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15+ Great Advantages Of Reading Books [You Must Know]

Once, someone asked Warren Buffet what the secret of his considerable net worth was. Then pointing to the bookshelf behind him, he said that I read around 500 pages daily. He believes that the Compounding of knowledge is greater than the compounding of money. 

Warren Buffet is not the only one who gives importance to reading. Founder of Angelist, and the guy who gave funding to startups like Twitter and Uber at an early stage. Angel Investors Naval Ravikant was asked what the effective ways to build a new mental model are. 

Then he said a single sentence, ” Read A Lot”. he could’ve suggested watching movies, documentaries, and YouTube videos. 

But he gave importance to only reading. Because, at first, every new idea of a person gets landed on paper after releasing it from the mind, and only then can it be presented in the form of movies, videos, and documentaries. 

He says I’m among the top 1% of people worldwide. Because I read books for 1-2 hrs. daily, many think we don’t need to read books because we quickly get summaries on YouTube

Because in documentaries or videos, many things get mixed, and to make it more entertaining, they add something on their own, but reading books will give you the actual message that a book wants to convey.

Reading books is equivalent to taking personal training from your mentor. 

According to a study, the number of people who read more than seven books in a year increased the chance of becoming millionaires by 122%. 

We can say that books are like nuclear bombs. It’s very small, but its influence is very big in our life. That is why in 1933, thousands of books were burnt in Germany at the behest of Hitler. 

So that those books could influence no one, their rule could be continued; because now you know the real potential of reading books, I will share some benefits of reading books and how it can completely transform your life.

Why Read This?

Hundreds of articles discuss the benefits of reading books, so why read this one? 

Well, I have been reading books for the last 10 years, drastically changing my life. I think that I’m more than qualified to talk about this topic. 

Not only that, but I also have a YouTube channel with over 3.8 million subscribers, where I make videos related to books. In this blog post, I will share 16 benefits and advantages of reading books that you may not have considered before.

Here are the 10 Advantages of Reading Books:

1. Gives a new way to life.

reading books gives you Gives a new way to life

Reading Books can expose you to new ways of understanding the world and handling different situations. It can help you discover your hobbies and explore things that could eventually become your career. Reading also helps you better understand yourself and opens your mind to accept the changes in your life. When you read, you start to see things from a different perspective; it makes you realize and understand the world and yourself in a new light. Reading can help you find success in the future by providing you with the knowledge and skillset you need to succeed.

2. Reading makes you smarter

Reading makes you smarter

Books are a great way to improve yourself and better understand the world around you. Reading can help you learn more about topics that interest you, and this knowledge can be very beneficial. Books provide a lot of knowledge and information, which can be extremely helpful in moving forward and making your brain sharper. Additionally, reading is an effective memory booster – the two concepts are interrelated. By reading more, you can boost your memory and become more competent. When you are reading, you are training your brain, giving wisdom to your mind.

3. Reading Increases Creativity and Imagination

Reading Increases Creativity and Imagination

Reading regularly can do wonders for your imagination and creativity. It exposes you to different ideas and ways of understanding the world and can help you become a better writer. When you read, you are taken into new worlds, and your brain can develop ideas for new possibilities. This helps you understand that nothing is impossible and that different actions lead to different results. Reading books can help you change your fixed mindset to a growth mindset, showing you that there is always room for improvement and progress.

Albert Einstein also believed that regular readers had a more extraordinary imagination and could discover more than an average human who did not read much. Your imagination is the only thing that can limit your dreams. 

Scientists believe reading stimulates the brain’s right side and opens the mind to new possibilities. Research emphasizes starting this habit young in kids. Something as simple as reading out fairy tales to children can stimulate their left-sided brains. It helps in understanding verbal cues, comprehending and making a mental image of the situation, and analytically coming to different possibilities.

4. Improves memory

Our mind is a fantastic thing that can remember many things with relative ease. Still, We Usually don’t use our brain as per its capability, we just fill our brain with negativity and evil thoughts, which stop the growth of our brain, And our brain sticks to that Fixed mindset; our mind has marvelous capabilities and Capacity, it just needs a workout just like our body, to give its best performance.

5. To Learn From Masters

You can learn from the masters and people who have already been through that situation by reading self-help books. You can understand life from your master’s and mentor’s perspectives and learn from them to advance. Books can help you to understand life from the perspective of mentors and masters who have gone through the situation which you are going through right now at present.

You can’t see them, but you can learn from them through their books and can learn the art of life.

