Why India Is Not Developed Country Yet

Why India Is Not Developed Country Yet

Why India Is Not Developed Country?

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Yes, you heard it right, India is still a developing country, why because the speed of the development is not as good as compare to other countries. There are many Reasons why Why India Is Not Developed Country Yet. And Those Reasons must be taken seriously and should be understood by each and every citizen of India. Only then the Chances of India Becoming A Develop Country can Improve and Increase. The Reason of writing this blog is not to Degrade Our Country but to make every Citizen aware of the things in which we are lacking so that we can improve in those areas and can make our Country developed and can be a proud citizen of Our Country. So let’s start with the reasons Why India Is Not Developed Country Yet.

1) Lack of Encouragement

one of the reasons which played a very important role in making America a Developed country is Giving Importance To Encouragement, America and many developed countries always encouraged the dream, goals, and ideas, they give utmost importance to Ideas and goals, but Our Country is Lacking in this Part, There are low level of encouragement, in our country instead of encouraging someone many people discourage them, instead of believing their ideas and making them achieve it, people stop them, Believing in someone’s idea and Encouraging them can become one of the strong reason for our country’s Development, This Encouragement gives Creator Mentality, and Creation has the capability to Build the nation, hence Understand the IMPORTANCE OF ENCOURAGEMENT.

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2) Not working for Country

In India people are not working for country, but working for themselves, they don’t want the country to become successful, they want their caste, religion or only themselves to become successful, instead of working for the Country, people in India are working for their community, for their religion, or caste, India can only become a Develop country when Citizen of India starts working for GROWTH OF THE COUNTRY, Instead of just being partial or biased about their community, basically there is a lack of unity in our country.

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3) Mentality issue

Indians are lacking because of their mentality, Indians Believe in superstition, Believes that Degree is everything, most of the people in India are very close-minded, they are not ready to listen to others opinion with open-mindedness, they have buyers mentality instead of creator mentality, India is suffering a lot because of mentality issue, because people here are not ready to learn, they are not open towards learning and improving, Indians are busy working for them and their pockets, they are not ready to work for Our Country India, Top students from India who are intelligent and actually have the potential to invent stuff who graduate from famous MBBS institutions, ICAI, IITs, MIT, IISC and IIMs and many more great institutions, turn out to work hard only for money but not services, they fly to different countries because different countries pay higher to them compare to India.

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4) Low Income for hard work

Above I have said that many top students fly to other countries to get higher pay, if that’s not right then even not paying them as per their hard work is not right, hence Government should Have a rule of equal pay, should give rise in payments, should pay as per the hard work, I have seen many people who do a job for 10 hours to 12 hours just for the sake of a few thousand, Government should make a rule of 8 hours work mandatory and should pay them properly, Appreciation should be given only then people will work hard and try to be better, there should be equality between private and government companies.

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5) Divide and Rule

Because there is hell lot of problem-Related to lack of Unity in our country, because of that politicians easily fool us by playing divide and rule card, every individual understands that in every election, Politicians remove certain issues which start creating hypes related to Religious issues, even after knowing this fact still many people get fooled by politicians and allow them to play the Divide and rule card, and this Influence is not allowing our country to become the Developed country, Hence Don’t get influenced understand That Our Country can become a developed country only when we move above the Divide and Rule Conspiracy, hence work together, stay united, because it is very well said United we stand divided we fall.

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6) Ignorance

India stands first when it comes to ignorance, Indians are so ignorant, that even a rumor can trigger them, Especially if that rumor is related to Caste or religion, Half knowledge is very dangerous, and it can create a lot of mess, Ignorance is affecting our country badly, we must encourage knowledge, wisdom and should rise above ignorance, don’t say unless and until you don’t have proper knowledge, because knowledge makes you wise and ignorance make you fool.

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7) Un-productive Population

Another reason why India can never be A Developed country is Unproductive population and illiterate population, India stands behind when it comes to literacy, the Indian Literacy rate is 74.04% and the reason for this low literacy rate is Parents low income, the mentality of not educating a girl child, not understanding the importance of education, difficult condition and living below the poverty line.

High Population isn’t the Problem, but the actual problem is un-productivity Because countries like China have a high population but still they are considered to be a superpower country military wise as well as economic wise, hence Working for population growth isn’t wrong, but only considering high population the reason for lack of development is not right, High unproductive, high illiterate population is the problem of lack of development, so Government and every individual should work for it.

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8) corruption

Another big reason Why India can never be a developed country is corruption and it is growing day by day in our country if it grows this way and if we fail to take action against it then Seeing India as a developed country will remain as a Dream, hence corruption needs to stop by the Government as well as by The People of the nation.

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9) Politics

Politics is a great issue in every country, but In India politics is done just to play divide and rule card and in India politicians only work for money, not for people, we all have seen that how during elections politicians says lot many things, but when they win they forget all their promises, hence there should be government who should govern properly,  they should work for the betterment of the country, they should make rules which must be followed by every individual, instead of making controversial comments and news and instead of spreading hatred amongst people they should work for the development of the country and should spread love humanity and unity.

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10) Responsibility

When every individual will understand their individual responsibility towards their country growth, only then we can see our country as a developed country, Be a Responsible citizen, the way you think and care about yourself and about your closed ones, that similar way you have to be with others too, Because We All Are One, and should work together towards making our country a Developed country.!

These are the 10 reason Why India Is Not Developed Country Yet.

Thank you.

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Narendra Pratap
Narendra Pratap
2 years ago

Excellent sir
I will definitely follow these great stuff.

manjit singh
manjit singh
2 years ago

Thanku sir ,,,, Truly Said .

Nidhi Bhutada
2 years ago

And also not proper education system
Given importance to marks rather than learning , creativity,and innovative ideas, students are said to gain marks get good college ,take job security,and same circle out there life

Ashok NA
Ashok NA
1 year ago

True Sir , I feel sad to see people kindest .

Anurag Patel
Anurag Patel
6 months ago

Awesome dude!
I think there is a one more issue which is very important and that is “Indian people don’t care about their health this is the backbone of poverty”.

Vikash delu
Vikash delu
2 months ago

I want the perfect speech on (why india is not a developed country) in opinions..
But 🖕👆jo uper likha hua h i like it

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