The Four Agreements Summary By Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements Summary By Don Miguel Ruiz

Before talking about The Four Agreements Summary, let’s first talk about the book’s author Don Miguel Ruiz. Don was born into a family of healers and raised in rural Mexico by a curandera(healer) mother and the nagual(shaman) grandfather, Don Miguel Ruiz family anticipated that Ruiz will follow their centuries-old legacy of teaching and healing. however due to an influence of the modern world Ruiz choose a medical field and become a surgeon, a near-death incident, changed everything, stunned by the experience, Ruiz started an intensive practice of self-inquiry, hence he devoted himself to the mastery of ancient ancestral wisdom, he learned his centuries-old legacy from his mother and grandfather, hence with all his knowledge he is the author of books The Four Agreements, The Mastery of Love and The Four Agreement Companion.

The Four Agreements Brief Summary:
The Four Agreements Summary
The Four Agreements Summary

The Four agreements book By Don Miguel Ruiz is a life-changing book, whose ideas come from the ancient Toltec(a member of an American Indian people that flourished in Mexico before Aztecs) wisdom of the native people of southern Mexico, Toltec are known as a family of knowledge, and Ruiz family were firmly emboldened with this knowledge.

In The Four Agreement Book, Ruiz shares simple guide map to live a positive life, this book shares four agreements:


1) Be Impeccable with your words

2) Don’t take anything personally

3)Don’t Make Assumptions

4) Always do your best

The Four Agreements says that if you follow these four agreements in your daily life, then it will for sure make your life positive and every area of your life will happy and positive.

Let’s begin with The Four Agreements Summary:

The Four Agreements Summary, First Agreement. Be Impeccable With Your Words

The author says that the first agreement is the most important one and it is the most difficult one to honor, the author, says that this first agreement is so important that it will be able to transcend to the level of existence, the author calls it the heaven on the earth, author says that Be impeccable with your words agreement sounds simple, but it is the most important one and it is very powerful.

Ruiz says that Words are the most powerful thing which you have to create, Your words are the gifts that come directly from the God, Ruiz says that Through your words you express your creative power, author says that what you feel, what you dream,  and what you really are will be manifest(become clear) with the word, Ruiz says that word is not just a sound or a written symbol, Word is the force, it is the power that you have to express and communicate, to think and thereby create an even in your life, the Author says that Words are so powerful that it can make your or others life and can destroy your or millions of lives.

Never take your word leniently, because they are the force and the power which you use to either make your life or break your life. hence always speak with integrity, say what you actually mean,  never use negative words against yourself or against others, never gossip about other, don’t waste your words by speaking negativity, use it for empathy love care and respect, always give right direction to your word.

Other Three Agreements are born with the first agreement.

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The Four Agreements Summary, Second Agreement. Don’t Take Anything Personally

Ruiz says that whatever happens around you never take it personally, the author here says that suppose if he sees you on street, and he doesn’t know you and still he says that you are stupid, then are you really stupid no of course not, but if you still take his statement personally then it’s not he who believes that you are stupid perhaps you yourself have a belief that you are stupid, how an unknown person can know about you, is is clairvoyant( a person who claims to have a supernatural power)

The author says that person takes anything personally only when they agree to whatever said by the other person, Ruiz says that as soon as you agree that poison goes through you and you get trapped in the dream of the hell. The author says that the reason the cause which traps us under such poisonous dream is known as personal importance, Ruiz says that personal importance or taking things personally is the maximum expression of selfishness, we assume that everything is about me, Be clear about one thing that nothing everyone does is because of you, it’s because of themselves, hence stop taking things personally, because no one knows you better than you,  author says that people live in their own world and that is completely different from the world we live in, hence if you agree to their negative statements that you are assuming that they know about what’s is in your world.

Understand Nothing others do because of you, they do it because of themselves, what others say and do is the projection of their own reality, when you don’t get affected by others opinion and actions, you stop being a victim of needless suffering.

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The Four Agreements Summary, Third Agreement. Don’t Make Assumptions

Ruiz says that we have the tendency of making assumptions about everything and the problem of making assumptions is that we believe they are true, assumptions are made by our personal opinions, we have no idea whether it is true or not, but still, we assume and make a big mistake by thinking that they are true, Ruiz says that whenever we make assumptions we are asking for problems, we assume, we misunderstand, we take it personally, and we end up creating a whole big drama for nothing. The author says that all the sadness and drama you have lived in your life was rooted in making assumptions and by taking things personally.

Instead of making assumptions we should have the courage to ask a question, we should express ourselves with proper words, say what you really want, communicate with others, be clear with your words, avoid misunderstandings, you can stop sadness dramas in your life just by communicating with each other, just by being clear with your words, stop assuming start communicating.

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The Four Agreements Summary, Fourth Agreement. Always Do Your Best

This Agreement is the action of the first three agreements, here author says that under every circumstance do your best, no more no less, but always understand that your best is never going to be the same from one moment to the next. Everything is alive and changing every time, hence the best of yours can sometimes be high quality and can be sometimes good, Author says that always wake up in full energy and motivate yourself, your best will be better in enthusiastic morning compare to tired night, your best will be better when you are healthy compared to sick, your best will be better when you are happy positive compared to sad and negative, Your everyday mood has the potential to make your best better, hence be positive healthy and happy.

Your best will change from moment to moment because everything is alive and changing every time, always do your best under any circumstances, simply do your best, that way you’ll avoid self-abuse, self-judgment, and regrets.

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This is the end of The Four Agreements Summary. This is an amazing book with amazing agreements. If you want to know these agreements in more detail then do buy this book from the given links:

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