How to sharpen your mind

How To Sharpen Your Mind

How to sharpen your mind?

We, people, do a lot of hard work. We handle difficult and different situations. We sometimes do multi work, doing so much in a day makes us mentally tired. Our brain energy and power get drained hence we started feeling weak and tired. And this weakness doesn’t allow our brain to stay energetic and fit. All this weakness happens because we people often neglect our mental health. We people take our mental health for granted. We don’t understand that sharpening our mind on a daily basis is really very important.

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When we sharpen our mind only then will able to boost our brain power. Hence to sharpen our mind on a daily basis we must do certain things on a daily basis. Let’s begin with tips to sharpen your mind:

1. Have a good sleep

We, people, know the importance of good sleep in our life, sleeping 7 to 8 hours gives relaxation time to your brain and this relaxation time boost our brain power. We people live stress-free hours while we sleep hence instead of working late at night. Try to sleep early and get up early in the morning so that your brain can work more energetically and enthusiastically from the next day.

Sleeping lesser than 8 hours and more than 8 hours, both ways are not good for your brain. A brain needs proper sleep in order for proper functioning. Hence understand the importance of proper sleep because proper sleep will boost your brain power and will make you feel more fresh and energetic.


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2. Let’s take a walk

In order to boost your brain power and strengthen your brain capacity, you must exercise every day. Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, and the more oxygen and blood flow our brain gets the more cells get a form and more nourishment will get supply. This way you can boost your brain power. People who exercise daily usually have better cognitive skills and memory.

You must have noticed that every sportsman does exercise, chess players, cricketer, footballer even singers and dancers. The only reason to do exercise isn’t to keep their body fit but also to keep their mind fit and healthy because fit mind and body together gives awesome results. Hence exercise daily to boost your brain power.

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3. Meditate

Do yoga and meditation daily at least for few minutes, call these few minutes as relaxation minutes, stand quietly and alone for some time giving your brain some alone time, don’t allow outer energy or people to disturb you, as I always say privacy “ME” Time is as important as Social life, hence give yourself and your brain some Me Time, so at this time your brain gets relaxed and becomes peaceful.

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4. Have a new hobby

When you do something new, whether it’s any dance form, or painting or singing or anything, your brain generates new synapses and neurons, when you learn something new or do anything apart from your daily schedules such as learning new language or anything can increase density of gray matter in the areas of your brain, this area is responsible for attention and memory, hence do learn something new, dance singing or new language it will help you to boost your brain power.

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5. Stop eating bad food

In order to keep your brain active and energetic stop eating foods which makes your brain feel tired and sleep, many times you must have noticed that after eating certain foods such as rice sugar or salt you start feeling sleepy, this happens because you eat starchy and sugary foods, and these kinds of foods can cause swings in blood sugar levels, and when your blood sugar is too low, your brain doesn’t get enough energy. Hence after eating certain food notice yourself through this, you can maintain your food journal, like what to eat and what to avoid for boosting your brain power and it will sharpen your mind on a daily basis.

These are the 5 Techniques to Sharpen your Mind.

Thank you.

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