Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary

Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary

Blog Title: Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary
Name: Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Author: Napoleon HillW. Clement Stone
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Book size: 384 pages

About Author:

Before talking about Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary let’s first discuss the book’s author W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill.

William Clement Stone was a businessman, philanthropist, and New Thought self-help book author. Stone was a living example of the proverbial rags-to-riches protagonist in the Horatio Alger’s stories he loved. William Clement stone was 100 years old when he passed away on September 3, 2002, he was a self-made millionaire, a successful author, and generous philanthropist.

Oliver Napoleon Hill was an American self-help author, he is known best for his book Think and Grow rich which is among the 10 bestselling self-help books of all time, Hill’s works insisted that fervid expectations are essential to improving one’s life, most of his books were promoted as expounding principles to achieve success.

Napoleon partnership with W. Clement Stone:

While Napoleon was lecturing in Chicago, after 30’s depression, he had no idea how much his book THINK AND GROW RICH, had impacted the president of the combined insurance company of America, until the president-Mr. W. Clement stone began head hunting him, Mr. Clement was struggling through depression for several years at one point he stumbled with Napoleon book and after reading it he was very impressed with his work , he was so impressed that he bought several copies of that book and  distributed to his staff, soon this pair developed friendship by 1952, they entered into a partnership and produced many books such as success unlimited they also co-authored the book “ success through positive mental attitude.” Which became an instant best seller in 1960?


Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude
Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

The main thesis of Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude summary is that one’s frame mind is the deciding factor between success and failure. Author says that it’s not only a deciding factor for any business but it is a deciding factor for all aspects of your life. Hill’s book has received wide recognition from academia for its development of the field of positive thought, Numerous politicians, celebrities, CEO’S have used Hill’s book in order to see and achieve the pinnacle of success.

Let’s begin with Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Summary:

Hill asks his readers to adapt and follow 17 principles in order to achieve wealth, status and happiness by simply believing it will happen.

Chapter 1: Meet the most important living person

In this chapter, author says that somewhere in this book you will meet him. Author says when you meet him, you will discover his secret, you will discover that he carried with him invisible talisman with the initials PMA ON ONE SIDE AND NMA ON THE OTHER SIDE, this meeting with the invisible talisman will change your whole life, This invisible talisman has two amazing power, it has the power to attract wealth, success, happiness and health and it has the power to repel these things-To rob you all that makes life worth living. Author says PMA ( positive mental attitude) Enables some men to climb to the top and stay there, and NMA (NEGATIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE) Has the power to keep other men at the bottom of their lives, NMA pulls other men down from the top when they have reached it.

In this chapter, author has shared a story of S.B. FULLER:

S.B. Fuller was one of the seven children of a negro tenant farmer in Louisiana,  He started to work at age 5, by the time he reached nine, he was driving mules, there was nothing unusual in this: children of most of the tenant farmer used to start working at early age because these kinds of families used to accept their poverty as for their lot and they never used to ask for better.

But Young Fuller was different with his friends because he had a remarkable mother, young fuller mother refused to accept this poverty and hand-to-mouth existence for her children. She always knew that there is something wrong with the fact that her family was barely getting along in the world of joy and happiness, she used to talk to her children about her dreams.

She used to tell S.B. Fuller that we shouldn’t be poor, and she used to tell S.B. That never say that we are poor because fo god or god doesn’t want us to move out of this poverty,  She used to say that we are poor Not because of GOD, But because father never developed a desire to become rich, we are poor because we accepted this poverty and no one in our family ever desire to become rich. No one had developed a desire to become rich, this idea of thinking and developing an idea to become rich became so deeply ingrained in the mind of S.B.Fuller that this saying of his mother changed his entire life. This idea and S.B. Fuller hard work and efforts made him achieve what his family never ever thought about, he became successful with that positive mental attitude which was given to him by his mother.

  • Author says that greatness comes to those who develop a burning desire to achieve high goals
  • Author says that success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep on trying with PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude)
  • Author says that if you want to become an expert achiever in any human activity then one thing you must do is practice… practice and practice.
  • Author says that efforts and work becomes fun and enjoyable when you establish specific desirable goals

Author says to learn and apply these principles you must turn up your invisible talisman to the positive mental attitude side

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Chapter 2: You can change your world

In this chapter, author says that now we all know that PMA IS positive mental attitude and this positive mental attitude is one of the 17 success principles,  author says that when you apply a combination of these 17 principles with PMA in your chosen occupation or in your chosen field or to a solution of your personal problems  then you are towards the road of success. The author says when you apply these principles with Positive mental attitude then you are towards the right track path or towards the right directions of getting what you want.

The 17 principles are:


Author says that these 17 principles are no creation of him. They were extracted from the lifetime experiences of hundreds of the most successful person our nation has known during the past century.

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Chapter 3: Clear the cobwebs from your thinking

Author says YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Authors ask how orderly your thought process is. How straight your thinking is? And how clean your thoughts are?

Author says that there are certain mental cobwebs that clutter up the thinking of almost everyone, those thoughts have the capability to clutter up the thinking of even the most brilliant minds, and those cobwebs are negative thoughts, feelings emotions, passions-habits, beliefs, our thoughts get trapped or entangle in this webs.

Author says in order to think accurate you must use reason, the science of reasoning and accurate thinking is called logic.

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