6 Highest Paying Psychology Careers in 2023

If you are someone who wants to become a psychiatrist and want to know what is the scope and carrier option in this field, reading this blog is a must for you.

When we talk about Psychology, we think of Stress, anxiety and Psychological Disorders. But this field of study is much more than that.

And we are going to cover the different fields of this carrier.

1. Neuroscientist

Artificial Intelligence is called The Future of Technology. A technology that is programmed can do everything where human intelligence is needed.

To understand the human mind, which another person can understand a human better than a psychologist?

Due to Artificial Intelligence, new branches of Psychology have emerged. If you are a neuroscientist, your work will find ways to link the human brain to technology.

We already use Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day life.

For example, Tesla is an AI-based car. Alexa is an artificial assistant. So far, even our social media apps use AI. To understand human behaviour, you must know the concepts of psychology.

If you are one of those interested in technology and psychology, you can easily go into the field of neuroscience.

Salary: The average neuroscientist’s gross salary in India is ₹15,80,474.

2. Psychology Marketing

Marketing is about understanding your target audience and giving them exactly what they want.

But how do you identify this need? And understand the mindset of the customers. We might not even know, but brands use many psychological tricks to increase sales. For example, a prevalent method is the Anchoring Method, which influences our cognitive bias. Y

You might’ve often observed that when you buy something and on its price tag, one of the prices is cut, and generally, a lower price is mentioned.

They also use terms like ‘Exclusive Offer’, and after reading that, we think, “The offer might be getting over soon.” “So before the offer is over, I’ll take that thing.”

Due to digital marketing, advertisements have become personalized and targeted. Neuromarketing will be used everywhere in the future.

If you want to enter this field, you can take ‘Psychology’ and ‘Marketing’ together and opt for ‘Consumer Behaviour’ as your subject major.

Salary: In India, Neuromarketers make between 1,75,000 – 4,25,000 PA. But in the U.S. they make around 1 crore.

3. Forensic Psychology

A very famous character from the Batman movie is ‘Joker’. A famous psychologist Dr Bruce said that the ‘Joker’ character shown in this movie could also exist in reality.

It results from PTSD, which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This widespread phenomenon is seen in serial killers and many criminals.

Forensic Psychology is a field where psychological concepts are applied in civil and criminal legal cases.

For example, a Forensic Psychologist worked with an investigator to find one of the deadliest serial killers of all time, Ted Bundy.

When Ted Bundy’s attacks became frequent, this psychologist understood his past murders and his psyche and tried to solve his case.

There are many cases where psychologists examine criminals and read their nonverbal cues. They observe their eye and hand movements and figure out whether they’re telling the truth or lying.

They train the detectives and officers on how to make normal citizens and criminals agree with them and negotiate properly in hostile situations.

If you are interested in legal practice and you’re also interested in psychology, then you can study forensic psychology. So basically, if you want to become a forensic psychologist, you’ll have to take Psychology and Criminal Justice as your core subject.

Salary: The national average salary of a forensic psychologist in India is 35,000 RS. But in the U.S., the minimum salary is $66,000, and the highest is more than $300,000, according to ZipRecruiter.

4. Organizational Psychology

1 in 6.8 people, i.e. 14.7%, is likely to develop a mental health issue in the workplace. Industrial Psychologists are those who work with organizations to assess, retain, engage and boost the productivity of the employees in the company.

For example, suppose I go to an organization to give my interview, and I keep my back bending and maintain a closed posture with shaking hands. In that case, the psychologist will say I’m not confident.

They pick up all these small cues and observe whether the person being interviewed is fit for the organization.

And not only their employees but also help understand consumer and client behaviour. They train their employees for better communication and negotiation.

For example, according to a study, cooperation should be used instead of negotiation and use words like ‘mutual benefits’ and ‘collaborative efforts’ so the person is more likely to say yes.

So basically, one psychologist can work in all of these. This field is so vast that today every small company, every big company, and every company needs a psychologist so that their organization can function properly.

Income Scope: According to Upgrad, (Industrial/ Organisational) I/O Psychologists make an average of ₹4,25,000 per year.

5. Sports psychologists

One of the greatest cricket captains of all time MS Dhoni, had said that before picking teammates, he uses psychology.

He’s also said that understanding your teammates is very important. Who works under pressure, and who cannot take any pressure?

So, what exactly do sports psychologists do? It’s essential to be physically fit in sports, but it is also important that players are mentally fit.

Sports psychologists train the players in a way that they can perform well under pressure, too. They can build their team and also build their leadership skills properly.

Sports Psychology is an upcoming field. Did you know that the US Army, one of the greatest military organizations in the world, is hiring sports psychologists for their soldiers?

These psychologists teach soldiers to focus more and deal with stressful situations. To become a Sports Psychologist, you need to have a B.A. Degree in Psychology, and along with that, you’ll have to take a specialization in Clinical/Counselling Psychology.

Income Scope:  The national average salary for a Sports Psychologist is ₹4,60,000 in India.

Fashion Psychology

Our clothes reflect our personality. And people identify us through this. The colours we wear and our styles say a lot about us.

Fashion Psychologists observe how colours, images, styles, and shapes affect our human behaviour.

These psychologists also work with brands to study their products and enhance them from a consumer behaviour point of view.

For example, different colours mean different things. After social media’s growth, fashion has created a gap between your ideal self and your real self.

These fashion psychologists work with brands to create clothes that’ll make you happy and feel confident in your body.

Brands like H&M hire plus-size models to promote plus-sized clothing. From LGBTQ+ to people with different complexions, psychologists ensure that the brand image going in the market is proper to reflect society’s needs and wants.

To become a Fashion Psychologist, you need to have a B.A. Degree in Psychology, as I mentioned earlier in other cases, and you’ll need to have a specialization in Fashion Psychology which you can take from any online platform.

Income Scope: The average salary of a fashion psychologist is 2,00,000 – 3,50,000 RS per year.

So, now you know how one subject, Psychology, is applied in so many fields. We also saw how we could explore different career options related to Psychology. Similarly, not only psychology, many subjects are considered small but are used in many fields, so if you want us to conduct detailed research on one subject that what all options are available, then let us know in the comments section below.

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