Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail? How To Make Them Stick?

Why New Year's Resolutions Fail How To Make Them Stick

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Time flies and same time and moment never comes back. Hence again we have reached the end of the year. Time has shown us again that how precious and valuable it is and how carefully it should be utilized and maintained. We are again in the thought of making our new year’s resolutions. But why New Year’s Resolutions Fail? And also at the same time we are also thinking about whether I am going to follow my resolutions properly, or again just like my previous year I will skip my resolution and return to my old routine and same mistakes, whether this new year will bring positive change in me or will I stay just the way I was before.

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New Year helps to kick start a new phase in your life and also gives you a chance to make a new year resolution’s which will help you to make a better change in your life which will move you forward and help you to get happiness and success, but the biggest confusion usually people go through Is about their resolutions and about will they able to stick to their resolutions, because usually what happens people make big resolutions with full enthusiasm and energy but as soon they start to follow it their enthusiasm and energy level goes down and they skip their resolutions and fail to stick to it.

Hence today I will share Why new year’s resolutions fail and how you will stick to your new year’s resolutions and also helps you to make your new year happy and successful, Before sharing those points and ways would first like to wish you all, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Hope coming year 2018 brings all happiness and success in your life, May you do a lot of hard work and smart work to achieve all your goals and dreams.

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Now let’s discuss Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail:

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Reason 1. Analyze 2017

Analyzing part will help you to create your new year resolution with proper understanding, here you need to analyze every small moment of your previous year, means what all moments you have gone through in 2017, moments which made you happy, moments which made you feel sad, moments in which you behaved level-headed moments in which you behaved impulsively, You need to analyze every small which played some role in your life.

This analyzing will help you to understand your 2017 good moments and about your mistakes through this understanding you will able you understand what all things required change and what all things don’t need to be changed and we can stick to it in the coming year as well.

For example do my eating habit needs some change or it’s completely ok, this understanding will give you clear vision about your new year resolution.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Reason 2. H2LW

You need to make your new resolution by keeping 4 major parts in your mind, i:e Health, happiness, wealth and love, These 4 parts are the most important thing, and we human want these 4 things in our life and these things make our life complete and successful.

Hence your New year resolution should be made by focusing on these four criteria’s,  For example what changes you need to make your body and mind healthy, what all changes needed to bring happiness in your life? What all things need to be changed so that you can achieve your goals and can get success and become wealthy? What all things need to be changed to make your relationship work?

We human want these 4 things to complete our life, and when we able to handle these things properly, then for sure will make our new year the perfect one and the best one.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Reason 3. Small Resolution

You don’t need to be impulsive with your new year resolution. Mostly people make big resolutions such as will do exercise meditation to keep myself physically and mentally healthy, will daily read 1 book etc., but after making resolution they fail to stick to it, it happens because people don’t understand that thinking about following resolution and actually following it is really two different things, because thinking is easy but doing it actually is really very difficult.

And our brain needs practice, suddenly giving our brain to follow such big things can be difficult hence we should always give slow and small start so that our brain gradually gets used to it.

Means instead of making resolution of doing meditation and exercise, we should make it small like will do meditation at start that too only for 5 minute and gradually increase it, instead of saying will read 1 book daily, we should have said will read 2 or 3 pages daily or only 1 page, this small resolution will not give very much pressure to your brain and you’ll able to stick to it and this thing will also boost your confidence.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Reason 4. Don’t be Impulsive

If you want to change something about yourself or about your lifestyle don’t try to change whole thing, first pick one thing stick to it and change it, pick one area of your life and change it, thinking of changing everything together will bring confusion and will never allow you to move forward, hence pick one part of your life such as do you need change in your health or in your love life or related to wealth, choose the part as per your priority and work on it, do not try to bring change in everything, go slow and be specific about it.

For example if you want to change in your diet and be specific about it, do not think about wealth, love at that moment, after bringing change in one part then go to another.

Because by making small changes one after another you will have higher chances of becoming the whole new you.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Reason 5. Support

While making resolution always have that one person in your life who will be your support system and who will always remind you about your resolution when you feel like skipping it or about quitting it, this one person can be your friend family member anyone who always support you and reminds you why you have started.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail Reason 6. Reward

After making small resolution do think about reward as well, after following your resolution properly you should appreciate yourself and also give reward, this thing will give trigger of happiness and satisfaction to your mind, and this trigger will help you to follow your resolution more properly without procrastination, hence after completion of any task or resolution do give yourself a reward , this reward will force you to do your work more properly and on time.

Do comment and share for proper understanding about how to create new year’s resolutions.

Thank you.

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