said what meaning intended by the speaker or sender in not what is understood by the recipient.

Today I will share 4 Major Communication Gap Reasons:

Communication Gap Reasons 1. Generation Gap

This is the major reason why communication gap happens, and this generation gap becomes the major reason for destroying relationships, here majorly il talk about grandchildren relationship with their grandparents and parents relationship with their children. As year passes, things change and as we know change is the only thing which is constant, but parents and grandparents fail to understand about that change, they think things are still same, they think today’s generation thinking is still same, and this lack of perception and knowledge is the biggest reason for destroying relationship.

And today’s generation children needs to be patient with their parents and grandparents, because they are new to this change and its not easy for them to grab these changes, hence parents need to understand and children needs to be patient, they both need to listen to each other, Both sides need to communicate to each other to sort out their differences and should come to one common ground.

There are 4 major reasons because of which generation gap occurs and they are:

  1. Knowledge gap: usually knowledge gap happens between two different generations, this knowledge gap occurs when two people have a different level of knowledge related to same situation or topics.
  2. Relevancy gap: it means here people already assume that whatever presentation they are making for the target audience, they must be aware of it at some extent. But things can’t be like this; maybe those target audiences have no idea or knowledge about the particular topic in which we are making a presentation.Similarly, generation gap occurs when both the sides assume that whatever they are saying and doing is right and the other person will understand it because they must be aware of it, but things aren’t like this, they need to communicate instead of assuming, they should share their views to each other instead of assuming.
  3. Perception gap:  perception gap means things may not be taken the way it was meant. Meaning everyone understands and take things as per their perception and thinking, no matter if you are right but if the opposite person wants to take it wrong, they will for sure take it wrong because it’s their perception how they going to understand things. Hence to reduce generation gap sometimes we need to step into other person shoes to understand their perception.
  4. Preconception Gap: It happens because everyone perceives things differently, for some people some situations are worst and for some people the same situation is under control, it depends on how people think about particular situation and how they handle it, similarly we people need to understand that everyone has different level to handle situations and has different ways to deal with it, No way Is wrong until and unless it is not harming us and people around us.

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Communication Gap Reasons 2. Anger

Anger can also be the biggest reason for communication gap, people in anger get influenced by negative emotions and they start assuming bad things about people and about situations and with this assumption they keep everything in their mind and heart and they fail to make other people understand what are the things which have made them feel hurt and sad. And this communication gap because of anger can destroy relationships. Hence whenever you are in anger, instead of saying and assuming bad things you should take a break from that situation by going out for a walk and when you feel that you and your emotions are under control, then sit in front of the person because on whom you felt bad and say everything politely and sort it out.

This thing will make you good and satisfied and also give you inner peace.

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Communication Gap Reasons 3. Won’t understand

The reason why people fail to communicate is by assuming that maybe the opposite person will not understand or I may not be able to make him/her understand, But sometimes you just need to say without any assumptions, you just need to make the other person understand your emotions and feelings you don’t need to be choosy with your words you just have to share your feelings.

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Communication Gap Reasons 4. Communication is more than talking

Communication is not only about talking but listening to with your genuine heart, hence in communication you don’t need to be a one side street you should be two sides street means you need to share as well as has to listen with pure genuine heart.

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