Things Money Can’t Buy

Things Money Can’t Buy

Things Money Can’t Buy?

Every individual wants financial security. Everyone in this world has a dream to become rich because they know and they believe that Money gives power. Money makes a person satisfied famous and happy. Money is really a very important thing in everyone’s life. Money has become the most important necessity of people. Because of money, people can live a luxurious life but there are few things money can’t buy for you. I don’t believe that only money can give you happiness. Money gives you satisfaction can make you famous and can give you lot of power, But we people don’t only need satisfaction, power or fame in our lives. We humans are emotional creatures, no matter how rich and powerful we become but still we require emotional support care and love from our loved ones and this genuine support care and love we can never get from money.

When you become rich, many people will come to you, but we can’t be sure that people who came to us during our good times are they really genuine or loyal to us, or just because of our money and power they are with us, hence no matter how rich and famous we become we can never buy genuine care love and support. We can get it only if we keep out both feet on the ground. We can get certain things in our lives just by being humble polite and kind hearted, hence ALWAYS REMEMBER MONEY CAN GIVE YOU POWER, SATISFACTION OF LUXURIOUS LIFE AND CAN GIVE YOU FAME AT SOME EXTENT, but your attitude your behavior will fulfill your emotional needs not money, and Emotional needs are as important as financial security needs, hence I am not saying you shouldn’t work hard for earning money or to become rich, but here I am trying to say that because of earning money don’t forget about your emotional needs, because after reaching top you will for sure need genuine people around you who can satisfy your emotional needs, hence you must learn to balance both needs properly, you need to balance your work life as well as personal life and this can become possible only by your right attitude and behavior, Having money along with right attitude and behavior is Known as happy successful life.

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Hence never forget that money will bring power fame and satisfaction but right attitude and behavior of yours will bring respect dignity and peace to you which you can never buy with your money. There are certain things which money can never give you, and to have those things with you, you need to behave humble polite and kind.

6 Things Money Can’t Buy:

1. Money can never buy respect

Many people feel they should be respected just because they are rich and they have a lot of money, But unfortunately, Respect is something which money can never give you, Money gives you power and if you use that power in wrong way that people will for sure feel scared of you but scared, fear, afraid  and respect has huge difference, hence if you want people to respect you, then you should be humble polite and kind-hearted, you should be honest and should respect others in order to get respect.

If you feel that just because of money you have a license to disrespect anyone, then this attitude of yours will for sure not keep you at the top for a long time, hence respect others and stay humble and polite with others, this attitude of yours will help you to get others respect not money.

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2. Natural beauty

No matter how much money you have, you can never buy natural beauty, because beauty is given by God and hence it can never be changed, there are many cosmetic surgeries available nowadays but still, those can never make anyone look natural because there’s a huge difference between natural beauty and cosmetic surgeries.

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3. True friends and love

Money can never give you true friends and love, when money comes it brings a lot of people around you, but you can’t be sure whether they are genuine or not, because genuine people always stay with you no matter how worst situations you are facing, hence money will never bring genuine people towards you, because genuine people never make friends by looking at your pocket size, hence when you get a lot of money, never forget people who were there with you in your struggling days, because they are the ones who will always stay beside you whether you have money or not.

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4. Money can’t buy happy personal life

No matter how much rich you are, you won’t face happy personal life until and unless you don’t give your time to your family, if you expect that money will make your family feel happy and satisfied, then, unfortunately, you are wrong, money can give luxurious life, but money don’t promise you to give you and your family happy life and in order to make your family happy you need to give them your time, because spending personal quality time fulfill emotional needs, sometimes even expensive gifts can’t make people feel good because we people are emotional creatures and we need our loved ones around us to feel that love.

Hence if you want your family to feel good, if you want a happy home life then go out with them, spend some time with them, BECAUSE MONEY CAN’T GIVE YOU SECOND CHANCE, Hence spend your present moment wisely, don’t only focus on money, do give time to your loved ones.

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5. Money can’t give you 25 hours and good karma

No matter how rich you are, you will get same 24 hours like others, you have to manage everything in those twenty-four hours, who will not be rewarded by any extra hours because in god eyes we all are equal.

You can’t buy good karma, if you do good, then only you will get good, and if you do bad you will eventually get bad, hence just because you are rich it doesn’t mean nothing bad can happen to you, if you do bad for others you will get bad, hence if you want good karma then you need to do good things, you need to be kind humble and polite.

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6. Money can’t buy life

No matter how rich you are, you can never buy good health and life, Death is obvious, it will come for sure, The only thing you can do, you can live healthy life and in order to live healthy life you must take care of your health, you must have proper diet and exercise, If you run behind money and ignore your health, then your health will take away all your hard earn money.

For example, if you work day and night without taking care of your health, then one day suddenly you will face health issues, and then in order to maintain your health you will lose all your hard money, hence understand that health is much more important than money, because you can earn money if you have good health, Hence always understand this phrase HEALTH IS WEALTH.

Always remember Just by having lot of money you don’t become successful, you become successful only when all aspects of your life work smooth peaceful and happy, hence don’t only focus on one thing, set your priorities, what matters most in your life and work accordingly, Because financial needs are as important as emotional needs, hence having money along with proper attitude and behavior gives you successful happy life.

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These are the 6 things which money can’t buy. Thank you do comment and share

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