How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People

How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People – Book Summary

Name: How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People
Author: Leslie T. Giblin
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Book size: 192 pages


Author LES GIBLIN Has dedicated this book to his wife and mother, because of their inspiration and guidance, Giblin Thought of making this book, Les Giblin is one of the pioneers of the personal development industry, Les Giblin was born in 1912 in cedar rapids,lowa, after serving in the military, Giblin began a sales job with the Sheaffer pen company in 1946.

Make the most of your personal connections as taught by the master of people and sales skills. Toda’s book summary is About How to have confidence and power by dealing people By Les Giblin

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My thoughts:

If people say that dealing with other people easy and it comes naturally, so this book will help you to understand that there’s always room for improvement, and at some point of time in your life you need to connect and communicate with others, no matter in which field you are, hence to do that you need confidence.

This book how to have confidence and power by dealing people will lead a way will explain and teach you how to interact with people as they really are, not as you would like them to be, the goal is to get what you want from them successfully- be it by cooperation, love, goodwill or security.

Giblin is recognized expert in the field of human relations and has come up with a method of dealing with people that can be used when relating with anyone- parents, teachers, bosses, employees, friends, even strangers.  Here Giblin helps us to become successful in human and professional relationships. There are various chapters in this book and each chapter contains a handy summary, so there’s absolutely no chance of missing the book’s key points.

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Let’s understand this book in more detail.

How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People – Chapter One:

Understanding human nature

1. Your key to success and happiness

Here author says that We all human wants two things from this life and that is happiness and success, here Giblin explains, that we all are different, every individual idea of success can be different from each other, but there is one most important factor which we all must learn in order to get successful and happy in this life, and this big factor is same for all, whether that person is teacher, lawyer doctor or from any field or profession, and that one common and big factor is dealing with people.

When you learn to deal with people with others you are halfway reached to your success in any occupation or in any profession. And when you learn to deal with other people you are able to get personal as well as professional happiness.

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2. How to use the basic secret of influencing others

In this point Les want us to understand that there is something deep in the heart of every man and woman that is important and demands respect, this produces a drive in every one of us to protect and preserve our individuality,we aren’t talking about the pride, we are talking about identity and personal worth.

Look for good points in those you deal with – points that you can praise them about, at least try to give them compliment not fake or flattery words, but by saying a genuine and sincere compliment.

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My thoughts:

Every individual wants to hear good and positive things about themselves, in order to deal with people properly, try to talk good and more positive things about them, this thing will make you look more better person and this will help you to connect and deal with people more nicely, and when the other person starts getting influenced by your talk or can say start getting comfortable with you this thing will eventually bring confident and power in you.

3. Hidden asset

Here what author says that everyone is hungry and we have that food to feed that hunger in someone else, here author use hunger for four desire a’s under every individual and that 4 a’s are

  1. Admiration –which talks about personal worth and importance
  2. Affirmation- talks about its ok who we are and what we are doing
  3. Appreciation- talk about the sense of gratitude,  making someone feel good about their work and about their doing.
  4. Acceptance- accepting the way we are.

Here Author says that we must always be ready to feed someone’s hunger, we shouldn’t discriminate about who we give it to, when you start acknowledging people start understanding the importance of others in your life, you will able to deal with people more nicely.

Try to use these 4 a’s in your life while dealing with people, this will for sure help you to deal with people more nicely and confidently.

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How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People – Chapter Two:

Understanding and exerting influence.

1. Feed hunger

This part is similar what I have explained above to feed others hunger by using 4 a’s that is admiration, acceptance, appreciation, and affirmation.

Try to use it properly so that people become comfortable with you and you able to connect and deal with them properly.

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2. Be a good listener

Here author wants us to understand in order to become a good influencer and confident you must be a good listener, you must listen more and talk less, people like when you listen to them, and this thing will make you to understand the other person more nicely.

My thoughts:

Listening to other people in this busy world is a very rare thing, if you become a good listener, you will earn that respect and trust of other people through which you will be able to deal with other people more nicely and confidently.

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3. Be positive

Try to be positive while interacting with other people, when you talk positively you will definitely get a positive feed back and reply

My thoughts:

NO one in this world want negative conversation, every one individually is handling their on tough life, hence try to be positive as much as you can. So that opposite person like your company and dealing with them becomes easy and comfortable.

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4. Talk about themselves

As I said people love to listen and talk about themselves especially positive things, hence try to start any conversation by asking about themselves about their preferences.

Here author has suggested to use 4 desire a’s that is admiration, affirmation., appreciation and acceptance.

Try to use at least three or two while dealing with the opposite person.

Here the most important thing author ask you to keep in mind, is to Maintain you body language, body language matters a lot while talking or dealing with someone. Your body language will show more than your words.

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5. Wait for your turn

Here author want us to understand until and unless someone don’t ask you about yourself, don’t volunteer yourself, but when someone asked be ready to reply immediately by maintaining proper tone and body language.

6. Be passionate

When someone ask something, try to reply them passionately and with positive energy and tone, this will show the person person how interested and enthusiastic you are about the work or any topic.

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7. Ask for advice and opinion

Here author explains, it is good to ask advice and opinion of others, this is a way to express and show admiration and approval, asking advice at the right time is a great way of dealing with people.

8. Be polite in any argument

This is really very important point which need to be remember, we often lose our calm in any argument, while disagreeing  at any point, we may lose our temper. Hence here author ask us to stay calm and to respect opponent’s turn, allow other person to speak and to keep their point, when they are done speaking very calmly and politely just tell them that with due respect I disagrees to so and so point.

This way of speaking will help you to deal with other person nicely without destroying the relationship.

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9. End with a praise

While ending any discussion or conversation it is really great if you end it by giving a compliment or by praising them about their work and about anything you like about them. This thing will help you in your short and long term relationship,

There are many, more such useful and beneficial chapter in this book which we surely help you to deal with people more confidently and nicely, if you want to buy this book to understand it in more detail, do click on the below link:

Download Audio Book For Free at: Audible
Book available in English at: Amazon

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