Why People Get Angry

Why People Get Angry

Why People Get Angry: If I ask you the reason which makes people angry, then many of you’ll probably list out the things which are related to the outer world or will say that external situations and events play the biggest role in people anger. Sometimes external force can add up to your anger, but external situations or events are not the actual cause of your anger, feeling of anger arise due to how we interpret and react to certain situations, we should always know that we control our feelings and emotions, it’s not our feelings and emotions which controls us, when we allow external situations to influence us when we allow our emotions and feelings to influence us, hence always remember the fact that it is you who decide for yourself, it is you who can be happy in any situation or can be angry or frustrated even in the happiest days.

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People get angry not because external force or situations are negative but because they are negative, nowadays even a small push while traveling is enough to make someone angry, why people get angry so easily, is it only the external force or situations? no, definitely not, it is us who is frustrated with our daily lives, it is us who wish for big things but we are not ready to work hard for those big dreams, it is us who expect more and give less, it is us who fail to show our real emotions and feeling, it is us who feel threatened, Cause of anger is not just external force, External force add up to our anger, actual anger feeling arises within us, because we are not satisfied with what we have, because we are not ready to listen to others opinion, because we are not open, we are biased, prejudice.

We never listen to understand, we listen to reply or to argue, we listen to prove ourselves right, hence when someone doesn’t understand us or don’t listen to us or don’t stand on our expectations we feel angry, we feel depressed we feel sad, People get angry not because of others but because of themselves, because they allow negativity to influence them for example, people see negative fake messages on social media, which are created and posted just to provoke others, people see those messages and they get influenced by such messages and start creating assumptions and on the basis of their assumptions they become angry on particular things or situation, hence here it was not the message which arises anger in you but it was you who allowed that message to influence you, it was you who shared and commented on that fake message without any source or proof, hence understand that we have the capability to handle our life, we are responsible for our feelings emotions and decisions, hence always choose peace and happy life for yourself, never allow any negative energy to influence you.

here I am not saying that others can’t be the reason for your anger or people can’t get angry on others bad behaviour, yes others stupid and bad behaviour can be the reason for your anger, but anger will only cause trouble to your health, it only affects your body and mind, hence don’t be angry, just confront what you didn’t like about them, what behaviour annoyed you, frustrated you, this confrontation can be the best way to overcome such feelings, and when you get angry at strangers then remember being angry on them will cost you not them, they will not even know the reason for your anger, they don’t even care, so why to waste your energy and happy moments for someone who don’t even care, never be angry on strangers and never be angry on situations or problems which requires actions and solutions not anger.

let us understand why people get angry and what are the reasons for their anger.

1) Why People Get Angry: Hurt

people get angry when they feel hurt and people feel hurt when their expectations don’t get fulfill or if someone don’t listen to them or when their desires or goals don’t get expected results or outcome, as I say don’t get angry on things which need your action, which needs solution, it’s ok not to get desired outcome at start but it’s not ok to be angry on that situation and quit, anger feeling is normal, but staying angry and making that anger an excuse of not achieving what you always desire is something not right, hence never be angry on situations which requires consistency and persistence, and always remember no one in this world is perfect, sometimes people can’t understand your expectation, hence don’t assume that they don’t care or anything just tell them your expectations and if they care for you they will take care of your happiness from the next time, It is us who expect, assume and stretch situations.

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2) Why People Get Angry: Betrayal

It’s a fact that not everyone in this world is true, honest, loyal and genuine, hence you can meet people who are sly, who can come as a big betrayals, liars but to be angry on them will not affect them, because they are like that, they don’t care for others or for others feelings, hence the best revenge you can take from such betrayals is to forgive them and move on with your life, because your life will be amazing and beautiful without such betrayals, staying angry and taking that anger within you will only cost your health, it only affects your mind, hence forgive them and move on towards improving your life, because such betrayals don’t deserve your precious time, hence take them as a lesson and never repeat it again.

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3) Why People Get Angry: Frustration causes anger

Nowadays even a small thing can frustrate people easily because we are living in the fast developing world, and people have no time for anything, for example, slow download frustrates me, living in fast developing world is good, staying up-to-date is pretty cool, but losing calm and patience is something not right, because patience works in wonders and if you notice mostly overnight success took a long time, hence if they would have got frustrated for small things, success would have never come their way, anger frustration never gives success, patience and calmed attitude gives success.

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4) Why People Get Angry: Failure

Another reason which causes anger is the failure, frustration failure is somewhat linked with anger,  Without failure, no one can see success, failure comes the maximum time, success comes one time that too after facing many failures, as I said that most of the overnight success took a long time, people notice success but they never notice the success journey and in that success journey people face many failures, hence never allow failure to influence you negatively, allow failure to be your stepping stone, allow failure to become your life lessons allow it to be your biggest experience which always moves you forward.

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5) Why People Get Angry: Not having money

another most important reason which disappoints people is lack of money, and this disappointment arises anger in people, having and not having money fully depends on people, because it is you who will work and earn for yourself, it is you who will spend and save money, if you spend more than your income then it is your fault, if you buy unnecessary stuff, if you like to buy the latest phones on EMI, Then it is your fault who never valued money, it is your fault who took wrong decisions, who made the wrong choices, hence to avoid disappointments start making Right decision, start making the right choices, start spending money on necessary things stop spending more than your income, when you choose wisely then you will not face anger feeling related to lack of money.

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These were some reasons because of which people get angry, do share other reasons which I missed, thank you.

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Owais Farooqui
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hey, bro thanx for commenting seeken will get in touch with you soon.

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Nice article bro

Anish Chourasia
Anish Chourasia
2 years ago

The article was really appreciate…

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