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The Voice of Knowledge Summary by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

Blog Title: The Voice of Knowledge Summary
Name: The Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace (Toltec Wisdom Book)
Author: Don Miguel Ruiz Jr
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Book size: 224 pages

About Author:

Before talking about The Voice of Knowledge Summary, let’s first talk about the book’s author Don Miguel Ruiz. He is a Mexican author of Toltec spiritualist and Neoshamanism texts. His work is best-received among members of the new age movement that focuses on ancient teachings as a means to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Ruiz is also listed as one of the Watkins 100 most spiritually influential living people in 2014. Some even associate Ruiz work with Carlos Castaneda, author of the teaching of Don Juan.


The Voice of Knowledge Summary
The Voice of Knowledge Summary

In The Voice of Knowledge Summary author says that when we were kids, we knew how to live in the moment and be completely authentic but as our childhood passed something damaging happens to all of us. According to Ruiz we all have given knowledge about how to live in the world. Parents tells us about how to behave in the world in order to be a good boy or girl. Teacher tells us what all things we are needed in order to be a winner or successful human being. Author says that these collective VOICE OF KNOWLEDGE Is not only false but it is also very poisonous. Bestselling author of the book The four agreement explains that we people are not the way we should be. Author also talk about adam and eve story, here Ruiz refers to forbidden tree of knowledge and liken the abandonment of the true self to fall from heaven.

What Ruiz Call Voice of knowledge other spiritual teacher leaders or guru’s might call it ego- a carefully defended hidden belief which doesn’t allow human to live and express the way they wanted to and doesn’t allow expressing who we really are.

If you are struggling with yourself from making the right decision or taking right actions of doing right things then this book is for you. this book will remind you about your values as a unique individual and also uplift your spirit in such a way or in such a freedom that neither biased judgment or self-accusation can keep you away from excelling or improving in life and loving yourself and your individuality.

Let’s begin with The Voice of Knowledge Summary:

Chapter 1 – Adam and Eve

Here author has shared a very famous story about Adam And Eve, and almost everyone must be aware about it, author says this story is about humanity and everyone being one,  author says everything was about love, it all started with innocence, then there were two trees, Tree of Life and Tree of death, author says that in this story Prince of lies used to stay in the tree of death, as well all know that angel and god told Adam and Eve not to eat any fruit which belongs to tree od death, but Adam and Eve bit into the apple from that tree of lies and absorbed the lies that came with it.

Author says that god was right when he told both of them not to eat that tree fruit, if they eat it they will die,  but they didn’t listen and eat it, author says they died because they lost themselves, they made the prince of lies live inside them instead.

Author says that our mind is fertile ground for concept, ideas and opinions, and if someone tells us a lie and if we believe it, then that lie will takes root in our mind and will grow deep and very strong just like an old tree, author says that a small lie can also be very dangerous and contagious, it will spread it seeds from person to person when we share it with people or others.

Chapter 2 – A Visit with Grandfather

Here author says that when one day I decided to visit my grandfather to impress him, but instead of he getting impressed Ruiz himself was very much impressed by his grandfather, in past, what he learned from his grandfather that knowledge sometimes is simply the sum of things that we learn from our school and life without knowing whether that knowledge is truth or not, so when Ruiz asked his grandfather then what is true, then his grandfather replied that “THE TRUTH NEEDS TO BE EXPERIENCED, It’s not important to always try to make yourself right or make others wrong.

Author says all the problems and dramas human suffer is because they believe in lies, mainly about ourselves, author says that we human don’t know what we really are but we people know what we are not.

Chapter 3 – The Lie of Our Imperfection

Author says that everyone start their life as innocent little child, but slowly and gradually everyone grows up eating a lie that each must strive to become what one should be,  and as we all people believe the story which was told to us when we were growing we started believing those stories as if they are true, but author says with proper awareness and improvement we people can change that story which was imposed on us.

Author says that when we were kids we were completely authentic, we never try to pretend what we are not, our tendency is to play and explore, we humans are born to live in the moment, to enjoy our lives, nobody taught us to be that way, we were like that since we were born, our childhood was our true nature which wasn’t taught to us.

Author says that when human minds become mature enough, means when human mind becomes capable of learning, from that moment we people starts qualifying what is right and wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly,  author says when we grow since then we start creating stories about what we should be, we put faith in the story and for us that story becomes the truth, which cannot be true.

Thi is the end of The Voice of Knowledge Summary. To understand these chapters in detail do buy this book from the given links:

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