The Top 5 Mistakes in Life

The Top 5 Mistakes in Life

MISTAKES. Every time I hear the word “MISTAKES” next thing comes to my mind is ‘Regret’. Mistakes in life happen for a reason. Some people turn to transform themselves while others ruin themselves. Let’s make the reason for our mistakes made in life to become big, successful and worth doing the mistakes. Sometimes I sing “Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain, Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once again.” Yeah, that’s correct! It’s a very famous lyrics of a song of a very inspirational movie. I used to sing this song because of the mistake I made from childhood till now and cannot live my life the way I dreamt of.The mistakes in life which are already made cannot be changed but yes, we can convert the mistake into the opportunity for transition. Mistakes in life make us regret. The regret of the situation, people, events and deeply about us. I complain and blame everybody else for the mistakes I made in my life. But the truth came across when I accepted my mistakes, I had no regrets and learn more from my mistakes in life. That’s what I did. I accepted my mistakes in life, own them and now all my potential goes into “ To prove myself ”. To prove that I am worthy of everything.

We all know about big mistakes related to personal relationships and career we made, but I have analyzed few mistakes in life which play base of individual personality and change the life’s path in a different direction.

1. Mistakes in Life – Continuous Lie

This sounds to be a minor affair but the harsh reality is its consequences which can harm any healthy relationship. We all crave for good healthy family, relatives, and friends. Even after gaining the success, professional growth and money we all think a minor lie won’t do any harm but the fact is small/big continuous lie can transform your whole relationships abruptly. Let’s face this – harsh truth is far better than blossoms in the lies.

2. Bad company at school/college

We all had been told by our parents to choose studious bench mate who is intelligent and good at studies. We, humans, function in a way and learn from our surroundings. Choosing good company not only at school or college but also in our friend’s circle, colleagues or neighbour is one of the wisest technique of growth in life.

3. Being stuck in life

Doing nothing is the most dangerous thing a person can do. Just daydreaming is also better than doing nothing because whoever achieved something has once started by dreaming it. At some point in life, a situation comes when nothing goes right and all your hard work goes in the bin. The only thing left with you is HOPE to survive. If that hope is still inside, you will always be a shining star. The only thing which is required is “Never Give up.” You can’t be perfect at the very first time, not even aim to be best but be prepared to fail and try again. It’s hard and even notorious to handle the way to success because it goes through learnings which have trails of failure.

4. Being in forceful emotional relationship

We all had been taught to be strong, brave and clever. But we never taught how to be emotionally strong. This is one’s own skill and strategy to deal with the emotional breakdown.You always know whether you are happy or upset with a relationship. But sometimes, we compromise and make us understand useless things. Being in a relationship with guilts, pressure or unwanted responsibilities is the bone cracking pain of every day.

5. Losing your self-respect

There is the thin layer between ego and self-respect. Owning self-respect is one’s treasure but being egoistic is devastating for relationships. Generally when we think only about ourselves ego comes in a picture but when we give respect by having the strong base of yourself, we keep our self-respect.
Our self-respect gives us strength, confidence, and inspiration to lead the healthy life. Also, if we respect ourselves then we have the heart to love, care and respect others too. Losing your self-respect because of someone is not worthy of anything. All the above factors can change the way you want to live your life. It can even change your inner personality and lifestyle. We must try to either avoid or handle this situation very carefully. No life is near to perfect, even the celebrities, billionaires and successful people make big mistakes in life but they manage to either handle, overcome and learn from the mistakes they already made. Create opportunities from mistakes in life and transform the way you are! If you get lemons, make lemonade 🙂 Stay happy and healthy.

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  1. Seeken bhaiya …please make more videos on topics related to this one ..rather than on topics like handling disappointment and failure .Because such topics gain a very less amount of attraction,and if a person is disappointed or is suffering failure then he would not be able to read all these.

  2. A good observation from the life lessons. This is one of another great Article from your pen. Keep the track on. Good Luck!

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