We Are Losing Humanity

We Are Losing Humanity

Why are we Losing Humanity?

Do Empathy, kindness, civility, generosity, thoughtfulness, self-reflection, ethics, morality, hope, honesty, respect, integrity, forgiveness, respect has nothing to do with anyone today? Doesn’t it mean anything to anyone today?  Don’t we know what really matters to live happy and peaceful life, We all know but we often neglect that fact and move towards the direction where media and the digital world takes us, it’s not a new theme, in fact, it has probably been told from every generation since the beginning of the twentieth century, that when people will reach a particular age change will come with more difficulty than ever before.

We’re Losing Humanity to Technology:

We live in the changing world, every second, every minute, every hour new technology takes place, we are living in the world surrounded by technology, We all have become so busy in our lives that we are forgetting the real reason and motive of our lives, we are born for humanity, but due to every growing technology and due to smart phones, we are losing humanity, we are so engrossed on smart phones that we forget about the people near us, we forget about our health and we forget that world needs our humanity, this world can live happily and peacefully only when every individual understands the importance of Humanity, Technology has connected us with people who live far from us, technology has given us new ways to explore world, technology made us showcase our work to the world, We live in the digital world and I will never deny the fact the technology has given us a lot, But as I always say that everything in this world has some pros and cons, and it is on us how we take it, and what direction we choose to go.

Using smartphones in today’s world is necessary because smartphones are launched to help people, to make them improve their lives, Use of smartphones is good and it helps in many ways, but sticking to smartphones day and night is something not good, not realising what’s going on around you is something not right, It’s on you, it’s your decision when to use technology, how much to use. Technology has connected us with people, who stay far from us, but technology made us forget about the people who stay with us, who stay around us, hence it is on us to understand how much usage of technology will not cost our humanity, empathy.

Losing Humanity for Money:

Technology is same for everyone If it allows you to showcase your work to the world, that same thing goes for others too, this has increased the competition, jealousy among people, people have become so competitive that they forget about peaceful life, their definition for successful life is changing, Nowadays people feel that success is only related to money, and to earn money you should have cold heart, you should never worry about others, should always worry about how you will lead the ladder, how you will move fast, and no matter how many people fall down because of your fast move you should not worry about them.

I am not saying that money is not important, but Money is not the only thing people need to be happy, Nowadays people even believe that having a soft heart in this cruel world is a weakness, but I strongly disagree, because having a soft heart in this cruel world isn’t a weakness, but it’s a courage, not everyone has that courage, Kindness, empathy is something which always gives you good and best outcome in return, people admire kind-hearted people, people feel bad for those people who always work for humanity, Such as A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, he is a man with no haters, every individual admire him respect him, because he worked for humanity, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, they all worked for humanity, they never wanted our country to lose Humanity, hence we all should understand the importance of humanity and should never lose humanity and kindness from our hearts.

Technology is good for our country as well as for our professional growth; it becomes bad only when people forget its limitation. Hence always have a proper usage of Technology.

What have we gained through technology?

  1. Technology has helped us to save data for medical statistical and research purposes
  2. Technology has helped us to reach someone instantly, technology helped us to connect with people through audio, video at any time to any person no matter which corner of the world they stays.
  3. New technologies and the advent of new innovative medical technologies save lives every day.

What have we lost through technology?

  1. Technology has made us capable of connecting with people who stay far from us, but made us forget about the people who stay near us, who stay around us, who stay with us, for example, I have noticed many times, that people go out with the friends, family, loved ones etc but instead of spending time with them they stick to their phones and start uploading images and pictures on social sites so that others get informed, what about the people who are with you, don’t you feel that they deserve your special time?
  2. We can never ignore the fact that every dollar we spend, every item you buy or every event you participated in is constantly recorded somewhere somehow.
  3. Technology has reduced our patients, we stay in so much hurry and we expect to know everything immediately that our patient’s level has gone very down.
  4. Technology has made us lazy, which eventually affects our health.
  5. Due to technology we have lost the ability to look around the world and see what exactly things are happening around us.
  6. We have lost the ability to look at someone in their eye, we are so engrossed in our smartphones, most of the time in the conversation we have our body present but our mind is somewhere else.
  7. Today when somebody asks us “Are you listening to me” or “can you hear my sorrows” do we really feel like listening or do we really care?
  8. No, we feel like interrupting them and just leave from there because we are losing humanity, we are losing patience, we are losing kindness and empathy and we are becoming selfish and self-centered.

What should we do to reclaim Humanity?

We must understand that Technology use is on us, how much we should use and where and when we should use it, Remove sometime for your loved ones, talk in person, don’t always communicate through cell phones or chats, Go out and feel the environment, look Whats going on around you, give attention to the people who need your help, Spend some peaceful time, be alone, spend some time with your loved ones, go out and be with them not with your smartphones, be present in the moment, be present physically as well as mentally, stop browsing social pages, connect with motivational pages, always be positive and understand that Your life is your responsibility and it’s always going to be your decision whether you should have equal time for everything, whether to have a balanced life or just have time for smartphones and technology, choice is yours, make sure you choose wisely.

Thank you.

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