Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong’s inspiring Story, A Cancer Survivor And Fighter

Lance Armstrong’s inspiring Story: When you are happy about your life and you feel everything is going so well and you are living your life without any tension or worries, then suddenly one day a disastrous situation arises in your life, at that moment or in that situation you either feel broken, hopeless, you give up and surrender yourself to that situation and to that bad time, or else you will show courage, you fight with that situation and keep on fighting to that difficulty until and unless you don’t win and achieve your dreams and goals.

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Today I am going to share an inspiring real story of an awesome and a very brave personality Lance Armstrong, he never allows himself to lose hope and his strength.  He faces all his difficult times with a lot of courage, he always followed his mother’s principles and discipline and made his life not only successful but inspirational too, he not only fought with his problems he also survived them, he able to regained his passion with his determination , hard work, efforts and with the help of right positive mental attitude.

In 1996 Lance Armstrong was at peak of his career, he was gaining lot of success, he not only won the world’s cycling championship but also become the world’s first cyclist to clock the widest winning margin in the US National road race championship along with it lance signed 2 years contract with one of the most famous French racing company worth 2.5 million dollars.

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Everything was going so perfect and great, then suddenly on 2nd October 1996, Lance Armstrong lost dream of cycling for French cycling company, when he came to know about his cancer disease, at the age of 25 lance was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer, doctor told lance his survival chances is only 40 percent because his tumor has spread to his abdomen, lungs  lymph nodes and brain, he was asked to go through surgery on an emergency basis.

Doctors were not very optimistic about lance survival and recovery but still lance didn’t give up his dream and his hope, his strength and his positive mental attitude was there in him since childhood, because he was raised in never to give up environment, his mom was a single parent, his mother always taught him to be determined and to be persistent, and he was raised with never give up and not to quit attitude.


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Even in that difficult time, Lance remembered these three sayings of his mom and he followed it at that time as well and handled his difficult situation very beautifully, with his self-determination lance challenged his illness, he go through that difficult surgery, fortunately, a subsequent surgery to remove his brain tumors was declared successful, after more rounds of chemotherapies Armstrong was declared cancer-free in February 1997.

Everyone thought after such a serious illness lance career of cycling has ended, but people who thought that wasn’t aware of Lance determination and never-ending self-belief, lance believed himself and his mother teaching, he started working on him, at first he gain maximum knowledge about his illness, he read many books related to his illness and took help from various people who were going through the same situation, and again he starts working on his strength and on himself.

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After some time, lance participated in a cycling competition, his first comeback after fighting cancer was not great, he came 14th in his comeback race, but still lance didn’t give up, his family his best friend supported him and that support again motivated lance to face that situation and he again started working on him for the competition and for the race which was going to happened in the Appalachians.

After returning from a training, he was a man with different and transformed personality and thinking, and that made him realized that he should never doubt himself, he made a decision that he will never allow constant difficulties plough him down again

Throughout his terrifying struggle with the disease, Armstrong continued to maintain that he was going to race competitively again, no one believes in him, but Lance didn’t give up and By winning bike race with was Placed in ALPS, He proofed everyone wrong, he proofed that if you have that determination and self-belief then you can fight and can face any difficult situation, and every difficult situation you will become strong and learn to live life happily.

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Lance Armstrong with his strong self- mental belief and determination proofed everyone who thought that his career has ended, he not only increased his survival chances but he fought again for his passion and career and made his life successful and happy again, Lance has written various books, in which he had shared his personal inspirational story, amongst many one books is It’s Not About The Bike: My Journey Back to Life.

My thoughts on Lance Armstrong

Whether you believe it or not, life is full of challenge but you can do a lot about it, if you get afraid of that challenge you will lose your life, there are many more real inspirational stories of many people, who have faced many difficult situations and times in their life, but they never lose their strength believe and hope, they always fought with it, with positive mental attitude, People with right attitude Fight with difficulties and stand up and becomes an inspirational and successful example for others. They proved that with the right attitude, self-belief, and determination you will come out of any difficult situation and will become a lot more strong.

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Every difficulty makes you strong. Life is difficult and full of challenges but remembers with the right mental attitude you can do a lot about it.

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  1. This story is so powerful, if we believed that we are strong and we can fight with our difficulties, than nothing is more difficult to us.

  2. we should have FAITH in our heart…..
    Remember F-A-I-T-H means Full Assurance In The Heart……

    Thanks for the information…..

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