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Welcome to the resources page of SeeKen (SeeKen Tools), here you will find some of the best tools that have been used by us personally and which has given us great results. We believe that these tools will also be really helpful to you too for your success journey.

Before letting you know the specific tools that we have chosen carefully for us and hence for you. we would like you to know that some of these products have an affiliate link with it, meaning if you buy these products by going through the link provided below you won’t be charged any extra money but we will get a small fraction of the profit made from your purchase. your trust is much bigger than the small money we make through these links. Therefore we have only given the tools that we personally believe in they are.

samson mic mini portable recording condenser microphone clip humblehub

Samson Go Mic

This is the mic which helps me to give a great voice for my videos on youtube. Low cost but great output.

When I wanted to start a youtube channel I did not had much money but still as the quality of audio in a video matters a lot and as audio is one of the most important aspects of making a great video, therefore, I wanted a good quality mic at the lowest price possible.

So after researching a lot, I found this mic to be the best in this price range or you can say the best mic for doing voice overs at the cheapest rate possible. So I bought it, used it and now I just love it so much that I have never switched to a better one. The quality of the voice from this mic is amazing compared to the price it is being sold. So if you want a mic to do your voice overs with a good quality (which is very very important) then definitely go for this mic.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Image

A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting is your high powered web hosting provider. Host your sites on their SwiftServer platform with your choice of Turbo Servers featuring 20X faster page loads compared to competing services.

Host optimized versions of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more at A2 Hosting. Questions? Just ask their expert 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support team. You can even try their service completely risk free with their Anytime Money Back Guarantee.




Audible works by giving you 2 free audiobook for the first month for free of cost. Audible is an Amazon Company. You can learn more How Does Audible Work. Audible has the world’s largest selection of audiobooks. Audiobooks are originally ad-free audio shows, whatever is your passion, interest or author you will get your perfect listening audiobook.



Do you love reading books, but you don’t have time, because of your busy work schedule? You want to read your favorite book, but think it’s just too long and will take forever to read it. Hence you sadly forget about reading that book or keep that book back on the shelf. But Now you don’t need to be Sad or don’t need to keep that book back to your shelf. There’s an app called Blinkist which will help you to read your favorite book and don’t need much time to Read it. It will take 15 minutes to complete your favorite book. You can read the Blinkist Review from here.