Why Do We Have Imagination

Why Do We Have Imagination?

What Is Imagination?

We all know what imagination is. Imagination is creativity in action and imagination uses our brain and senses to create an image within our mind. Imagination has the capacity to produce images and ideas within our brain. imagination improves your learning process and also makes your life easy and creative. imagination gives you new ideas and different perspective and can make you think out of the box. Many psychologist and researchers say that imagination is not only important but also a survival tool. if someone has a poorly developed imagination then it could mislead early humans into potentially deadly situations.

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Importance Of Imagination?

We all know that imagination can be improved through reading because reading allows your brain to imagine a situation and things. Hence instead of having a belief that you can’t make your imagination skill more powerful, start reading because books are the best exercise and way to improve your imagination skill and power.

After knowing the importance of Imagination, now the question arises, Why do we have imaginations? Reason for having imagination is to improve our survival chances, imagination is really very important for our survival tool. Imagination is the best exercise for our brain, it keeps our mind active and gives us new ideas and perspective about life. The reason we have imagination power is to keep our mind and body active, in science. The obvious role of imagination is in the context of discovery.

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Classification Of Imagination:

Imagination can be classified as voluntary imagination and involuntary imagination.

Voluntary imagination ( the reproductive imagination, creative imagination
Involuntary imagination (the dream which we see after we sleep or daydream), 

How Imagination Works:

Now, why do we have imagination is clear. Let’s understand how does the human imagination works. New research says that our ability to imagine or to come up with mental images and creative new ideas is the result of something called MENTAL WORKPLACE. This Mental workplace is the neural network that likely coordinate activity across the multiple regions of the brain. After understanding why do we have imagination and how human imagination works, let’s now understand which part of the brain is responsible for imagination. The occipital lobe sits in the lower back part of the brain, is responsible for imagination, it contains the visual cortex, the primary function of a lobe is to process visual information.

Albert Einstein believes that imagination is very much important because imagination embraces the entire world; it stimulates progress and gives birth to evolution.

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