How To Earn Respect

How To Earn Respect

How To Earn Respect? Everyone in this world feels proud when others respect them. Every individual loves to get respect, in order to get respect from others we first need to respect ourselves. We should accept ourselves the way we are and should understand our flaws and should improve, this thing helps us to respect ourselves more, when every individual start respecting their own self,  that very moment they understand the importance and value of respect and how it feels when someone respect us and when we respect someone else.

Feeling of getting respect makes us proud, makes us feel special and valuable, Respecting others not only make others feel happy and proud but It also makes you feel satisfied and peaceful, giving respect doesn’t cost anything, but there’s a huge difference between giving respect and losing self-respect, respecting someone by losing your own self-respect isn’t a good thing, it is a kind of violence against your own self, hence understand the difference respecting someone is really a good manner and it shows your good attitude and kind nature, but losing your self-respect by respecting someone who doesn’t deserve it or respecting someone who always takes you for granted isn’t something right.

We live in a country, where everyone seeks for respect, the very first thing our parents teaches us is to respect elders and to always work for respect, In our country respect is given more priority compare to respect, because we as Indian feels that respect gives more than money, But respecting someone doesn’t mean losing self-respect, Hence before respecting others, start respecting your own self, we people should learn to value ourselves, only then will able to respect others genuinely.

In this world many people believe that because they are rich, powerful or famous, they deserve respect, Regardless of their behavior, Money gives fame power but Respect comes with behavior, kind nature and good attitude, A person with kind nature and attitude can have both money and respect, but a person with bad nature and bad attitude can only have one thing and that is money, which he won’t able to handle for long, because for expanding business or for earning more money person needs to have good behavior, because good behavior expands networking and networking is really very important for becoming rich.

Your business or work can expand only when you have goodwill in the market, when people respect you and when people trust you, You won’t able to become rich or successful without help of others, you need to be kind just and needs to be honest to gain that respect from others, Having money doesn’t bring respect, people can be scared of you but they don’t respect you until they don’t find you good hearted and trustworthy, Hence be honest kind hearted and loyal with people, no matter whether you are rich or poor, you will get respect if you have certain qualities in you and that quality will eventually help you to become successful.

Today will share certain qualities which will help you to earn respect so let’s begin.

How To Earn Respect 1. Quality of  Uprightness/integrity

You can gain respect in this world by having a  quality of integrity, You should have strong moral principle,  you have high ethical values and you are true to your beliefs, You always follow the spirit of law, not because you are afraid of being caught or because you have signed any agreement but because you know that’s the right way and it’s the right thing to do,  You know that living this life with integrity is the right thing, and this quality of yours will make others respect you.

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How To Earn Respect 2. Quality of loyalty and honesty

You can gain someone’s respect by being an open book, you always stay honest and loyal to other people, you always stay straightforward, you don’t make false commitment or false promises, No matter how harsh or bad the truth is you always stay truthful and after confronting the truth politely you work towards overcoming those problems and situations.

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How To Earn Respect 3. Quality of Originality

You always respect yourself, you accept yourself the way you are, you are proud the way you are and what you stand for, you understand your flaws and weakness and work on that weakness, you never get influenced by someone else’s opinion and you never worry about what others think of you, because you know yourself better than anyone,  you never pretend to be someone else, you always work on your passion you have your own goals and you never criticize other for their passion and dream.

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How To Earn Respect 4. Quality of learning

You have a quality of learning new things and you are also curious about gaining knowledge, you know that you are smart but you never show yourself as if you know everything because you know that no one in this world can know everything, your curiosity and eager to learn new things helps you to get respect.

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How To Earn Respect 5. Quality of being polite and humble

You know that you are successful and rich but still you don’t behave arrogantly, you stay polite and become more humble towards people, you talk politely and handle people with humble nature, you never show bad attitude, because no matter how rich you are bad attitude and arrogance will never bring respect, you need to be polite and down to earth and kind-hearted to gain that trust and respect, You stay modest with your achievements and accomplishments.

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6. How To Earn RespectQuality of understanding others

You always stay open to listening others perspective ideas and opinion, you believe that you can’t be always right and others idea can be better than yours, you always listen to others perspective about the same situation, because you know everyone has their own way of doing things and own way of taking and understanding things, You never force your decision and opinion on others.

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7. Quality of kindness and selflessness

You are kind towards every human in this world, you understand the value of everything, you do good to others, not because of your personal benefit but because you like helping others and because you know helping someone giving something to someone in need brings happiness peace and satisfaction to your heart.

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How To Earn Respect 8. Quality of self-respect  

You should never compromise your self-respect because respect comes when you respect your own self, if you keep on losing your self-respect then people will count you nowhere, hence understand that respecting someone and getting respect from others is way different from losing self-respect.

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How To Earn Respect 9. Quality of never forgetting those who helped you

You should never forget the ones who have helped you in your success journey, you should always find ways to stay connected with them, because this quality will make you look genuine and trustworthy, always stay loyal towards people who always helped you and supported you, hence never run away from them after meeting new people, because new people came to your life when you had become something huge, but your supporters and your loved ones were there with you at times when you were alone, when you were struggling, hence never forget your struggling days, because this thing will keep you close to your loved ones and also bring success and respect.

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Having these qualities will help you to get respect and you will notice by yourself that you respect people who have such qualities in them, hence always have such qualities in you.

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