9 Signs Of A Genius [Don’t Ignore This]

Do you know that when you go to the doctor, he can usually tell what’s wrong with you by observing your symptoms? Well, everything in this world has signs and symptoms – even geniuses. If you’re healthy, your body shows the signs of health; if it’s summer or winter, the weather changes and offers other qualities. This is how every genius has some characters, though many people are unaware of them.

In this blog, I will share nine signs that may indicate that you are a genius. I’ll also share some real-life examples to help you better understand each sign.

These examples are practical and easy to relate to, so if you identify with any of them, it’s possible that you could be a genius too.

I will talk about the nine signs from the book The Information by James Gleick. So, you can trust the signs.

1. Aloneness

Richard Feynman was a very different person from Newton. He enjoyed meeting with other people. He was funny and used to dance a lot.

He was also popular among women and used to go on dates frequently. There was only one common thing between Newton and Feynman: “aloneness”.

It is important to note that the author is not talking about loneliness here. He speaks about aloneness.

One feels lonely when he wants to connect with others but cannot do so for some reason. However, in aloneness, one finds himself mentally different from others.

Like Newton always preferred to be alone. His aloneness was visible. On the other hand, even though Feynman could be seen around other people, he could not connect with them maximum times.

He is considered a great teacher; however, according to James, he was not a great teacher but a great lecturer and communicator.

He knew how to talk to people, but in his mind, he was always alone. James has identified the same trait in many different geniuses and also studied them, like Charles Babbage, Alan Turing, and Ada Bryon.

All of them preferred solitude, that is, aloneness. They enjoyed being alone, and this is a sign that is commonly seen in geniuses.

This is because geniuses are at such a high mental level that they cannot connect with ordinary people and their everyday thoughts.

This is the first sign that is identified in geniuses.

2. Worrying

Psychologist Dr. Elbert Selby conducted a study on 126 undergraduate students. The study indicated that those students who were more worried than other students were usually more verbally intelligent.

They could analyze information well and had better reading and writing speed than others. Many a time, geniuses have an unsettling minds. They are always thinking about a problem and how to solve it.

And because of their constant thinking, they worry a lot. Therefore, this is a sign of genius.

3. A Bit Disgusting

It is biting nails. This is another weird trait that is commonly noticed.

A researcher conducted a research where they tracked the activities of many people for a year. They followed people who had the habit of biting their nails.

It was found that those with this habit usually had a higher IQ than others. Why?

It is seen that when someone is lost in deep thought, they unconsciously start biting their nails. And because geniuses are always lost in their studies, they unconsciously develop this habit or a similar one.

4. Self-Talk

They talk with themselves many times. In a series of experiments, US-based psychologists Daniel Swingley and Gary Lupien discovered that there are 3 significant cognitive benefits of self-talk.

Firstly, it improves memory.

One can retain more information and also develop razor-sharp focus. You must have noticed that you begin to talk to yourself sometimes. You may become so engrossed in it that you may not be aware of your surroundings.

The good thing is that these thoughts help bring clarity about the future. If you think more and talk to yourself or feel anxious sometimes, these could indicate that you might be a genius.

5. Night Owls

Robin Sharma might not like this point, but according to a study by the University College of London psychology department, those who stay late at night and wake up late are often more intelligent than others.

According to the study, such people are less stressed and have a high IQ. Because those who wake up early in the morning maximize their morning, use up all their energy in the morning and drag themselves for the rest of the day.

On the other hand, some people prefer to do their most important tasks at night. They save their energy throughout the day and work in isolation with their entire focus and potential at night when half the world is asleep.

You might be intelligent if you also work with your entire focus at night.

6. High IQ

It is told in Howard Gardner’s book Frames of Mind, which says that intelligence is of different types, one of which is IQ. It is a basis for judging a person’s intelligence level.

Did you know Elon Musk, the world’s richest person, has an IQ of 165? Albert Einstein, the genius scientist, had an IQ of 160. Isaac Newton’s IQ was 190. Anushka Dixit, an Indian girl, has an IQ of 162, even more than Einstein’s.

If we compare it with other people, the IQ of an average person is about 100, but it also varies from country to country. According to the information provided by World Data.info, out of 109 countries, the average IQ of Singapore is 108, which is the highest in the world.

The average IQ in India is 81, which is not much but can be improved.

IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. It depends on factors like memory, knowledge, problem-solving, and capacity to retain new information and use further information to solve problems.

A simple formula behind the IQ test is MA divided by CA multiplied by 100.

MA refers to mental age, which means how old you are mentally? And CA refers to the chronological or actual age.

This is how IQ is calculated. The higher IQ is directly linked to whether you are a genius.

The good news that I would like to give you is that you can improve your IQ through neuroplasticity.

Earlier, it was believed that a person’s IQ is fixed, but new research has revealed that it can be increased. You can achieve this in several different ways. For example, when you start learning new things, solving new problems, and playing new games, your brain starts learning about it and developing.

Reading books, Watching informative videos, learning new things, and applying them in your life, will increase your IQ.

You can also improve your IQ by eating healthy and learning new things because it will improve your IQ.

Keep learning new things and reading new books,

7. Never stop innovation

All the geniuses in the world never stop. They always try to do new things and innovate. Geniuses don’t retire and stop working. They will always be doing something new and creative.

Even Steve Jobs did not retire till his last breath. He only resigned when his health deteriorated drastically, and after a few months, he passed away.