6. Improves Vocabulary

People often face difficulties related to English, but reading can help improve your vocabulary in English and any language you want to learn. You can learn new words, phrases, and grammar by reading books. Reading books can save your coaching fees. Learning through books and self-education is a great way to learn, but you must be focused and dedicated to the process to see results.

7. Increase Desire towards achieving goals

Increase Desire towards achieving goals

A true story about someone who has faced many obstacles and still achieved a lot in his life can motivate you to take a step towards your goal and dream. You also want to take action to fulfill your dream, but you are afraid that you might fail, but books remove that worry and stress from you and help you to move towards your goals and dreams. Books make you understand that failure is not a disappointment or stress—it’s an experience you learn from. And this learning should help you move ahead in life more intelligently.

Reading opens a different positive mindset and shows you the real positive world where nothing is Impossible.

8. Lower the Stress Level

Lower the Stress Level

No matter how much stress you are under in your personal or professional life; reading can help you to relax and melt down your stress level faster than other methods. Research psychologists believe this is because when humans concentrate on reading, they are taken into a literary world which distracts them from their tensions and eases the muscles and heart.

9. Encourage positive thinking

Encourage positive thinking

Reading changes your perspective from thinking “I can’t” to “I can”. It makes you understand that anything is possible in this world if you believe in yourself and have a positive outlook. Reading can change your life and this world by opening your eyes to new possibilities and different ways of thinking.

10. Reading Prevents Alzheimer’s

Reading Prevents Alzheimer's

Forgetfulness can creep into our daily lives in simple forms. Initially, you may forget where you put your car keys or where your favorite pair of socks is. 

But it does not take long until you start forgetting events and people. Daily reading can keep your mind sharp. 

All those words, lines, and sentences will have a long-term benefit on your brain health. 

A study pointed out that if you read a lot for your entire life, you are much less prone to get Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

Isn’t that an excellent way to stop memory decline? People who are academically involved in getting a formal education, even in later phases of life, show a slower cognitive decline. 

Take a course at the community center or any online course that will elevate your skill set and keep that spark alive in your brain cells. Living long is not just adding years to your life. It is about being able to enjoy all those years. 

11. Reading Books Motivates You

Reading Books Motivates You

Books can open the doors to a new world. There are just so many things to read. There are stories, fiction, narratives, and severe reads like literature, scientific breakthroughs, global events, and news. 

Take up anything that suits you. It is bound to motivate you. It unfolds some experiences that you might not have experienced personally. Reading inspirational books can give you new ideas to implement in your work or personal life. 

It can increase your problem-solving capability and develop a more analytical mind. Self-care books can help you with mental decluttering and provide advice on how to live. 

They will unlock the real potential within you and make you happy. Seeing a few words bring such a stark change in your personality is miraculous.

12. Reading Improves your personality 

Reading Improves your personality 

Everyone wants to have more friends. Books can be your best friends, literally and figuratively. You can express your views on many topics when you have more knowledge. 

Naturally, people will be attracted to your charismatic personality. You can also join a book club to discuss your recent reads with like-minded people. 

It’s a known fact that people always surround well-read personalities. You won’t have to make excuses to leave a conversation. 

Instead, you’ll always have something to add to it. You can be friends with people with varied interests because of reading from all spheres and genres. 

This can be especially important for introverts who are always shy to talk in front of people. Biographies and fictional stories have the power to change lives. Reading can help you to achieve your dream personality. 

If you prefer being in your shell, reading still brings good news. Reading can satisfy the need for human connection and give you the same vibe as social interactions. 

That is why so many people spend their “me-time” with a book. They don’t feel left out as they can still live socially fulfilling lives.

13. Reading Boosts Sleep 

Reading Boosts Sleep 

Things you do before going to bed can impact the quality of your sleep. Let’s suppose you are scrolling through your smartphone while lying in bed waiting for sleep to kick in…All the blue light from the screen makes your brain more alert and compels it to stay awake for a longer time. 

That is why experts believe that using screens is the worst habit before going to bed. Set a routine that can slowly put you to sleep. 

Make it a habit to read every day before you hit the bed. It can even be for 10 minutes. It can take your mind off whatever is troubling you and help you sleep better. 

14. Reading Makes you Empathetic 

Reading Makes you Empathetic 

It’s not always about reading the serious stuff. Reading about flying carpets, sci-fi concepts, and werewolves has a distinctive benefit. Some might feel that stories and fictional books are for kids or amateurs. But science begs to differ. 

A study shows that people who read more fiction did better when they demonstrated social empathy. 

Stories can unzip the secret compartments of your heart to tuck those new characters into it carefully. 

You tend to become one with the storyline. You start seeing the world from the characters’ eyes. It can make you feel deeply for people in real life too. 

