Compound Effect Can Help You

How Compound Effect Can Help You On Daily Basis

How Compound Effect Can Help You On Daily Basis?

You all must have heard the story where Tortoise wins a race in front of a Rabbit. Tortoise won not only because Rabbit was very overconfident but also because tortoise was consistent. Tortoise didn’t stop for ones and even after knowing that rabbit is faster than him, still he didn’t give up and stayed consistent, hence this story proves that slow and steady anyone can win the game or anything in this world, You don’t need to be very smart or talented or fast to win anything in this world, you just need to be consistent and should understand the importance of values and small actions, What is compound effect? The compound effect is a strategy which anyone can follow anywhere in order to get huge success. Darren author of compound effect book has come up with this theory, where he says that anyone can get a huge success or a huge reward just by doing small actions and actions will be so subtle that you will not even feel tired or will not get bored, and those small actions will for sure bring radical difference.

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The compound effect can help you in your professional life and also help you to improve your personal life and as well as your health, Compound effect can help you with your choices habits actions etc.  Usually people don’t understand the importance of compound effect, people quit just before getting the huge reward, for example, applying compound effect will be small actions which you need to take daily and need to be very consistent about it, it won’t give sudden and immediate result or reward but it will for sure give huge success and will bring evident differences not fast but for sure,

The compound effect is a mixture of small action including consistency and time which will for sure bring radical differences in everyone’s life.

Hence will discuss how the compound effect can help you on daily basis:

1. Health is wealth

We all know that health plays major role in order to get success and to become rich, in this busy life people are not getting time to take care of their health, and people think that they need to remove at least few hours daily to maintain their health, but compound effect talk about so small actions that you can easily remove time for that, for example instead of doing 100 pushups daily, do only 1 or two pushup daily, this thing will not make you feel tired or bored, and you will be more consistent about it and no matter how busy your day would be you will for sure able to remove time for it, and by doing one push up you will gradually increase your workouts which will eventually show difference not immediately but for sure will shpw radical difference.

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2. Relationship

In relationship quality time and conversation becomes the major issue, hence through compound effect you can handle your relationship more properly, instead of going out for a day, you should remove few minutes for your loved ones, like you just call them and ask them about their day, or message them and do it regularly, this regular doing will always make your loved ones feel special and your love and bond will improve.

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3. Don’t wish to take actions

Wishing will not give you your dream life but actions will give, hence giving little more time, energy and thought to your efforts won’t just improve your results but also will improves or multiply your chances of getting success, every day do something more about your dream, start slowly and gradually you by yourself will increase your actions and those slow start and gradually increased actions will lead you to your dream or passion.

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4. Compound effect gives you positive momentum

Suppose you decide to do 100 pushups daily, suddenly one day you had to go out and had so much of work that you feel very tired then doing 100 pushups that day will make you feel upset, and you think or skipping that day pushups hence that will break your momentum and also gives you guilt or negative feeling and from next day you become lenient about your exercise and eventually your whole motivation and energy level will go down .

But small action means compound effect will not take you to such negative momentum and will lead you to positive momentum because the compound effect has very small actions and it also helps you to form positive habits on a daily basis which will only lead you to achievements and success.

Hence instead of doing 100 pushups if you would have set to do only 2 or 3 pushups daily then no matter how tired you were,  you will able to do those pushups and that accomplishment feeling will give you more positivity and will improve your positive momentum.

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Thank you do comment and share your views how compound effect small actions consistency help you in your life on a daily basis.

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  1. Really i am even facing same problem i think i can achieve the goal by doing more at a one time but it doesn’t remain consistent.
    thank you seeken for giving me such a nice solution.

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