Regardless of age or health condition, geniuses are constantly learning and implementing new things, which also helps improve their IQ. As I said, you should do novel things; American psychologist Richard Haier discovered the same in an experiment; when our brain participates in a novel activity, our brain starts developing when learning something.

For this, he used the game Tetris.

Those students who had never played Tetris, when they started playing and learned how to win this game, experienced development in their brains. Their brain started growing. When they became habituated to playing the game, the growth of their brains stopped. Learning new things helps our brain exercise.

Going to the gym helps us grow and develop our bodies and muscles. And when you quit, they start decreasing. Similarly, it happens with the brain. If you quit learning new things, your brain growth stops.

Therefore, if you try to learn new things and like to innovate, it could signify that you are smart.

8. Higher Self-Control

Self-control is connected to intelligence. . It has been noticed that geniuses have strong self-control. They know what they should do and what not. Uncommon people understand what they should do but still don’t do it.

But genius and intelligent people have self-control.

This was also seen in a Yale study in 2009. Participants were told that they would be rewarded after giving an IQ test. They could receive a reward instantly. But if they wanted but waited, they would get a higher premium.

Those who exhibited self-control and chose to wait for the reward also scored a higher IQ. Marya Mannes, an American author, said,

“The sign of a genius person is their ability to control their emotions, by the application of reason.”

Being a genius means having control of your mind and emotions. It’s hard sometimes, but people do it.

It is also a sign that if you do self-control and don’t chase rewards, it’s a sign that you are a genius. If you want to increase your self-control, read my article. It will help you improve your self-control, indirectly increasing your IQ.

As I told you earlier, I want you to comment on the next sign and tell about the sign you have experience.

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  1. Your mind is fragmented, it’s true that you have to process everything you do, but to special people it’s not the focus on their mind. Someone could tell me “thats a nice watch” and the reply will be “yeah I love the colour and the way it’s composed”, but in reality the message is coded. Yeah I like the watch but I don’t really care about it, I’ll go swimming with the glass cracked. The logic doesn’t match up to the “norm” but in my mind it’s a piece of art, ‘for how many years have humans relied on intuition, on belief of others, now in this day everyone knows the time, does that devalue it? And is it wise to always be punctual for the sake of society and in turn lose the journey which you morally live for. ‘Would you rather be part of society and hinder your gift of outsight, or live with shadows literally but also have the true taste of freedom’. Personally I know I’m ‘not in touch’ right now, I wouldn’t have wrote this if I was, but at 22 I aspire to study philosophy in a year, I must leave behind a legacy. But to my actual point, I believe it’s necessary to put in the observation of insanity. I’m personally schizo in my belief, but more importantly it’s the fact that it’s quite easy to spot the truly different people, I call it “aura” and the scariest (alpha) person I met had it the strongest. He would know how to kill you and have no suspicion. He wasn’t smart or rich, he lived in a house and room very similar to mine, a fucking mess (artistic/though provoking). He’s at the closing of his life but still does class As like water, just like me. But he’s how old, and is bolted down with a family, I desire for one but know it does not desire me, no matter how much I love kids and wish to take away their sorrow, I can’t. You won’t find a genius in cafe sitting down sipping tea without a cigarette, you’ll find them in some obscure crack in the world, trying to hold the fabric of their mind together with whatever means they’ve learnt over the years. They’re very sad people, yes it’s a gift but really is a curse too. I once found myself thinking “if there is a devil, how many limbs would he charge me to take away this suffering, I want to be like everyone else”. Long story short I found the voice that I believe in and will give my life for my beliefs now, I refuse to mentally stand down (even if you trample over me I’ll still grow in the shade away from sight). But the next question fills my plate, I still have to find a way to cruise along (not with) society, I must focus on my “form” and communication, but I also have to worry about the material, as being a hermit means you lose almost all physical attributes (had a nice body, nice teeth, had game? Nah those don’t exist anymore) (every action has a reaction/conservation of energy/aristotly). And boom I’m back to square one bro, fucked hahah ik I’ve been dipping in and out of consciousness but I lost track of my end point, but also wanted to finish what I started. Sorry about the tangent, I get offended by people fantasising about being intelligent (rich coming from me) or trying to label me, when labels are what obscure people fear. Anyways I’m doing good tho, putting along gearing myself up for a job to earn ‘choices’, waiting for the day I get to immerse myself into getting into uni. The wind is right, I no longer fear the bottle, I fear “nothing”, and by doing so I learnt to embrace death (think you’re about to have a heart attack? Laugh it off. Those shadows making noises in the kitchen when you’re alone, you’re crying because of ptsd? Fucking harden up you’ve got wayyy more on the menu, make room, smile, go cook something, force yourself to eat drink burns your teeth, take care of yourself in some way. Ohh also also, this is more me but, lying is a art, it’s not about being malicious to get what you want, if you must protect someone’s world then a ‘white lie’ is permitted, when you bend the “truth” in any way no one can predict the corresponding outcome, you’re essentially inviting the “devil” into your mind, and eventually after months or years, you’ll be hit with a “weird bout of misfortune”. Don’t believe in grand plans for humanity, we can’t even help ourselves, the the ones that desire to truly save us have no say, yet if they were put in a position of power, would it not be the same?, we are very interesting though, it’s almost as though humans are the definition of emotion, so the next time someone says it’s a matrix, they probably not only believe your concerns but the concerns of a majority of our population. Put all that gas into one tire and it’ll explode on the road, then it’s a matter of recoup to do it again :).

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