A mix of fiction and non-fiction should be the ideal combination for reading. 

15. Reading Helps You To Become a Good Writer

Reading Helps You To Become a Good Writer

Reading Books Helps you to write better. Even if being a writer is not your ultimate dream, you should try reading. We are constantly writing for jobs or exceptional circumstances at work. Messages, letters, birthday cards, or even simple texting require you to write well. 

Reading different styles of other authors can improve your word choice and writing style. The more you read, the more it reflects in your writing. All writers are avid readers. It helps them with a direction for their thought processes. 

16. Increases your lifespan. 

Increases your lifespan. 

Who doesn’t want to live longer? We often think exercising and eating the correct diet is the way to achieve it. 

But there is more to it. Something as simple as reading can be a fun and entertaining way to live long.

Studies have shown that people who read regularly show that they live longer when compared to their peers. 

Why People Avoid Reading Books

Now, let’s look at common reasons people don’t read. 

1. No time to read.

Understandably, this is the most common reason – everyone is busy. You have your work, household chores, parental responsibilities, and a million other things needing your attention. You also have just 24 hours for them each day. Reading can be time-consuming. And some books have thousands of pages, requiring several months to finish. So why bother at all? 

2. Reading can be a lot of hard work. 

For a lot of people, reading feels like a lot of work. Especially when the books are massive “dictionary-looking” adult books – they get discouraged seeing the thousands of pages filled with brain-tasking words. 

If it has a movie, then what’s the point? I used to be this, statistically speaking, books adapted into motion pictures are most likely to get less attention after the motion picture has been released. Most people would rather watch the episodes of game of thrones than pick up the books. 

The movie is more accessible, more engaging, and more entertaining. Nothing to gain from reading Another common excuse that people have for not reading is that they see it as a waste of time. 

They believe that they gain nothing from reading. To these people, the only benefits from books were when you read them in school to pass exams, graduate, and get a job. 

Asides from that, they see no value in books. 

3. Poor Concentration 

It’s a known fact that people tend to get distracted easily. And when you add the ubiquitous smartphones and other modern devices, it’s not difficult to see why we have the attention span of a goldfish. 

Those with weak concentration will find it hard to immerse themselves completely in the reading experience. 

The stress and anxiety of day-to-day living can make your mind wander. Therefore, it’s natural to want to move on to other activities that don’t require focused attention for long periods. 

4. Lack of support in childhood

My uncle taught literature, and his children grew up surrounded by an ocean of books by Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy, Ernest Hemingway, and others. 

Having no source of entertainment other than classical English literature at an early age made them develop a life-long love affair with reading. 

People who don’t read are usually from homes where parents didn’t read or promote it. 

Why You Should Start Reading Books in 2023

There are many reasons why you should start reading books in 2023. Reading books can provide numerous benefits for both your personal and professional life. Some of the reasons why you should start reading books in 2023 are:

  1. Reading books can improve your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. By reading books, you can learn about new topics, gain new perspectives, and gain a deeper understanding of complex ideas.
  2. Reading books can improve your concentration and focus. When you read a book, you are engaging in a focused and attentive activity that can help improve your ability to concentrate and focus on a single task.
  3. Reading books can improve your writing skills. By reading books, you can learn how to write more effectively, how to structure your thoughts, and how to use language more effectively.
  4. Reading books can improve your critical thinking skills. By reading books, you can learn how to think more critically and logically, and how to analyze and evaluate information more effectively.
  5. Reading books can help reduce stress and improve your mental health. Reading books can provide a sense of relaxation and escape from the stresses of daily life, and it can help improve your overall mental health and well-being.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should start reading books in 2023. Reading books can provide numerous benefits for both your personal and professional life, and it is a valuable activity that can help improve your knowledge, concentration, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and mental health.


I think that the benefits that book reading gives you are phenomenal. It is an integral part of our lives. Just like our bodies need exercise to stay healthy, our minds need to be challenged and exercised regularly. Every aspect of our lives is essential and should be taken care of. 

The foundation for all our progress today is built on the knowledge found within the pages of books. 

So it’s safe to say reading is one activity you must learn to do to get a head start in life. 

Even if you are not naturally inclined, make every effort to grow this habit. Most of the world’s most outstanding leaders and successful business people have a large appetite for books. 

It’s reported that Bill Gates reads as many as 50 books in a year. Warren Buffets reads five newspapers and over 500 pages of reports daily. And Mark Zuckerberg reads a book every 2 weeks. So who knows? Reading could just be the secret pass to the billionaire club. 

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