5 Extremely Lucky People in the World

The probability of a person winning a lottery is 1/13000000, but still, there is one winner, just like every time.

If I talk about the word ‘Luck’, then basically, ‘Luck is the occurrence of an event in which the chances of winning are very less.’

But that does happen. Then why does one person become the lucky one out of so many people? Or this ‘Luck’ is just something that people say?

And there’s nothing such as ‘Luck’. Well, guys, in today’s article, I’m going to tell you the story of 5 such lucky people.

1. Bill Morgan’ of Australia.

This is a story from 1998, where a truck had badly crashed his car. That accident was hazardous because his car was crushed in a terrible state. But even after going through such a bad accident, Bill was saved. He himself got out of the car and went home leisurely. But still, the trauma of the accident was so much that he got a heart attack, and his heart stopped for 14 minutes.

But still, after 14 minutes, his heart started beating again. But the sad thing was that even though his heart was beating, he went in a comma. When his family took him to the doctor, and the doctor did his check-up, he clearly said that his chances of living were meagre. So wasting money to save his life will be useless. But he was still in a coma for 12 days, and immediately after 12 days, he became conscious again. But his story of luck doesn’t end here.

To celebrate his new life, he purchased a scratch card. And after scratching it, he won a car worth $27,000. But the funny fact is, since everything seems funny to me now, to cover this news, how can a person be this lucky? News channel reporters visited his home and gave him a new scratch card.

And told him that ‘Scratch this card and imitate how happy you felt when you’d scratched the previous card. And we’ll shoot this from the side, to show the audience how happy you were when you scratched it.’ He scratched it again, and guess what? He won again! A lottery of $2,50,000 Guys, now you tell me, if this wasn’t luck, what was it?

2. The Light

Guys, recently, there was a thunderbolt in Bihar, and 83 people died. Doctors say that whenever a person is struck by lightning,

mathematicians say that the chances of a person being struck by lightning are 1 out of 12,000. But what happened with ‘Edwin E. Robinson is not less than any magic. Guys, Mr Robinson, was about 60 years old and he was blind and deaf.

It was afternoon, and he searched for his chicken in his field. Suddenly, it starts raining. Due to this, he stopped searching for his chicken and took shelter under a tree. I don’t know if you can call this good luck or bad luck, but he gets struck by lightning. He stays unconscious for 20 minutes and then gets up again. Nothing of the things we talked about, like cardiac arrest, happened. He gets up and goes home and even gets a good sleep. When he wakes up in the evening, he sees that he can see and hear.

When he visits a doctor to analyse why did it happen? How can he see and hear? The doctor said this was an effect of the lightning, but you didn’t die because you’d worn a shoe with a rubber sole. First, you stand under a tree which will get struck by lightning. Then, when there is a thunderbolt, you wear rubber-soled shoes so you won’t die. And not only this, if you are blind, mute, deaf, or whatever, you get cured.

3. Cheating death seven times

It was the story of ‘Frane Selak’. In his name, there’s ‘Luck.’ (Se’lak’) This person is called the luckiest, the unluckiest person in the world. Because he hasn’t cheated death one time, not even two times, but crazy seven times! It’s the story of 1962. He was travelling on a train. His train goes off track and falls into the sea. In that accident, in the compartment he was sitting in, 17 people died. But nothing happens to him. Just his hand gets fractured.

And this is just the beginning; this was just one time. After that, in 1963, he sat in an aeroplane for the first time. The aeroplane door was loose, and he fell from the plane. But because there was an issue with the door, the plane crashed, and 19 people died. But Frane, who fell from the sky, isn’t stuck on a date tree but falls in a haystack. And he doesn’t even get a bruise; he is saved easily.

After that, in 1966, a bus accident. In 1968, a gunshot. In 1970 and 1973, a car accident. And in 1995, a bus crashed him. All of these accidents were very severe, but he was saved from all of them. And this was nothing because, in 2003, Frane won a lottery just two days after his birthday where he won $1.1 million.

4. The Ring Bearer’s Luck

This story is about ‘Lena Pahlsson’. Guys, this often happens to us when we lose something important. And then we get it, sometimes under the bed, under the sofa, or somewhere here and there.

The story of Lena Pahlsson is that when she got engaged, the ring her husband gave her got lost right after their engagement. They searched for it everywhere, under the sofa, under the bed, under their hearts, under the toilets, but they couldn’t find the engagement ring anywhere. But after 16 years, when Lena was gardening in her garden, she saw that a carrot had grown through that ring, and it was there.

She pulled it out and went crazy from happiness. Now think again, 16 years ago, a couple had lost a small… tiny ring, and they got it in the garden, around a growing carrot.

5. The Lucky Pen

Bulletproof jacket. It’s such a fantastic invention. Look. I mean, I’ve not worn it but imagine if I’d worn it. Then you can shoot me anywhere. Here, or here, or anywhere. Nothing will happen to me. But if I say that even a pen can do the work of a bulletproof jacket, then it’ll be such a shocking thing, right?

Well, what happened with Rob Jones from Georgia, will shock you because a pen saved his life. So Rob was a traffic police who used to examine the driver’s licenses of people. So one day, a thief was driving after stealing a car. Rob started to trail him. And the thief fired three bullets at him. The first bullet didn’t hit him. The second bullet passed from the right side of his bag to his left side without touching any of his bones. And the third bullet, fired directly at his heart, deflected from his pen, and he got hit by it in his right arm without harming any of his internal organs.

There was a lot of bleeding, but he was saved because none of his internal organs was damaged. So basically, a small pen most people use for style saved his life. So, it’s a wrap.

This was my list of ‘Top 5 Luckiest People In The World.’ To be honest, there were stories in which I couldn’t believe, but we couldn’t do anything because this had really happened.

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