10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Summary By Steve Chandler

Blog Title: 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Summary By Steve Chandler
Name: 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever
Author: Steve Chandler
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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Summary By Steve Chandler
10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Summary By Steve Chandler

At least for ones it has happened to you, when you have seen any motivational video or movie, after watching that, you must have felt really very motivated and you have taken a decision, that from now on I will do a lot of hard work and will achieve a lot in my life as soon as possible, and as the next day comes, your entire motivation must have gone somewhere and again you have come to your old lazy lifestyle, this is one of the biggest problem faced by many people, hence today I will share 7 principles which will help you for self-motivation,  after understanding this principle hopefully you’ll learn to motivate yourself, which will be beneficial for you in entire life, so let’s begin.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way1. Limited offer

In any game, cricket football etc, a specific time limit has been provided to all the players and asked them to play and make a score in that limited time, and after that particular time game will be over. So player try to give their best performance In that given time so that they can win that match, suppose if they haven’t given a time limit and they were not informed about how many overs will be there in that particular match and they are asked to play as much they can, so what do you think, will that players play with the same energy enthusiasm power and intensity? No obviously they will not, because if they feel that they have lot of time and they can play whenever they want, so because of such reasons their motivation and focus will start diminishing, same thing happens with us, most people live their life as if it will never going to end, they feel they have lot of time, and they can do work later, and keep on pending work and important thing.

Listening to such things most of the people will not feel good, but do understand and accept the fact and reality, I am telling you all this, not to make you feel bad, but to make you accept the reality and to make you understand that you have limited time and so that you can achieve your dream and goal in this limited time, otherwise one day you will realize that now it’s too late to do anything.

Gary vanurchuk is an author of 4 times new york best seller book, also a speaker and a businessman, one day when he was going somewhere in his car, suddenly a women came and ask him, to say her three words which can motivate her, so gary told her “ YOU WILL DIE”, Listening to this women got shock but after explaining why gary said this, she understood the reason behind that three words,  and the reason was, that we need to accept that we have a very limited time, and whatever goals we want to achieve in this life with full motivation we have to do it as soon as possible without wasting a single second.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way 2. Eyes on the prize

If I keep a long thick wooden stick on the ground and ask you to walk on that stick, you will easily walk on that stick and cross it,  but if I keep that same wooden stick between two building at 20th floor, and then ask you to walk and cross that stick, doing that would really become difficult for you, you will be scared of doing that and there is a lot of chances that you even fall from that wooden stick before crossing it, why? Because focus is everything, when that wooden stick was on the ground at that time your focus was on that particular stick and on crossing that stick, but when that same wooden stick with same physics was kept between two building at 2oth floor, your focus shifts from that stick to the fear of falling down, and this shifting of focus becomes the actual reason of your falling down, similarly, reason for your lack of motivation is, instead of keeping a focus on an  achievement and success which you will get by doing a hard word, you shift it to problems, worries and to the failure to such negative things, which eventually decreases our motivation, and make us fall before crossing or completing that particular goal, hence try to keep your focus on that particular reward and success which you will get by doing hard work, and avoid focusing on failure and negative things.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way 3. Stay hungry

In 1976 when Arnold was putting in leg in holly wood film industry, living his body building career, at that time author has got a chance to take an interview of Arnold, At that time Arnold was not very famous and hardly people know about him, even author was not very interested taking Arnold’s interview, however it was his job, so he did his work and taken arnold’s interview, In an interview author asked him a question,  what’s your future plans, after living body building, like what you want to do next?  For this Arnold reply him very calmly and patiently while having his food,  that now I will become a huge star of holly wood, listening to this author felt like laughing ,because at that time, there wasn’t any star or actor who is haaving such a huge body, and infact that time slim body was a huge trend, and people weren’t much interested in body building, and no director was interested in taking such body builder in their movie, author tried to hide his smile and asked him again, ok how you will do that?  Again very calmly Arnold replied, the same way I fulfilled my bodybuilding dream.

By making a vision and thinking about it, what you wanted to achieve taking an action for it accordingly and by believing that I have already achieved my goals and living my dream life, author didn’t understand it nicely, but still he wrote it down and went from there, after few years when author saw news on television. He was very much shock hearing that Arnold has become the huge star of Hollywood, his second movie terminator has got a tremendous response from people, and he has become a very popular star, now other starts got inspired by Arnold and started doing bodybuilding, still trend of body building works on film industry and all this become possible just because of Arnold simple plan.

