Unlimited Power Book Summary

Unlimited Power Book Summary

Unlimited Power Book Brief Summary:

In Unlimited Power Book, you will find essential materials in developing your overall character. In life many times we don’t go for golden opportunities, we fail to take it due to our insecurities. Unlimited Power Book is going to help you with this, it will help you to overcome such insecurities, by helping you to build confidence and willpower that will help you to break your comfort zone shell and make you achieve great things in life.

About Unlimited Power Book Author:

Anthony J. Robbins is an American Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and life coach, Robbins is known for his infomercials, seminars, and self-help books including Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within. Robbins is the founder of several companies that earn approximately $6 billion in annual sales. In 2015 and 2016 he was listed on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.

Why You Should Read Unlimited Power Book:

This book covers some very major topics like, WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT AND HOW YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT. It takes you through the essential steps to be followed in order to be successful and the means to overcome the various kinds of fear and insecurities you might possess. It also tells you numerous pointers on how to develop your social interaction skills, the lessons you can learn from the success stories of others and explains the true meaning behind being happy. The books tell you about the seven disciplines of success that will form the basis of your personal achievements.

Unlimited Power- The New Science of Personal Achievement
Unlimited Power- The New Science of Personal Achievement

What Unlimited Power Book Offers You:

Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement book shows you the better way of running your life and helps you to be in more control of the things that are around you, this book also helps you to understand the importance of teamwork.

Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement is a guidebook that helps you attain the best of your capabilities in the best successful way possible. It helps you in harnessing the power of the mind.

Robbin Outlines Seven Principles in the Book Unlimited Power:

1) Understand and Realise that there are no Failures, Only Outcomes and always learn from Outcome.

2) Always take responsibility and charge for yourself and Create your world.

3) Always push yourself

4) Always stay true to yourself but always stay flexible for new ideas

5) Always stay committed to your Unconscious capability.

6) Always understand you get what you put in when it comes to a relationship

7) Commit 100 percent to your plan for success

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Let’s understand Unlimited Power Book in more detail:

Unlimited Power, Chapter 1: The Commodity of Kings

We all know how important Knowledge is, It gives you Wisdom But is Knowledge enough to get a successful life, No, Action is must along with Knowledge for a happy successful life.

This Chapter Starts with very deep thought and saying said by
– Thomas Henry Huxley


Knowledge is important but the action is a must because You can only make use of your knowledge when you are ready to take action for it.

In this Chapter, Robbin has shared his own story, How 25-year-old Boy who was earlier living in 400 square feet bachelor apartment and washing his dishes in the bathtub, how that boy suddenly changed from unhappy person to happy successful person, having a wonderful relationship and happy successful life, this is no one but Robbin itself, This is Robbin Personal life story, He made everything possible, Robbin says that he is not saying that his life is what success is all about, Robbin says that every individual has different ideas and dream of what we want to create for our lives, In addition, Robbin says that he is being very clear that who you know, what you do and what you own is not the true potential of personal success, For Him true success is the ongoing process of striving to become more, it is the opportunity to continually grow  emotionally, socially, spiritually, psychologically, intellectually and financially by contributing in some positive way to others, Robbin says that the Road to success is always under construction, it is a progressive course, not an end to be reached.

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Unlimited Power, Chapter 2: The Difference that makes the Difference

Dreaming for best is not wrong, but only waiting for the best and not accepting anything which is coming your way before that best thing, then chances of you getting anything will reduce.

It’s a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but best, then you very often get it.
-W. Somerset Maugham

In every man and woman’s life there comes a time of ultimate challenge- a time when we find life unfair, a time when every resource we have tested, A time when our patients, our compassion, our ability to continue, our values, our faith, are all pushed to a limits and beyond, Some people choose these test and become a better person while some choose these test to destroy their lives.

Robbin ask the difference between the haves and have not? Difference between cans and can not? whats the difference between dos and do not’s? why some people able to overcome horrible and unimaginable adversity and make their lives happy and joyful and successful and why some people in spite of having great advantages turn their lives miserable, destroy their lives,

Why some people take any experience whether good or bad and make it work for them, and why some people take any experience and make it work against them? The actual question comes to “WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE IN THE QUALITY OF LIFE”.

So for this The difference all comes down to “THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE WITH OURSELVES AND THE ACTIONS WE TAKE.”

What do we do when even after trying everything things don’t turn well, don’t turn the way we wanted it to be, To be Very True ” PEOPLE WHO SUCCEEDED IN THEIR LIVES NEVER HAD FEWER PROBLEMS THAN WHO FAILED.”

Because The only people who will not face any problem will be in cemeteries Because Problems are normal, Author says That “IT IS NOT WHAT HAPPENS TO US MAKES THAT SEPARATES FAILURES FROM SUCCESSES.


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This is the end of Unlimited Power Book Summary. To understand this chapter and the book in more detail do buy it from the given links:

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