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The Sea of Tranquility Introduction

Sea of Tranquility, Mandel’s sensational sixth novel, offers immense pleasures of puzzle box plotting and high-flying imagination.

As devoted readers have come to expect from her fiction, the novel braids together a rich ensemble of characters, revealing the surprising linkages between their disparate lives.

In 1912, a high-society exile is spooked by an out-of-body experience in the Canadian wilderness; in 2203, a novelist endures the agonies and ecstasies of “the last book tour on Earth” while longing for her home in a lunar colony; in 2401, a shiftless thirty-something becomes enmeshed with the secretive Time Institute.

Linking them all is one mysterious shared experience: an overlapping moment, disjointed from linear time, that calls into question the very nature of our reality.

Masterfully plotted and deeply moving, this visionary novel folds back on itself like a hall of mirrors to explore just what connects us to one another and how many extraordinary contingencies bring us to each ordinary day of our lives.

What to Know Before Reading

Mandel’s novels draw on many sources and themes, and readers are advised to approach her work with some familiarity with her other works to avoid confusion.

Her novels have frequently focused on dystopian futures, time travel, artificial intelligence, and the emotional isolation of modern life.

Before reading Sea of Tranquility, one thing to know is the author’s approach to publishing and authorial control.

Mandel is a prominent member of the digital rights management (DRM) debate in literary circles, and much of her work is only available in DRM-locked formats.

While the author has the right to publish in whatever format she chooses, readers who do not have the means to access the DRM-locked files are unable to experience the full story.

Why is the Ending so Ambiguous?

Much of the novel’s appeal of its seemingly open-ended conclusion comes from the ambiguity of the moment in which it ends.

Even Mandel herself has said that her intention is to leave the ending open-ended enough that readers can interpret it differently, with each eager for the next installment of this mesmerizing novel.

While the novel ends with an epilogue and synopsis of the next installment, Mandel does not provide any insight into what happens next, even in a postscript at the novel’s end.

The epilogue only serves to remind readers of the interesting and compelling characters from the novel, and even then, it only serves as an opportunity to thank the readers for supporting Mandel’s work.

Why Do We Read Fiction?

As Mandel explains in the afterword, “The point of reading fiction is that you can’t. The point of reading nonfiction is that you can.”

Mandel’s novels offer readers a rich and immersive experience of the imagination, and why is the ending so ambiguous?

Mandel’s books offer a rewarding glimpse into a world they can never hope to experience firsthand.

That they are fictional and not factual books are part of the appeal, and the ambiguity of the ending is one way in which Mandel invites readers to play with the experience of reading her books.

To know about the book, you have to read it personally. So, don’t worry. I will guide you on how you can read the book for free.

Summary and Conclusion

In 1912, an expatriate aristocrat lived an opulent life in Montreal, surrounded by servants who cared for her every whim. One day, she has an out-of-body experience in the wilderness and wakes up with a new sense of purpose.

She resolves to help refugee women who are fleeing abuse in their native lands and opens a refuge for them in her home.

In 2203, a young writer finds herself at the end of a “book tour that was supposed to last a year,” her publisher and agent telling her she is beyond the end of her natural lifespan.

She has to choose whether to end her tour on her terms or surrender to the doctors who say she must immediately go home to die.

The writer chooses to continue her tour and finds herself enmeshed with a secretive organization known as the Time Institute.

A secret society of time travelers, the institute was founded hundreds of years ago by a woman trying to stop the future from fading into oblivion.

The institute’s members travel to the past to collect ancient manuscripts and other historical artifacts, hoping to revive the world’s dying knowledge.

With no resources of its own, the institute has to depend on members from the past to repay their debts.

When the writer arrives at the institute, she finds herself caught up in a battle for control of the institute between two of its members.

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