And the plan was staying hungry, you must have gone through this, when you were very hungry, you were so hungry that you can’t pay  attention to anything at that time the only thing you want is food,  well if this thing would happen to you then it’s a nice thing, because you must apply this same thing for your goals, means stay hungry for fulfilling your goals, be so hungry that you can’t see anything except your goals,  be so hungry that your entire focus is on completing that goal, try to think about your goals as much as you can, the way Arnold used to do and think,. This thing will help you to stay motivated and be focused on your goal.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way 4. Fake it

In previous point, what author didn’t understood about Arnold’s plan, this point clears that, you must be aware of many psychological principles which tell that how self-lie can be beneficial for most of the time, example, if you feel sad, at that time if you tell yourself, no I am not sad, I am feeling great I am feeling happy and try to smile forcefully, because of this fake smile, your brain will receive a signal that yes you are feeling good, and you will feel little good in real, similarly if you try to make yourself believe that yes you can do it, and you are very much motivated and you are a very strong person and I am going to achieve my goals no matter what etc., and if you fake like an Arnold and make yourself believe that you are living your dream life this thing will keep you motivated and in real it will help you to fulfill your dreams, many people say not to be fake or don’t be fake, but if you can get a positive outcome by being fake, then try to be fake and be fake till the time you don’t convert your fake belief into reality, and there is also an English idiom fake it until you make it.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way 5. Sweat in Peacetime

There is a saying in navy seals, sweat more in normal or peace time otherwise you have to bleed more in the time of battle, and what’s the connection of this saying with motivation you’ll come to know very soon, since childhood steve and rett has learned this saying, when they used practiced baseful league, the opposite team with whom they used to practice, were little huge and more experienced team, they used to through ball really very fast, because of which steve and ritt were not able to play properly and they used to lose quickly, because of which their motivation related to competition started decreasing, so to deal with such situation what they did was they went near their home and took their fathers golf balls, which was smaller than baseball balls, and started practicing with it by standing very near to each other, because of this what happened difficulty level increased, because golf ball was very small and looking for it was quiet difficult, golf ball was quiet fast and used to swing as well, due to regular practice what happened at the time of competition they used to find baseball ball bigger,  which comes really slow to them, they used to play very smoothly with that ball, and they scored many home runs and made their team win,

Here this story explains, if we prepare ourselves for difficult situations first, then this preparation will help us to deal normal situation nicely and smoothly, because the reason for lack of motivation is the fear which is there within us, if we lose or something like this, which doesn’t allow us to move ahead in life.

Even Muhammad Ali used to follow this technique, whenever Muhammad Ali used to have a match, he used to practice with an opponent much more stronger than the opponent he is going to face inside the real ring, because of which he used to find easy to have a real fight with that less powerful opponent.

Hence try to practice tough situation first so that dealing with normal situations becomes easy.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way 6. Push all your buttons

You must have seen airplane cockpit, where the pilot sits and fly that particular plane, in that cockpit there are different kinds of buttons, which functions differently, imagine if those pilots don’t know which button works for what?  so is it a good news for passengers?  Will this pilot run that plane smoothly, similarly even we are the pilot of our life,  even we have different buttons or can say different triggers in our life, which has a deep impact on us and also motivates us, about which we must be aware of.

For example, there are some songs which trigger us, makes us feel excited and awesome and there are some songs which make us feel sad, and there are kind of videos which inspires us motivates us to take action and again there are some kind of videos which makes us feel bad, some friends motivate us and makes us move ahead in life and some friends makes us feel demotivated.

Same way, various other things, makes you feel different emotions in your life as trigger and buttons. So what you have to do , is to find out your buttons or triggers as much as possible, try to have maximum info about your buttons, in short know yourself nicely, understand yourself properly, like what motivates you inspires you what makes you feel negative, after knowing those buttons use them to stay motivated always.

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself Way 7. Note it down

Author Steve has taken a seminar after that seminar gets over, a person came to him with a question, that I start doing a lot of work,  but I am unable to finish those task, so whats the solution for this?  What should I do, which affirmation is should use so that I can finish those tasks?

So author said that your problem will not get solved with some affirmations, instead you have to make you believe system strong,  it means that your believe system has become weak, because of which finishing any work has become very difficult for you, so the solution for this is, at first give yourself some small and very simple tasks,  which you can complete easily, after that select one task from those simple tasks, and finish it, and as that task gets over, write it down in your maintained note book, do a tick mark or anything like that which shows that yes you have completed that task, similarly follow the same procedure for every task,  complete it and write it down.

Because of this what will happen, your belief system will become strong and you will realize that yes you have the capability to finish work or any task, and ones this believe system becomes strong, you’ll able to complete any work whether small or big.

Now to end this knowledge I have shared form 10 ways to motivate yourself a book by Steve Chandler. If you want a free audiobook for this one, then can get it through audible.

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Download Audio Book For Free at: Audible
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  1. Very inspirational article. Seeken u are doing best. We love your articles & video.
    But same things happen with me eg: whenever I read your article or watch ur video I get motivated & on next day as usual.

    What to do for that?

  2. You have to start taking action on your goals so that you can build momentum and constantly try to progress towards your goal

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